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5 Best Dirt Bike Seat Covers To Keep Your Backside Sane (2023)

Argh! There is nothing worse than jumping off the saddle after a 100-mile ride through the woods on your dirt bike. Your butt is seriously sore and you know you’ll be feeling this for days!

Fortunately, there are some solutions. In this guide, we’re going to be looking at some incredibly comfortable dirt bike seat covers to keep you sane.

For those short on time, our #1 recommendation is the JFG RACING seat cover.

On the other hand, we have done a deep dive with product reviews and a buyer guide. As such, here are the best dirt bike seat covers:

1. JFG RACING Gripper Seat Cover Skin

Best for: Competitive racing and challenging riding on weekends

For those who need the grip, then our best recommendation is the JFG Racing Gripper Seat. This thing is almost 2x more grippy than most stock standard dirt bike seats.

2. Seat Concepts Complete Seat

Best for: Long-distance fire trail riding and adventure motorcycles

The highest volume of reviews out there for a high quality dirt bike seat replacement goes to the Seat Concepts Complete Seat. Their form is super comfortable that you could just about use it as a pillow…if you don’t mind the smell of butt sweat!

3. SDG Complete Seat Assembly

Best for: Gnarly tracks and tight forest single tracks

Another highly-regarded replacement seat is the SDG Complete Seat. This comes ina variety of colors and is a hit with MX racers and forest track riders alike. It has just that right blend between comfort and grip.

4. Thrill Seekers Gripper Seat Cover (Made in USA)

Best for: Those with an unlimited budget and demand performance on the MX circuit

We’re a huge fan of the Thrill Seekers Gripper seats. Not only are they made in the United States, but there is an incredible amount of color and style variations that you can choose from. For instance, you can choose tall seat, one with knee brace reinforcement and even put on custom patches to represent your favourite brands or sponsors.

5. US Sheepskin Standard Motorcycle Seat Cover

Best for: Long miles in the saddle and riding for days on end

Right – here is something much different. If you want the ultimate padding, then you can’t look past sheepskin covers. This is something that we use quite regularly on farm dirt bikes in Australia and they’re gaining popularity in other parts of the world. You’ll look a bit of an oddball with this, but your backside won’t be complaining after 10 hours in the saddle!

Buyers Guide

So we’ve shown you some excellent options to keep your butt from screaming in agony after a long day in the saddle. Now it’s time to show you some things to be mindful of when you’re out there shopping!


Dirt bike seat covers come in a range of materials. Internally you’ll find wool, cotton and even down (duck feathers) while externally it’s often hard plastic or even leather.


We find that recreational riders prefer to have a lot of padding for those weekend trail rides, while motocross riders prefer thin padding so they have direct contact with their bike.


If you’re not racing competitively or going up and down steep hills, then good grip isn’t important. But if you do, you’ll want to have some rubber on your seat to stop you from sliding around. Likewise, you’ll want rubber on the sides so your legs can get a grip while you’re twisting on the throttle hard!


This is one of the hardest parts of choosing the right replacement seat for your dirt bike. You’ll need to check if the seat will fit on your make and model and even check the year of manufacturing too, as these can change as models are updated. One way to get around this is to simply change out the foam insert as opposed to the seat cover itself.


Our recommendation is to spend up on quality dirt bike seat covers. Often the inferior items you’ll find on Amazon are made in low-quality factories and simply exist to be a replacement seat, as opposed to a proper seat upgrade that you’re most likely seeking. You can expect to pay between $150 and $300 for a high-quality dirt bike seat that provides support and grip that is often missing from stock seats.

Final Thoughts

In addition to having a well-padded seat, consider buying a set of trousers which has strong back-side padding too. This can essentially double-up your padding providing that softness you need for those gnarly trails!

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