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7 Best Dirt Bike Levers That Last For Many Miles (2023)

Dirt bike clutch and brake levers are often broken when taking a significantly big crash. It’s for this reason that having a spare set in your toolbag is a wise idea. But what do you choose?

Frontaer has done the research to ensure we’ve provided the best recommendations. These levers will last for miles and miles, and are ideal for both MX and recreational riders.

1. CNC Short Stunt Clutch 22mm 7/8″ Handlebar Universal Levers 

If you’re looking for short levers that you can grip with just a finger or two, these are your best bet. They come in a universal fit for most bikes and are of excellent quality and performance.

The CNC Short Stunt Clutch Levers feature sturdy T6061 aluminum materials, which are lightweight and solid.

Their features allow for an 80% reduction in clutch resistance, making them easy to use while riding.

The levers are short and only require one or two fingers for a tight grip. They are also easy to install.

2. KTM Flex Brake Levers

These levers have high ratings and will last a long time. In the event of a crash, you’ll be back up and running quickly due to their resilience.

The KTM Flex Brake Levers are made with aluminum alloy, making them light and durable.

They pivot on their hinges to resist breaking should an impact of any kind occur. This will give your dirt bike the ability to bounce back.

The levers don’t remain rigid, but turn in the opposite direction of a crash, making them difficult to bend or break. It’s all in the name; these are the best dirt bike levers for flexibility.

3. OTOM Clutch Perch Motocross Dirt Bike Levers 

These levers are lightweight, low-profile, and fit most dirt bike models. 

The OTOM Clutch Levers are made with T6061 aluminum, making them lightweight yet highly functional. 

They are foldable and can pivot in multiple directions, features that are ideal in the event of a fall or crash.

They are slim and understated, giving your dirt bike a sleek and modern look, something that is unique to this particular set of levers.

With a universal fit for most dirt bikes, they’re an easy option for your favorite ride. They also come in a variety of colors, so you can match them to your bike.

4. Left and Right Brake Master Cylinder Clutch Levers

Made with aluminum alloy and resistant to climate changes and extreme weather, these heavy-duty levers will withstand the test of time. 

The Left and Right Brake Master Cylinder Clutch Levers are aluminum alloy, adding very little to the weight of your ride and keeping your aerodynamics at their peak.

They have corrosion and abrasion resistance with a finish that allows them to last longer than other options available. If you’re a rough rider, they are a good choice in levers.

These brake levers are solid, making them excellent for long-term use. If you’re looking for something that won’t require quick replacements, these levers are a great option.

5. MZS 7/8” Clutch Perch Brake Lever Assembly Universal Levers 

These levers have pivot capability, so they bend rather than break should you fall or crash. Their anodized finish will help them last longer than others on the market.

They maintain their durability over a longer period, adding to the life of your dirt bike. They also have the latest ergonomic viewpoints for maximum comfort and stability.  

They have an anodized, glossy finish, giving them the advantageous ability to resist both wear and corrosion over time.

Their features also allow for a great response time due to both a skidproof stripe and anti-slip parts. 

They fit most handlebars and come with a brake and clutch connection switch. 

6. Streamline Reflex Pro Clutch Levers

These anodized aluminum levers are foldable, which makes them difficult to break. They are extremely hard to bend but still have the wide rotation performance found in other levers.

The Streamline Reflex Pro Clutch Levers’ unbreakable folding design that is unbreakable gives them a long lifespan.

They are made of aluminum, with an anodized blade, making them both lightweight and reinforced, which is what you want in the best dirt bike levers.

Their features include rotation and pivot capabilities to prevent damage and come with a lifetime warranty, which is an extra advantage over some of the other options you can find. 

7. ASV Unbreakable F2 Off-Road Clutch and Brake Lever w/ Perch

These foldable brake levers have a durable metal clutch, with extra adjustment options and easy installation, giving you extra years of riding without having to replace your brakes. 

The ASV Unbreakable F2 Off-Road Clutch and Brake levers are durable aluminum, with tough stainless steel fasteners and bearings for maximum strength. 

They are sleek and foldable, with plenty of adjustment options. The package comes with an adjustment nut that allows for 2.5 times more lever adjustment than other products. 

These levers are made in the USA, and come with a brake, clutch, and clutch mounting perch. Their fittings are more specific, so check your bike’s measurements before purchase.

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