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6 Best Dirt Bike Stands For Your Home Workshop (2023)

When you’re done after a day of riding, it’s time to haul home and do some routine maintenance on your dirt bike. That’s best done with a stand to keep it high and stationary.

You may be shopping for a stand currently, but you’re stuck with a challenge. There are so many options on the market, and it can be uber confusing as to what you should look for.

Therefore, Frontaer has you covered in this product round-up guide.

Here are the best dirt bike stands available in 2022:

1. Acerbis 711 Dirt Bike Stand

Made from poly-carbonate with some steel rods for reinforcement, we really appreciate the design and strength of the 711. We’ve used this on several occasions in our garage and it feels like it could handle a fully-kitted adventure motorcycle too.

There is a large channeled contact plate to help drain fluid more easily while the centre hole is generous for those regular oil changes. The feet are spread out quite wide and this is helpful if you’re doing some maintenance on the tracks-side, not just your level home garage.

2. Risk Racing Adjustable Magnetic Dirt Bike Stand (00381)

We generally don’t recommend the generic stands you might come across on Amazon and eBay. What we do love is when a brand takes an existing design and improves it immensely, just as Risk Racing has done right here.

The frame on this dirt bike stand is steel yet the locking mechanism is aluminium paired with a hard-wearing rubber plate. What does this all mean? This stand means business! It screams ‘I’m here to hold your pride and joy for years’ so you won’t be buying another one anytime soon.

You can also adjust the height so neither your front or rear tire will be touching the floor by using an innovative rakle angle top. Let’s not forget the magic bolt panels on 2 sides of the stand.

3. Pit Posse Hydraulic Scissor Dirt Bike Lift

For the ultimate in height adjustments, it’s hard to look past the scissor-lift style stands. And Pit Posse has created the most serious and robust on our list that is equally at home in the garage, as it is alongside race teams hitting the tracks every single weekend.

This is our most recommended solution for those with back issues. Simply position your dirt bike over the lift then use the lifting mechanism by simply using your foot. This can handle up to 300lbs which suits dirt bikes right up to 650cc.

4. Motorsports Products P12 Dirt Bike Stand

For something simplistic, small and portable, our pick is for the Motorsports Products P12. This is ideal for children to use as pumping requires so little effort, but adults will appreciate the ease of this too. The feet are wide enough to use on the dirt while the structure is light enough to be thrown in the back of the car.

It has a heavier load-rating than most on this list, and can certainly handle 650cc dirt bikes and even some adventure motorcycles too. It’s also budget-friendly as it’s built with aluminum…meaning it’s less likely to rust if you’re using it near the ocean.

5. Risk Racing RR1 Ride on Dirt Bike Lift

Talk about another game-changer…we have the Risk Racing RR1. Instead of pumping up your dirt bike – or worse – having to lift it manually – this one allows you to simply ride your bike straight on to the ramp. The problem with the others is balancing your dirt bike once your wheels reach the ground again, but this isn’t a problem with this ramp.

This is a remarkably simple design that’s going to work well long in to the future. You simply ride on to the ramp and kick the peddle. Unfortunately, this only suits small to medium-sized dirt bikes and wouldn’t suit dual sports or adventure motorcycles.

6. Polisport Folding Dirt Bike Stand

Our last pick on this list is last for a reason, but it isn’t necessarily bad. It simply is the nature of having to manually lift your dirt bike on to the sand which isn’t necessarily easy…especially if you’ve been on a long and hard ride.

Fortunately, this is nearly indestructible and with minimal moving parts. It also comes in a range of colors and packs up super small, making it easy to transport for when space is at a premium!

Getting Started

This collection of awesome dirt bike stands will help provide you some serious stability whether you’re simply doing an oil change or a complete top-end rebuild. We hope you’ll have fun out there!

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