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Cully’s Yamaha Review: Are They Any Good?

Cully’s Yamaha in Balcatta sound like a great motorcycle dealer, but are their reviews to be trusted? Here is our unbiased opinion.

We don’t have a commercial or business relationship (yet) with these guys, as we simply want to share our viewpoints.

Let’s begin.

Cully’s Yamaha Review

It’s becoming less rare for people to head into dealerships these days due to online sales. Unless, of course, you live in Perth. Those shipping costs and transit times are tough.

After all, who wants to wait around a week for a single part to be shipped over on a road train?

That’s why you’ll find other riders still heading into the stores for their parts and accessories. Cully’s Yamaha is one of the biggest and well-known stores in Perth for this reason.

Cully's Yamaha in Perth

They are (fortunately) saved from the online selling boom and do need to provide excellent customer service.

But yet, we see not everyone is happy. And in the business of motorcycles, it’s hard to keep everyone happy. This is due to the emotional nature of buying a new motorcycle.

You can do 9 things right and on the 10th time, you’ll be blasted with a 1-star review. It’s disappointing yet true, but it’s solid companies that do their best to make things right.

When evaluating any store, we look at some of the following factors.

Trading history

Cully’s Yamaha have been serving Perth for quite a few years now and many people driving up to an hour to Balcatta to get replacement parts, accessories or even to ride away with a new set of wheels.

It’s these companies that we trust more because of their longevity and reputation. The corner store that started up yesterday might have all the promises, but it’s tough to know for sure.

Types of Bikes

Naturally, you’ll find almost exclusively Yamaha’s here. Fortunately, they stock road bikes, dirt bikes and adventure bikes. The kids aren’t left out with the smaller bikes as the PeeWee50 in stock as well as clothing for the little ones.

Given the range available, this means that you’re sure to find someone who’s knowledgeable in particular bikes and all their staff actually rides too. You’ll find new and used bikes on display, including some trade-ins which aren’t Yamaha specifically but might represent a good deal on the day.

Social media

These days, all trusted motorcycle stores need to use social media. Luckily, we have found a strong following on Cully’s Yamaha Page. Over there they are known as Cully’s Motorcycle Centre – same business, same reviews.

Frontaer went through and checked their other pages on Instagram and YouTube and found excellent content. It’s clear that this company is serving their customers on these mediums.

Genuine support

Are they living up to expectations? A good question to ask since some online stores aren’t quite this adept with their support and industry knowledge. It’s clear with Cully’s that they have with their strong 4.6 star rating online.

They’re locals in Perth that will steer you in the right direction. If you need help, then you can easily reach out to their phone, email or social media platforms.

Final verdict

So should you spend your hard-earned money in their stores? If you value excellent customer service and genuine prices, then this is the store that Perth-siders generally trust very well.

Sometimes they won’t have all the parts you need on hand, but can ship them over from Sydney or Melbourne pretty quickly through their network with enough heads up.

Just remember that it’s only a very tiny portion of people who aren’t happy. Among rider groups on Facebook, Cully’s ranks pretty high.

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