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What is a Motorcycle Banjo Bolt? A Simple Guide

Keeping a banjo together is done with a banjo bolt…or at least we think so.

Banjo fittings consist of one half of a banjo bolt. Such fittings are used in motorcycle braking systems – from offroad dirt bikes to large adventure bikes, to street racing machines and cafe cruisers.

Essentially, by using a banjo fitting, you can pass pressurized fluid in braking systems as well as other mediums in which to transfer fluid under pressure.

Banjo Bolts Overview

There are two elements here. First, you’ve got the banjo fitting and then you’ve got the banjo bolt. The fitting is well sealed and holds fluid which then passes through the bolt.

A Banjo Bolt is a hollow bolt with a hole drilled on its side. By taking this approach, fluid is able to pass through the centre of the fitting which itself also has a hole down the geographical centre. This provides a tight seal while making routine maintenance for motorcycle riders and mechanics quick and easy.

For a strong seal, a washer is typically used and is recommended. Replacing either the washer, the banjo bolt or the fitting is quite easy with parts readily available online and in motorcycle dealerships.

Using Banjo Fittings and Bolts

This technology isn’t new though it is innovative. Banjo Fittings and Bolts are used for:

  • Oil transfer between various areas on motorcycles.
  • Fuel fittings for older motorcycles (pre-2000 era)
  • Transfering oil to and from the oil cooler.

They’re very much helpful to get a tight and solid fit where fluid shouldn’t be leaking. You can send low to medium pressure through these fittings and bolts without causing a leak, even when the oil is hot.

Why are they called a banjo bolt? This is because they look very similar to a musical instrument of the same name.

A simple yet clever idea they certainly area.

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7 Best Australian Online Dirt Bike Parts and Apparel Stores (2023)

Curious to know who in Australia has the best online store for dirt bike parts, accessories and apparel? We decided to do the research for you.

In writing this list, we’ve kept this very much unbiased and have relied on researching the best stores using the feedback of their very own customers.

Let’s begin.

Best Australia Dirt Bike Online Stores

You can’t buy a dirt bike online, but just about everything else you can! From gloves and jackets to boots and luggage racks, buying online in Australia is really taking off.

In fact, each year, tens of thousands of Australians buy their gear online each year.

Best Australia Dirt Bike Online Stores

They use the internet to find who’s the best in the business. And the results for who’s the best in Australia is as follows:

1. MXStore

Who hasn’t heard of or used MXstore? They have a huge warehouse in Burleigh Heads, QLD. What’s more is their online reviews are very impressive. The famous Ballards actually owns a part of MX store.

MXStore online dirt bike store
Year started2009
Product linesApproximately 60,000
Monthly visitorsApproximately 50,000
Customer demographicMotocross and dirt bike riders
Avg. customer reviews4.6 star rating

2. Motorcycle Accessories Supermarket

The iconic Motorcycle Accessories Supermarket has locations across Queensland, Victoria and primarily New South Wales. Did you know that you can just order online instead of going in store?

Motorcycle Accessories Supermarket online dirt bike parts and accessories store
Year started2000
Product linesApproximately 100,000
Monthly visitorsApproximately 90,000
Customer demographicRoad bike and dirt bike riders
Avg. customer reviews4.4 star rating

3. Adventure Moto Australia

Dirt bike riders who prefer weekend adventures and expeditions simply can’t look past Adventure Moto. These guys are the #1 adventure motorcycling store in Australia.

Adventure Moto Australia online dirt bike parts
Year started2008
Product linesApproximately 40,000
Monthly visitorsApproximately 30,000
Customer demographicAdventure riders aged 40 to 60
Avg. customer reviews4.7 star rating

4. Australian Motorcycle Accessories

Australian Motorcycle Accessories, also known as simply AMA, has big stores in Caboolture and Yatala in Queensland, however their online store is massive too. Their website shows that they mean business and you’ll find some seriously good prices on their gear.

Australian Motorcycle Accessories
Year started2008
Product linesApproximately 50,000
Monthly visitorsApproximately 35,000
Customer demographicDirt bike and road bike enthusiasts
Avg. customer reviews4.7 star rating

5. Bikebiz

While predominantly catering for road bike users, Bikebiz also has a solid offroad riding customer base who enjoys their low prices on apparel and parts. Bikebiz leans more towards the adventure enthusiast than the dirt bike weekend warrior. Still, you’re likely to find most of what you need here at good prices.

