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Dirt Bikes for Women: Top 10 Beginner-Friendly Models

Today we’ll share the best beginner dirt bikes for female riders, because why should men have all the fun? Some of the top MX riders are women!

The sport has come along way since the 1960’s where it was a male-dominated industry. Today women make up 20% of all riders out there.

Many females who are starting out in the sport are confused since many of the guides are written for men. So we decided to write up this helpful article.

Best ladies dirt bikes of 2020

Best ladies dirt bikes of 2020

From our research, the best dirt bikes for ladies in 2020 are:

  1. Yamaha TTR230
  2. Honda CRF230F
  3. Kawasaki KLX140L
  4. Suzuki DR-Z125L
  5. Honda CRF150R

These bikes are relatively easy to sit on and initially handle, have a smooth powerband and have strong reliability, paired with a low-entry cost.

However, some ladies are tall and some of them are short. Of these dirt bikes listed, not all of them have low seats. So let’s look at some teenage-orientated dirt bike models that will still suit short women.

Best low seat dirt bikes of 2020

If you’re vertically challenged, then these dirt bikes with lowered seat heights and teenagers will be just the ride you need:

  1. Yamaha YZ85
  2. Kawasaki HX85
  3. Suzuki RM85
  4. KTM 85 SX
  5. Husqvarna TC 85

Just keep in mind that the Husqvarna model will require lowering the seat as it is 33 inches at stock but the rest are totally OK to begin with.

Buying guide

Before we jump in to show you the dirt bikes for women on the market, we wanted to cover a few things about buying your 1st dirt bike.

Low seat dirt bike for women

While we are experienced, many ladies just aren’t sure what to choose and why, so let’s begin to look at some factors to consider.

  • Reliability. Look for brands that have been around for a long time, paired with models that didn’t just come out yesterday.
  • Seat height. You’ll want to measure yourself and your seat height. Dirt bike boots will give you an additional 15mm of standing height usually.
  • Adjustability. With some models, you can adjust the suspension to get the seat height lower. You can also limit the powerband and torque.
  • Colors. Each brand has its own set of colors. It’s blue for Yamaha, red for Honda, orange for KTM, white for Husqvarna and yellow for Suzuki
  • Road-registerable. Just remember where you want to ride might have restrictions for unregistered dirt bikes, so look for bikes that can be registered.
  • Power. Some of these dirt bikes are powerful motocross machines while others are tamer for fire trails and open country riding.
  • Engine type. There are 3 types of engines: 2-stroke (unpopular and loud), 4-stroke (very popular) and electric (gaining popularity)
  • Modifications. If you’re buying a used ladies dirt bike, then check for any modifications made and if they are actually compliant.
  • Seat comfort. Dirt bike seats are generally uncomfortable to sit on for long periods, so budget for an upgraded sheepskin seat.
  • Handlebar position. The ergonomics of riding is important so you’ll want to see if you can adjust your handlebars so they sit closer in.
  • eStart. You’re going to stall the bike a few times when you’re learning. Using a Kickstarter is hard, so look for models with electric start.
  • Fuel range. As most ladies dirt bikes are in smaller frames, you often can’t upgrade the fuel tank for long rides. But some like the TTR230 can.

While that’s a long list, it’s evident that we know a thing or two about bike selection. Many dealers can explain these concepts in their stores.

Yamaha TTR230

While often disregarded as merely a farm bike, the TTR230 is simply the best female dirt bike around. We’ve chosen it #1 for its reliability and beginner-friendly nature. The power-band is very tame but there is enough power on hand to pop a wheelie if you really have to.

The best part is that you can register this bike in some states. This means you don’t have to purchase an additional bike trailer at all, making it easier to get to and from the local trails. Many dealers would recommend the TTR230 as the best dirt bike for women and we’d easily agree.

Honda CRF 230F

If you’re looking for the red version of the TTR230, then it’s the Honda CRF 230F. Essentially Honda made this as the contender to Yamaha’s answer to female riders, and now Honda have sold more units. After all – it’s red and not blue.

The CRF230F is slightly more dirt-orientated and you are less likely to see it on farms. But don’t let that fool you as it’s still just as reliable and functional for the beginner looking to hit up some local tracks. This model consistently wins the top spot on the best dirt bikes for women awards internationally but is let down by the lack of registration ability.

Kawasaki KLX140L

This is a late teenager bike that we’ve included here. We love the KLX140L because, even though it’s very much an MX bike, it has electric start.

When you’re learning to ride, you’re going to stall. It always takes a couple of months to learn proper clutch and throttle control. The eStart button is simply going to make your life so much easier!

Suzuki DR-Z125L

Essentially a farm bike, the DR-Z125L is a great ladies dirt bike that will go forever. It’s not uncommon to see these models exceeding 30,000 miles on the clock on ranches.

Suzuki also sells the same model in a 230, 150 and 140 variant. So if the 125 isn’t going to be enough power for you, then consider spending the little extra for more.

Honda CRF150R

Another late teenager-style dirt bike that is still ideal for women, the CRF150R is very potent. If you’re looking for more of a ‘pick me up’ to jump hills and do wheelies all day long, then this is the bike for you. This is definitely a great MX bike for women of all ages, but you need to be eager for power.

Yamaha YZ85

We’re now on to the 2-stroke kid dirt bikes and the YZ85 gets our pick. If you’re under 5 feet tall, then this is the dirt bike you’ll want for thrills on a budget.

Kawasaki HX85

Kawasaki’s copy of the YZ85 is green and has very minor differences. We personally prefer the Yamaha though this green-machine sells hundreds of models each year!

Suzuki RM85

Needing something tamer? This is a farm bike (Suzuki is famous for farm bikes in the dirt riding space) so you won’t get much raw power, but the reliability is certainly there.


Are you ready to race? Then the KTM is the brand for you. Literally – pick any bike because they all go fast! But the 85 SX is the perfect powerful dirt bike for short ladies.

Husqvarna TC 85

If all that orange makes you stand out like a construction worker, then consider the cleaner TC 85 from Husqvarna. The only challenge is parts availability is limited.

In summary: The best dirt bike is one fitted for you

When choosing the right dirt bike for your offroad adventures, look for one that fits you well. In other words, there is enough power while being easy to get on.

Don’t let the high seat heights put you off. Here’s some inspiration for you: famous dirt racer Ricky Carmichael is a short rider compared to many others, but has won his fair-share of MX races over the years.

So it’s not your height but your desire to ride and practice consistently. Whether you’re riding MX or just trail riding with some friends on weekends, there is little holding you back from entering and enjoying this sport.

We hope that this dirt bikes for women guide has helped you get a fair idea of what to start looking for.

Our recommendation is to visit your local dirt bike dealership and jump on a few bikes. Explain the type of riding you’ll be doing and the salesperson will point you in the right direction very soon. Likewise jump on a few local riding groups and see what others are riding out there on the MX tracks and adventure trails.

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