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Bikebiz Parramatta Review: Are They Any Good?

Bikebiz is a popular motorcycle store in Parramatta stocking Yamaha, Suzuki and Aprilia as well as a huge range of riding gear.

That said – are they worth dealing with given their ratings are a little on the low side?

In this unbiased review of Bikebiz, we’ll provide our honest opinion. We have no commercial relationship with this dealership either.

Bikebiz Review

We’ve been in our fair share of motorcycle dealerships before. Sometimes you go in and you’re helped right away, and at other times you’re standing around for 10 minutes.

With Bikebiz, our experiences were quite good. The staff are knowledgeable and knew how to help us. This is despite the fact there were a few other people in the store at the same time too.

But of course, not everyone has these experiences. This is why you’ll find quite a few negative reviews of Bikebiz online by Australians who haven’t had a good experience. Why? Because quite clearly some people haven’t had a good experience and it’s hard to keep everyone happy.

You’ll actually find no perfect motorcycle store in Australia. Now when you consider the nature of Australians to instantly leave a bad review before reaching out first for a resolution, it’s fair to see the industry average drops to just 4 stars.

So with that in mind, Bikebiz likely aren’t as bad as their online reputation accounts for and certainly our experiences are different.

What They’re Doing Right

One thing that Bikebiz is doing well is their social media management and delivering great content. Clearly they’ve very much into the offroad motorcycling world and are passionate about helping others through the myraid of choices available in the market today.

You’ll find them stocking a range of manufacturers in store from dirt bikes to road motorcycles and even some adventure touring bikes (our favourite here at Frontaer). This means they aren’t tied to one brand and can recommend a bike that will suit you the best.

One thing that we’ll really praise is their sponsoring of industry events. They’re heavily invested in children’s development of the sport and some races have Bikebiz as major sponsors to make the competition pricing cheaper for the kids and for mum and dad’s wallet.

When you do get into the store, the range of gear is quite extensive and probably the biggest selection anywhere in Western Sydney. You’ll also find plenty of accessories, tools and spare parts to keep your bike in excellent working order.

Finally – they are open 7 days a week which is super handy though it can be busy on Saturday’s.

What Could Improve

Clearly some of the lower reviews could be resolved through reaching out to individuals. Some of the past experiences may have been with staff who are no longer employed there, so something to consider if you’re on the fence about making a purchase.

Another great improvement would be to see more blog content. Their last blog was published more than 6 months ago. Compare this to thriving US-based motorcycle stores who publish content almost daily in both written and video format that readers closely follow, and it’s clear how one could build a stronger reputation.

That said – our experiences with Bikebiz have been quite pleasant and the shelves are well-stocked. The only thing missing? Frontaer’s bags. 😉

In Summary

Bikebiz is a long-standing Sydney motorcycle store who has deep roots in the industry. While not the most reputable dealership around, we can imagine that going forward – there will be a large push on improving their online reviews and ratings through world-class customer service.

Don’t let the bad words of a few people worry you. Remember that most people have had a great experience in store, especially in these recent months. It’s not easy running a motorcycle store at 100% perfection, but these guys are clearly working on getting themselves up there.

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