Year started1987
Product lines30,000 approximately + used bikes
Monthly visitors60,000 approximately
Customer demographicOlder road bike and dirt bike riders
Avg. customer reviews4.1 star rating

6. AMX Superstores

If you’ve ever driven on the M1 between the Gold Coast and Brisbane, you would’ve seen the AMX sign on the western side. Well, at least if you were a true dirt bike enthusiast! AMX, as serious dirt bike enthusiasts, has been in business for a number of years with now multiple stores across Victoria, Queensland, NSW and SA.

AMX Superstores online dirt bike accessories
Year started2014
Product lines10,000 approximately
Monthly visitors40,000 approximately
Customer demographic50/50 split between dirt & road riders
Avg. customer reviews4.4 star rating

7. Peter Stevens

The last on our list is the infamous Peter Stevens. They sell a mixture of road bikes, dirt bikes, jet skis and every possible part and accessory for both. They even do scooters and snowmobiles! There are numerous stores around Australia with many customers choosing to purchase online instead of making the commute.

Peter Stevens dirt bike parts  online Australia
Year started1980
Product lines45,000 approximately
Monthly visitors75,000 approximately
Customer demographicAnyone who loves to go fast
Avg. customer reviews4 star rating

In summary

There you have it! The best dirt bike stores in Australia to source your gear, tools and parts online.

When searching for the right store, look for the one that feels ‘at home’ with you. For dirt bike riders exclusively, it’s hard to go past MXStore which is similar to Revzilla.

On the other hand, adventure riders love Adventure Moto which is very similar to Adventure-Spec.

If you do go to one of these stores in person, then the sales people will often know your language. Likewise, their online support staff can help you choose the right gear.

Have you got an experience with any of these stores? Then leave us a comment below!

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Closing Your Tailgate with 2 Dirt Bikes in a Short Bed Truck

Can you have 2 dirt bikes in the tray of your truck or ute and still close the tailgate? Yes, it’s possible and we’ll show you how.

Yes, 2 bikes in 1 bed. And no, we’re not talking about long beds. For us, it’s just 6-foot beds.

Close the tailgate with single or twin dirt bikes

Curious if you can fit a dirt bike in a truck bed with your tailgate up? We know the answer:

Close the truck tailgate with single or twin dirt bikes

Yes – it’s possible to fit any most types of dirt bikes into a truck bed AND close the tailgate up. Fitment is guaranteed with 8-foot trays, however, it’s also quite possible with 6 and 5.5-foot trays, even with 2 dirt bikes.

It all comes down to both the dimensions and how you load up the bikes in the first place. If you’re shopping for the right truck or ute to haul your dirt bikes, then a measuring tape will come in handy at the dealership. Even better – bring your dirt bike with you for the most accuracy.

Dirt bike length

It’s always best that you measure your KTM, Yamaha, Honda or Suzuki.

Most 250cc to 450cc dirt bikes are 80 inches or 6.7 feet long from tyre to tyre. You can fit a single dirt bike in most 5 and a half foot truck beds by going diagonal.

Different trucks have slight variations. You may have to reduce your dirt bike tyre pressure slightly to properly close the tailgate.

Loading a truck with 2 dirt bikes on the back

The first thing you’ll want to do is put both bikes on to the tray.

Some people load one bike forwards and one bike backwards. From our experience, this adds little to no benefit. It’s simply much safer and easier to load a dirt bike going up and forwards into the tray.

This video does well to explain this concept:

So not only can you fit 2 dirt bikes into the back of a truck tray, but you can also bring your gear and loading ramp as well.

While this video doesn’t show it, we do recommend an additional tiedown strap over the rear tyres as a precaution. You may wish to pack your riding gear in the passenger seats or into a waterproof duffel bag so it doesn’t get wet while you’re going down the highway.

4 types of truck beds

There are 3 main types of truck beds. By knowing each truck bed, you’re able to properly ascertain which one can and can’t effectively get a dirt bike in the back with the tailgate up.

Compact (5 feet and less)

It’s essentially impossible to put the tailgate up with a compact truck bed. Australian utes are typical of this since they are much shorter than those in the United States.

Compact truck tray with dirt bike

Often, the beds are 4 to 5 feet long. Even if you do go diagonal, it ain’t going to fit. But remember, the tailgate on most trucks adds an additional 2-feet in most instances of usable space. Therefore you don’t really need to buy a dirt bike trailer to get your bikes around.

You can also overhang slightly as long as your rear tyre is firmly on the rear.

Of course, most kids dirt bikes will fit on any truck tray while still allowing the tailgate to go up. The exceptions are the 150cc and above bikes which require measuring first.

Short tray (5 to 6 feet)

Some adult dirt and trail bikes will fit inside a short tray with the tailgate up, but most won’t unfortunately. You really need 5.5 feet of space to have a fighting chance here.

