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5 Best Adventure Motorcycle Tires That Last The Distance (2023)

Need to keep yourself on the trail? Getting grip in the corners and that steep hill climbs in wet conditions? Then you’re in the right place.

We have looked at various aftermarket adventure and dual sport tires on the market to upgrade from your stock tires. And in 2022, these are the best adventure motorcycle tires:

1. Dunlop American Elite 

The Dunlop American Elite is the go-to tire when you want to push the limits on performance. With over 28 options, it is the only motorcycle tire for Harley-Davidson made, designed, and tested in the U.S.A.

For the aggressive rider, it has been tested in various environments and surface conditions plus optimized to work well over a lifetime.

As a result, you can fulfill your need for speed and get the best of both worlds in one tire while looking good on your Harley.

Customers love that it has superior tracking in corners on wet roads, and you do not have to check the air pressure as often in comparison to other brands.

While the price point is slightly higher than some competitor tire options, it’s the best design for a cruiser motorcycle. Plus, it is American made so you can trust the quality of the materials.

2. Kenda KM1 Sport Touring Motorcycle Tire Set 

Best in value with state-of-the-art construction best describes the Kenda KM1 tire set. Features like advanced rubber compound, apex geometry for perfect balance, and excellent wet grip make this sport-style tire set the ultimate choice in adverse conditions. 

These tire treads provide more depth than many other tires, and the shape boasts excellent high-speed stability and fast turn-in.

The long-wearing compound ensures you will get more miles without sacrificing performance. It is compatible with a wide variety of popular motorcycle tire sizes. 

Kenda tires win “best value” because they can perform better than lesser-known tire brands in a similarly affordable price range with acceptable wear characteristics. However, they don’t beat some of the competitors on this list like Continental, Michelin, or Dunlop. 

Either way, this style works for those who can’t wait to hit the curves or new riders who might not be ready to push the limits.   

3. Metzler

If you’re looking for one of the most respected adventure motorcycle tires, then this is it. Metzeler offers a wide range of adventure motorcycle tires for off-road adventures and excursions. Since 1892, this German manufacturer has been at the forefront of technical development. 

According to Metzler, you won’t compromise on comfort, safety, and performance when it comes to high mileage and impeccable grip on wet and dry surfaces. These tires are for motorcyclist who want a high level of sport-touring performance on the pavement. 

Customers give these tires a high rating because they are balanced and smooth. In addition, they have excellent traction for stopping and leaning through turns. 

If you are looking for your first adventure motorcycle, this may be the perfect option for you.  

4. Bridgestone Adventurecross AX41

Bridgestone offers a wide range of tires, including a line dedicated to big adventure bikes that perform well on and off the road. As the world’s largest tire and rubber manufacturer, these bike tires are optimized for performance.

According to the company, features include:

  • Shorter braking distances on wet road surfaces
  • Enhanced cornering grip for a confident ride, even in the rain
  • Performance in wet conditions and stability in dry conditions
  • Excellent mileage paired with high performance

Adventure enthusiasts unite! Whether going off the grid, cruising the freeway, or heading across the country, Bridgestone motorcycle tires can handle the weight and horsepower of various bike brands with maximum traction and mileage. 

Reviewers appreciate how the tires handle riding on wet pavements, twisting on gravel farm roads, and outstanding traction in the curves. Although motorcycle tires eventually wear out, Bridgestone tires last longer over time with top-tier performance.

Bridgestone is committed to its role as a trustworthy manufacturer in the tire industry. Besides the adventure line, you will find tires for racing, scooting, or any style of motorcycle riding you do. 

5. Michelin Anakee Adventure Tires

Bringing confidence to any adventure, the Michelin Anakee tires are the most recent addition to the brand’s lineup. It fills the void between the Michelin Anakee III and Michelin Anakee Wild tires. It’s definitely one of the better adventure motorcycle tires on the market.

The Michelin Anakeen is the right tire for those who like a little off-road adventure since it’s prepared for being used in this kind of terrain 20% of the time. 

It will not fail you on wet pavement due to its tread compounds made of silica. And the new Bridge Block Technology and 2CT+ Technolgy introduced by Michelin guarantees extreme stability.

Customers are impressed with the grip on concrete, dirt, and gravel. This 80/20 tire is tough enough to handle some off-road riding, depending on your experience, but they grip like glue on wet and dry roads. 

Overall, the tire performance is impressive, giving you the confidence to take on any adventure.

The Anakee is available in multiple sizes to suit big adventure-touring and dual-sport bikes. If you want to ride on the wild side, go with the Michelin Anakee tires.

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