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Adrien Metge – The Legendary Sherco Rider

Not much is known about Adrien Metge other than he has raced in the Dakar Rally and rides a Sherco TVRs Rally.

In this guide, Frontaer hopes to provide more insights into this super competitive rider.

Let’s begin.

Adrien Metge

Nothing gets us more excited than to see someone riding something that isn’t a KTM in the Dakar Rally. The brand does dominate the sector given how incredible their dirt bikes are, thus truly being Race Ready.

There is something to appreciate with the underdogs out there. Adrien is one such rider who has been riding a Sherco TVS 450 RTR for quite some time. He’s now done 5 Dakar Rally entrances starting from 2016.

Now, Adrien starting out riding as a kid. He was winning motocross championships as a teenager before later switching over to becoming a competitive rally raid rider.

Since then, he hasn’t faired so well and has never finished in the top 10. It’s those KTM’s dominating the leaderboard as always with their technology and performance.

Yet, one thing is for sure – he has not just entered but has finished numerous times. That in itself is worthy of an award.

The Harsh Nature of Dakar

Has this been easy? Not quite. On numerous occasions he has suffered injuries and issues with his motorcycle, but that’s made him stronger as a rider and competitor and one that can see the finish line so clearly now.

In a world of cotton wool, it’s refreshing to find someone who walks the talk. One that inspires a generation of both adults and children to get away from the devices and into the saddle. Where nothing can be replaced by a video game.

What we really look forward to seeing is a top 10 finish in this decade. With the underdog nature of the Sherco and the commitment from those eyes, we can only imagine that this will certainly happen.

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