It’s best to measure corner to corner diagonally. Remember that you’ll need to account for some additional width of your dirt bike tyre, as they won’t be able to touch the very corners. A 100mm margin (50mm for each corner) is a good idea.

Long tray bed (6 to 7 feet)

Most adult dirt bikes will be able to fit inside a long tray bed and allow the owner to raise their tail gate. In fact, you can often fit 2 dirt bikes though they will have a slight turn of the handlebars to do it properly.

In our experience, for absolute certainty, the long tray bed is the way to go. Enduro, trail and MX bikes can almost always fit inside long tray beds without needing to go diagonal. This means you can still see clearly out the rear vision mirror.

Super long tray (7 feet and above)

Now we’re on to the big raptors. These are the 7 feet and above category which guarantee that you’ll be able to bring 2 adult dirt bikes and have a closed tailgate.

Even better, you can go even further than this!

You can fit 3 dirt bikes in a truck or ute tray that is 7 feet or longer AND have room to lift up the tail gate. Often the dirt bike in the centre is put in rear-wards if it’s an adult bike, or forwards if it’s a kids MX bike.

Indeed for the serious dirt enthusiast, the best (albeit expensive) way to go is the super long trays. These are popular in the United States, Canada, Europe and occasionally you’ll find these in Australia.

Pro tips for loading

Never loaded a dirt bike into the back of your truck before? We’ve got some tips to help you.

  1. Have someone help you. Even if it’s your partner or kids, it’s always good to have someone strong enough to just hold the dirt bikes upright while you do everything else. After some practice, you can load up dirt bikes solo.
  2. Use your engine power. Yes – you can use your dirt bike throttle and power to get up the dirt bike ramp. It’s much easier than pushing 300lbs or metal up a ramp, especially after a hard day of riding the local trails and tracks. On the way down, use your front brake.
  3. Use quality tiedown straps. We’re not looking for anything cheap here. Go for high quality because the difference between expensive and cheap is only a few dollars. Your motorbikes are worth so much more than this so use 3 to 4 straps.
  4. Don’t forget your loading ramp. Nothing is worse than getting to your destination and forgetting your loading ramp. Riding your dirt bike directly off your tray is a terrible idea.
  5. Test your work. Once you’re done with the loading and the straps are on, you should shake your dirt bike side to side. Is there excessive movement? Then you need to put on more tension. Inherently, your dirt bikes will always have some mild movement because of the forks and tyre pressure, and this is OK.
Loading dirt bikes on to a truck tray solo
Image courtesy of Dirt Bike Channel

It’s always going to take some practice to do it properly especially on your own. If there are other dirt bike or trail bike riders nearby, you can always ask for a hand.

In summary

While it’s certainly possible to get dirt bikes into a tray and have the tailgate up, having a tailgate down still works fine. In fact, this is how most people transport their dirt bikes if they opt not to buy a trailer.

One thing to note is that you’ll have to definitely strap down any luggage like loading ramps and accessories if you can’t close the tailgate because of the dirt bike length. The last thing you’ll want is these items sliding around and falling out the tray while you’re going up a hill on the highway.

As with anything – safety first and enjoy the trails!

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Best 2-Stroke Dirt Bike & MX Oil (2023)

This is the ultimate guide to 2-stroke engine oil for MX and dirt bike riding enthusiasts. We’re highlighting the 6 best oils to choose for your motorcycle.

We feature many 4-stroke bikes and accessories here, but it’s time to look at the forgotten breed of offroad motorcycles. The louder 2-strokes.

Like any bikes, they need oil but it’s entirely different. The main difference with 2-strokes is that you’ll need to mix the engine oil with a small ratio of fuel, ranging between 25:1 and 50:1. The two types are pre-mix and injector safe, with the former being the most popular and requires the mixing by the rider.

One thing to note is the auto-lube application which is found in some engines. You’ll need to look for engine oil that supports auto-lube as not all of them support this.

Most recommended 2-stroke dirt bike engine oils

Based on both industry experience and rider usage, we’ve found these 4 to be the most popular:

1. Maxima Castor 927 2-stroke dirt bike oil

best 2-stroke dirt bike engine oil

If you’re the aggressive MX rider that seeks to win titles while keeping your dirt bike in peak condition, then buy a bottle of this 2-stroke engine oil today.

It’s the best engine oil for numerous reasons – it lasts a long time, it prolongs the life of your engine and components plus reduces the chances of gum formation inside.

Maxima’s 927 Castor engine oil is fully degradable, so you’ll be less embarrassed at the race track when that bottle of oil accidentally tips over, or your sump plug slips out. Still – the bottle itself has a wide base to reduce this from happing in the first place which we love.

