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6 Best Electric Dirt Bikes You Can Own in Australia (2023)

Looking to buy an electric dirt bike which is readily available in Australia? We’ve done our research to find you the main 6 electric dirt bikes available.

With so many riding areas being closed down because of politicians and red tape, many fear there won’t be much of an industry left. The answer to that is electric MX and trail motorcycles. It literally is the way of the future.

Being much quieter is the obvious advantage. Being able to ride near houses stops the neighbours calling up for noise complaints.

Plus with electric dirt bikes; their maintenance is a lot less, they drop quite a few kilos and you won’t get a hot engine. So many upsides!

Unfortunately, Australia has been forgotten about until recently with electric offroad motorcycles. So let’s see what you can buy right now.

Best Australian electric dirt, MX and trail bikes

Guide to Australian electric dirt bikes

This list is based on our industry experience and knowledge. So let’s jump straight into it:

1. Sur Ron Electric Dirt Bike

We’ve heard much anticipation for the Surron electric bikes over the last two years in the United States and these are now available in Australia.

For the avid dirt bike enthusiast that is ready to move to an electric model, then it’s hard to go past this bike. These are available in both MX and street-legal varieties.

With pricing actually slightly less than a comparable 25cc dirt bike, this off-road machine is making huge headway into the Australian market.

2. Volition Force

Looking for a genuine electric dirt bike that also looks like a dirt bike? Then you need to pay close attention to the guys at Volition. With a claimed 13kw motor, this is one bad-boy that we’re excited to see enter the Australian market in 2020.

Volition Force electric dirt bike

With a claimed top speed of 130km/h, the team are putting the final touches on this model. It could very well be the first all-electric adventure motorcycle on the market globally.

3. Electric Motion EM 5.7 Escape Sport

Another beast that is almost ready to order is the Electric Motion 5.7 Escape Lite. This is another true-looking MX/Trails bike and something that has an impressive specifications list. Released in 2019, they are already sold out and awaiting new stock in Australia.

Electric Motion EM 5.7 Escape Sport

We would love to see these become road-legal as per the Surron varieties. That said, as a bike that is modelled off the likes of Honda and Yamaha, it’s evident that this is a true weekend racer and trailblazer.

4. Kuberg FreeRider

Haven’t heard of the Kuberg Free-Rider? Neither have we until recently. This is one dirt bike here to take on the popular Stealth Bomber.

Kuberg FreeRider electric MX bike

With 8kW and 12kW at its peak, this is a weapon on the local trails. You can control the power settings from your iPhone as well as share ride details and lap times.

5. Stealth B-52 Bomber

Stealth was pretty much the first company on the scene several years ago here in Australia with their high power electric mountain bikes. Since then they have moved into the offroad motorcycle market with this dirt bike styled B-52 Bomber.

5. Stealth B-52 Bomber - One of the best electric dirt bikes in Australia

While not cheap, you can often find these for sale on Gumtree for a lot less. Given that this company has been in Australia for a long time now, they have a proven drivetrain and reliability with older owners now starting to upgrade. They have other lighter models available in their range, but the B-52 is the pick of the bunch.

6. Bultaco Brinco R

Australia may soon get delivery of the Bultaco Brinco R which is the perfect blend between dirt bike and motorbike. It even has pedals! (Not that you’d want to pedal this at 39kg). Many electric dirt bikes try to look like their petrol equivalents and this one plays the part very well.

Bultaco Brinco R - Honda inspired electric offroad motorcycle

From the UK, these bikes come with the sport, touring and eco modes. It also has a removable battery unlike many of the eDirt bikes featured here. Needlessly to say we’re eager to get our hands on this machine in a few months time.

Electric Dirt Bikes for Kids

Australia has a range of electric dirt bikes exclusively for children. Compared to the heavy dirt bike offerings from Honda, Yamaha and KTM, these bikes are simply better. Children are able to develop their skills without the heavier weight, distracting sound or the threat of engine burns. Plus – no more clutch!

We’re writing an extensive guide on children’s electric dirt bikes and mountain bikes which will be here shortly.

Benefits to electric motorcycles

There are some instinctive benefits of using electric dirt bikes or even road-registered motorcycles for the daily commuting.

Some are obvious while some are not so obvious. Benefits for offroading enthusiasts go very far actually.

Now, we know that we don’t need to pay for fuel and the sound is very much reduced, but so is the weight. Now let’s look at some that many have overlooked:

  • No need to carry hazardous petrol jerry cans around
  • No clutch use making it easier to focus on actual riding
  • So much torque! These bikes make wheelies look super easy
  • The lower weight lets riders really throw the bike around on the trails
  • No need to worry about burns from the engine when crashing
  • Much easier maintenance. No oil changes. Mechanics become redundant.
  • Only requires mountain bike tyres which make tyre changes so much easier
  • Can be carried around on a normal bicycle rack instead of a trailer or van
  • Many spare parts can be sourced straight off a conventional mountain bike
  • Much easier to lift over fallen trees in the forest.
  • No fuel tank leaks on to your trousers

Did we mention the torque? Electric bikes are notorious for delivering a solid ‘kick’ when twisting the throttle so you’d better be prepared for it!

Getting out on the trails

We hope this list has helped you understand the numerous models that Australia has available either right now or very soon.

Just remember that the bulk of these battery-driven dirt bikes are for offroad use only. They can’t be registered and so you may be restricted to private property.

While they are lighter, they still have the potential to inflict serious damage to you. Wear your protection gear such as boots like any other motorcycle and we’ll see you out there on the tracks!

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