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7 Best Dirt Bike Gear Bags For Your MX Gear (2023)

You often find yourself with a ton of dirt bike gear such as gloves, knee pads, helmet and spare parts to keep your dirt bike running strong and yourself (mostly) injury-free. But where do you store it all? While many might use a tool box or shopping bag, there are some excellent brands that have created awesome bags that’ll last for years and years.

1. Thor Circuit Gear Bag

The Thor Circuit is easily one of the best gear bags on the market. Loved by many for its affordability, this holdall-style bag also delivers excellent quality and functionality so it can help you with both your short dirt track trips and your longer travel excursions.

This dirt bike gear bag includes a large main compartment, a washable boot compartment, a helmet/goggle pocket, and two exterior mesh pockets. A handy roll-out changing mat is included in the bag, too.

The Circuit also features a variety of components to increase comfortability, such as TPR ventilation throughout, microfleece-lined pockets for headgear and goggles, and double-reinforced handles and straps. 

The versatility and durability of these gear bags make these the best value for the price, and the added features for comfort make this a great option for bikers of all experience levels.

2. AlpineStars Komodo Bag

While this AlpineStars gear bag is not the most affordable option, it is a great dirt bike gear bag for people looking for guaranteed durability and protection of their gear. With features like a waterproof boot compartment, lockable zippers, and reinforced corners, you can be sure that your gear is safe inside this bag.

The versatility of this gear bag is incredible- it can easily be used for all of your luggage and storage needs, from traveling overseas to toting your gear across the street. With multiple heavy-duty handles and a top carry strap, this bag can be worn, pulled, or carried wherever you go.

The Komodo has many additional spaces and accessibility features included, too. Removable compartment walls, two different sets of handles, and a flat top pocket for documents all make this bag one of the best gear bags for dirt bike owners.

3. OGIO Rig 9800 Pro Wheeled Gear Bag

The OGIO Rig 9800 Pro is a high-quality dirt bike gear bag meant to hold heavier gear while still looking stylish. Features such as custom wheel colors, ID windows, adjustable compartment dividers, and an ambidextrous retractable handle allow for a more personalized gear bag designed to fit your specific needs.

This bag is intended to distribute weight more efficiently, using a Structural Load Equalization Deck (SLED) system and integrated foam construction to boost stability and durability for larger loads. You can be assured that the Rig 9800 Pro will withstand even the roughest use for many years.

4. Fox Racing Shuttle 180 Roller Gear Bag

One of the most affordable gear bags on this list, the Shuttle 180 provides a large amount of space, added protection, and portability for your gear without breaking the bank. 

Heavy-duty wheels also make this dirt bike gear bag a great option for longer trips or rough terrain, and you won’t have to worry about carrying your heavy gear around when walking. 

This three-section gear bag allows you to compartmentalize your gear, helmet, and boots while maintaining enough space for your miscellaneous items. There is also a pocket for goggles and an internal changing mat at the bottom of the bag.

5. Klim Kodiak Gear Bag

The Klim Kodiak is a case-style dirt bike gear bag with a compartmentalized design and structural integrity built to protect your items. This bag features specialized compartments for your boots, helmet, and goggles, as well as larger cargo bays and multiple smaller pockets to keep your belongings organized.

Even with the added luggage space, the Kodiak still ensures the safety of your gear by using oversized 90mm wheels, heavy-duty zippers, and high-impact plastic corner armor on the most vulnerable places of the bag.

6. Troy Lee Designs Meridian Wheeled Gear Bag

The Meridian wheeled gear bag by Troy Lee Designs is a great option for those looking for a more luxurious experience. Complete with a waterproof foldaway changing mat in the boot compartment, this gear bag comes with all the essentials, plus more.

The Meridian boasts a high-end design that includes four separate compartments: a padded goggle vault with a separate lens stash, a boot locker with a changing mat, a padded helmet compartment, and the main section for all the rest of your gear.

And, of course, this gear bag also includes vented compartments, a telescopic handle, a tool compartment, and under-layer storage.

7. O’Neal Racing TX8000 Gear Bag

Another more affordable option, the O’Neal Racing TX8000 gear bag offers all of the standard features without any unnecessary frills or bulk. With one main compartment, two end compartments, and one side compartment, you still get plenty of space to store your gear at a much lower price.

The TX8000 doesn’t skimp on quality, though. This bag has an added shoulder strap pad for comfort and heavy-duty zippers for increased durability.

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