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Braaap Motorcycles Review: Are They Worth It?

Have you seen the Braaap Motorcycles? They have some cheap yet great motorcycle on the surface of things but maybe there’s a catch?

In this guide, we’re going to be getting into the details as to whether Braaap Motorcycles owned by Adam Smith is worth your time and energy.

Let’s begin.

Braaap Motorbikes Review

Adam Smith from Tasmania owns Braap Motorcycles and has done so for over 10 years now. He started importing the cheap pit bikes from China after having made a trip over there in his teenage years.

Since then, the company fluorished in the earlier part of last decade. He proceded to launched several new motorcycles, including the famous Braaap Mercury which has had great feedback and minimal customer complaints.

While the past dealings of Braaap have been troublesome, they are certainly looking towards a better future.

Past issues include:

  • Numerous product recalls
  • Adam Smith being taken to court
  • The Melbourne store closing down
  • Potentially going into liquidation

Australia’s famous news outlets love a catchy story that meets the narrative, and thus you’ll find smear campaigns online. Remember that there are 2 sides to every story.

Despite it’s rough history, Braaap is surviving and even thriving today. There is newer and more reliable models in stock and active chatter within Facebook groups.

Braaap Mercury Evaluation

One of the best bikes in the lineup is the Braaap Mercury. This is an awesome cafe racer just without the high price tag. Keep an eye out for Adam’s sales events as these come up often.

Even today, Braaap continues to offer lifetime warranties on their motorcycles which is epic. When you’re buying a kids dirt bike for twice the price from their competitors, you’ll only get a short warranty and also have to spend a fortune on additional parts and servicing.

The ST250 Cafe Racer like some of their other models is currently sold out and likely will be for some time. Delays in China are frustrating for them and their customers.

It’s interesting as they started with dirt bikes and their road bikes actually took off massively. Seems like Australians really do want affordable road bikes under $3k.

Where Are Braaap Motorcycles Made?

Braaap imports their motorcycles from China into Australia. From there, they are put together in their Australian-based warehouse before being sent out to customers across Australia and New Zealand. Essentially – all their parts and major components are Made in China which explains their low prices.

Considering the enormous prices that the established brands like Yamaha and KTM charge, it’s not surprising that Braaap has found itself pushing into the market. The industry in North America is even more massive with many westerners really beginning to embrace motorcycles which aren’t made in Japan or Europe.

Are They Worth It?

Braaap is the only manufacturer in the world who offers a lifetime warranty. For that alone, they are worth the few thousand you’d spend on one of their epic dirt bikes.

Unfortunately, they deal with the lower end of bikes and those designed for residential streets and fun on the farm. These bikes aren’t really racing or adventure calibre, though for some cheap thrills, you’ll find these to be worth the cost.

The Future of Braaap

Will they be around in 2 years time? We believe so. Despite their tarnished reputation and bad dealings in the past, it’s evident from Adam’s Facebook videos and Zoom calls that Braaap wants to rebuild itself and become highly known and respected in the offroad motorcycling world.

In his words “I’ll just smile and keep going forward….”

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