Common features:

  • Built for top-performing MX racers
  • The industry leader for many years
  • Easy to pour handle and small spout
  • Often lowers engine temperature
  • Reduces rust and internal corrosion

This is easily found online through various dirt bike stores.

2. Motul 2-Cycle Dirt Bike Oil

best Australian 2-stroke dirt bike engine oil

Motul engine oil has a reputation in the Australian motorcycling industry based on its performance. Born out of a passion for motorcycling with a strong following both locally and internationally, you can certainly depend on this oil to look after your pride and joy.

This blend is different than many others on the market today. The smokeless burn and low ash is based on their synthetic blend. Please keep in mind that this oil may not be available in your country.


  • Strong industry reputation in Australia
  • Less likely to clog your engine filters
  • Helpful double-handle design to make refills easier
  • Slightly greater engine performance

Walk around any race track on the weekend and you’re bound to see a bottle on someone’s dirt bike trailer.

3. Bel-Ray SL2 2-Stroke MX engine oil (Semi-Synthetic)

Bel-Ray SL2 2-Stroke MX engine oil

Coming in at #3 is another semi-synthetic engine oil. Bel-Ray has been manufacturing oils for decades (in fact, since 1970) so it’s fair to say they have refined their processes over this time.

What you’ll find here is a very high-quality 2-stroke engine oil that works for all types of 2-stroke engines. Whether you’re just trail riding or entering competitions, you’ll find your engine to be cooler while taking yourself to the rev limits.

Unfortunately, the biggest let-down of this oil (and a key reason we haven’t put it higher in the list) is the container design. There is no handle and the spout is oversize, meaning you’re likely to spill some on your engine case. An engine oil funnel could solve this problem.


  • Available around the world
  • Used for autolube and pre-mix applications
  • Supports all common mixing ratios
  • Often used for more than one season
  • Very affordable pricing
  • Strong industry reputation

You’ll find this oil commonly in dealerships as well as racing circles and online stores. If Maxima and Lucas isn’t your type, then Bel-Ray has you covered.

4. Castrol Power 1 TTS Racing 2 Stroke Engine Oil

For extreme racing conditions, it’s hard to look past this high-performance engine oil from Castrol. The lubrication is excellent and caters to other vehicles like go-karts and ATVs.

Lowered exhaust smoke means that your competitors will be more than happy to follow you over whoop sections.


  • Up to 50:1 fuel/oil ratio
  • Industry reputation globally
  • Premium price means premium quality

5. Motorex 2-stroke engine oil

Wanting a gift for the 2-stroke dirt bike enthusiast? Then check out this awesome dirt bike oil with funnel included.

Made in Switzerland, Motorex has been serving the offroad industry for years in the toughest of conditions.


  • Made for factory teams
  • Design for harsh environments
  • Helpful spout included with bottle
  • Fully synthetic use

Yes, you will pay more for the Motorex brand but it’s definitely worth the investment.

6. Honda HP2 2-stroke dirt bike engine oil

Like to ride hard? Then Honda has you covered. Their dirt bike oil design hasn’t changed much in the last 30 years, but that hasn’t stopped them from building a strong reputation.

You don’t need to own a Honda dirt bike to use the HP2 2-stroke engine oil. Yamaha, KTM and Suzuki riders regularly use Honda 2-stroke engine oil on track days around the country.

Honda has created one of the most clean-burning 2-stroke engine oils in the marketplace while being 100% synthetic. You can expect higher torque while having a cooler engine temperature.


  • Small bottle design – perfect for toolboxes
  • Very clean burning and environmentally friendly
  • Industry reputation of a world-renounced motorcycle manufacturer
  • Works for all leading 2-stroke dirt bike models
  • Available internationally including the UK

While we don’t believe this is the best, the smaller bottle is perfect for the weekend warrior who doesn’t consume much.

Change and ride

Changing your 2-stroke engine oil is a relatively easy process with a small amount of unleaded petrol required.

Once changed, you can expect quite a number of rides (3 to 10) before you need to change again.

Always purchase a bottle of 2-stroke engine oil based on your riding frequency.

Ride often? Go for a big bottle? Only ride twice per month? A smaller bottle will do just fine.

Once a bottle is opened, the shelf life is significantly reduced. There is little value in purchasing oil that isn’t being used.

It’s also important to remember that different oil varieties exist, all at different price-points.

Ignore oil that is too cheap as this will cost you later with a shortened life-span of your dirt bike.

Always consult your manufacturer manual for recommendations. If you can’t find your workshop manual, then Haynes has most dirt bike models available digitally.

Remember to change your oil often and ensure you’re mixing at the right ratio. A measuring container will come in very handle for this purpose.

Best of all – see you out there on the tracks!

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