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8 Best Dirt Bike Sand Tires That Grip Like A Paddle (2023)

Need some new dirt bike tires that grip tighter than crap on a blanket? Then you’re in the right place! We have rounded up the best dirt bike sand tires that provide unbelievable traction in the soft stuff.

Best for Boulder-Crawling

A great choice for any desert rock-crawlers, the Kenda K760 Dual Endura Rear Motorcycle Bias Tire boasts extra-large side knobs and a smooth tread pattern for excellent traction on rocky terrain. These tires pack a lot of features for their relatively modest price tag – featuring dual-purpose performance, all-conditions safety, and maximum tread life.

It also comes with dual-tread tires to aid in cornering traction, with an enduro compound for enduro racing conditions. They also shape the rear tire specifically to offer reduced rolling resistance and to prevent the tire from overheating.

Whether you are riding on dunes or rocky paths, these tires guarantee a faster and more controllable experience overall.

Best for Professionals

If you’re a professional dirt bike racer, the quality of your tires is vital to your performance and safety on the trail. That’s why we’d recommend the Michelin StarCross 5 Medium Motocross Bias Tire if you’re looking for a quality tire constructed with the pros in mind.

The tire’s bias-ply construction and high-quality rubber compounds ensure the sweet spot between handling, performance, and durability is met. Its tread pattern will provide excellent traction for even the most extreme uses, and its weight capacity of 584 pounds makes it incredibly suitable for heavy usage. 

Best for Motocross

Designed specifically for competition in motocross and supercross, the Pirelli Scorpion MX32 Extra X Dirt Bike is a suitable candidate for any motorsports enthusiast. Its patented Pirelli tread design offers optimal grip, while its steel outer wall and high-rigidity core ply casing help to dampen the impact during jumps. 

This tire has demonstrated it can perform exceptionally well under any circumstances. These tires are a fantastic value for what they bring to the table. 

Editors Pick

The Maxxis M7305D Desert IT Tire combines the best of both worlds with its fast tread design and soft shoulder blocks, allowing for improved off-road performance and optimal traction in wet or dry conditions. 

They designed this tire with all terrain types in mind–be it sand, mud, rocks; the list goes on. Its universally applicable design makes it the jack of all trades on this list, and as you’ll see, it shines‌ in this aspect. 

They designed the body of this tire for exceptional stability at high speeds over all terrain types, and the sidewall construction on the tire treads allows them to maintain their grip on a variety of terrain. Additionally, the tread blocks on each side of the tire allow for superior traction and improved flexibility when going over uneven or muddy terrain. 

If you’re looking for a tire that provides maximum performance under all circumstances, I would highly recommend this over any product on this list.

Most Value/Cost

Protrax off-road tires dramatically improve stability and comfort while driving. Along with this, the central tread of the tire provides improved grip on mud and other unsteady surfaces. 

Much like the Maxxis M7305D Desert IT, this tire focuses primarily on durability and all-terrain performance. At half the cost, this tire’s quality compared to the former is negligible. 

Most Comfortable

Dunlop MX52 Geomax Intermediate/Hard Terrain tires will surely give you a pleasant and comfortable experience when driving on all surface types. In addition, Dunlop MX52 tires provide excellent traction and stability on both paved and unpaved roads.

The tire also contains an integrated shock absorption system to help dampen your landings, as well as an open shoulder design that allows any debris to easily dislodge from the wheel after contact.  

If you’re looking for maximum comfort and stability, this tire is what you need. 

Highest Quality

If you are a motorsports enthusiast looking for only the highest quality tires to use in your race, look no further than the Protrax Pt1021 Off-road Dirt Bike Tire. This tire offers excellent performance in both motocross and dual sport environments. It is an exceptional choice for ‌anyone looking for only the best performance and durability.

Most Versatile

The MMG Off-road Knobby tires are likely the most versatile set of tires on this list. Featuring uniquely patterned tire treads, these allow for incredibly easy handling over any surface and at any speed. 

In addition, the tread design of the tire is an excellent compromise between rolling resistance and traction on a variety of ‌terrain. The material used within this tire also reduces noise by up to around 50% compared to traditional tires. 

If you’re looking for a tire that boasts easy maneuvering over any terrain type, the MMG tire set may be the perfect set of tires for you.

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