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BikeBandit Review: Are They Any Good?

Are you looking to buy from Bike Bandit but a little concerned? We’ve written this unbiased review to help you move forward.

We’re a motorcycle brand and like you, enjoy getting out there behind the handlebars instead of behind the keyboard.

We have no commercial relationship with this brand and we don’t get paid for our reviews. We just feel a genuine need to provide our opinion as an emerging brand in the ADV riding world.

BikeBandit Review

It’s really hard to keep everyone happy online. Generally speaking, there will always be a sub-segment of people who have negative experiences with a marketplace or product.

And you know what happens when such experiences happen? They blast the internet with negativity. They somehow need to let the world know how they were wronged.

Bike Bandit is unfortunately one of those victims too. Most of their customers have excellent experiences yet won’t tell the world, while Bike Bandit’s negative customer experiences are mostly made up of those who had a bad experience.

And what is a ‘bad experience’? Generally a shipping delay or lost parcels. They use 3rd parties to deliver their stock and some stuff does inheritly go missing, just as you would order through Amazon or any other marketplace.

What They Doing Well

There are actually a lot of things which Bike Bandit is doing well. For starters, their staff all rider motorcycles. This is important as they can recommend the right gear for you as fellow riders.

We also really enjoy their content creation yet they could do better. Check out their YouTube channel for great content although we enjoyed RevZilla and Rocky Mountain much more.

Their brutal honesty is compelling and they clearly know their craft very well. Clearly riders at heart who keep the industry moving along.

On their website you’ll find plenty of gear, spare parts, tools and accessories. They’re well stocked but don’t always have everything that you’re looking for. On that same token, the giants like RevZilla tend to sell out first which brings customers over to BikeBandit.

All in all, they are certainly one of the better stores to buy gear these days.

The Underdog in the Motorcycling World

BikeBandit is certainly the underdog and one that could rise much higher. Their channel views and social media followers are certainly on the low side.

That said – there’s power in supporting the underdog instead of the corporate giants in the industry. It just feels more like a family operation as opposed to something huge.

Such smaller distributors also let brands such as Frontaer step up to the plate and distribute through their platforms much more easily. As a brand, we’d stand little chance with some of the bigger distribution channels unfortunately.

In Summary

Would we recommend BikeBandit? Absolutely. Is everyone happy? Not quite, but their reputation is strong and improving each and every day.

It’s difficult (or rather, impossible) to please everyone in the space, and so keep in mind the negative experiences aren’t the perfect snapshot of customers in general.

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