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Cycle Gear Review: Are They Any Good?

Cycle Gear is a popular online motorcycling store that we felt would be good to provide an unbiased review towards.

After all, we have no commercial relationship with this distributor and are simply sharing our own opinion.

Let’s begin.

Cycle Gear Review

Generally speaking, most riders are buying their gear online these days. It’s so much easier to find exactly what you’re looking for and you don’t have sales people in the store hassling you with upsells.

Cycle Gear is one of the numerous marketplaces out there who sell motorcycling gear. In fact, they have almost 1 million people on their online store each and every month. Talk about creating a movement!

Unlike many of the online stores, they didn’t start out this way. They were actually founded in 1974 in California and given the rise of the internet, have transitioned towards online sales.

Their humble beginnings evidently show up on their website. It’s clean and simple and appeals towards road-motorcyclists more than the MX crowd that we’re typical of serving.

And while they have their online presence, there is still physical stores around. In fact, there is close to 100 stores across North America if you don’t want to wait around for your gear to arrive with USPS.

What They Doing Well

Good old-fashioned values of customer service and honest pricing is one that they’re doing well. While that’s evident in the stores, you’ll also find that online too with excellent shipping rates which are often bulk discounted.

If you need help shopping parts for your particular motorcycle, then they certainly can help! Their team all ride motorcycles so they know more of the specifics involved.

What we really love is their adventure riding gear. As fellow adventure riders, we often find slim pickings in most stores but Cycle Gear has clearly put their best foot forward here. With popular brands in stock, you’ll almost always find what you’re looking for…and we look forward to seeing Frontaer on the shelves real soon.

One thing that we’d love to see them improve upon is their YouTube content. Unlike the bigger players such as RevZilla, Cycle Gear has very few subscribers and their content just isn’t as engaging. We do raise these points to be fair, given that we’re doing an unbiased Cycle Gear review here.

They are huge on sponsorships of local events including MX events for kids. This is excellent as it keeps the costs down for both the spectators and the participants, as well as the parents too.

Negative Reviews

Have you read the negative reviews of Cycle Gear? They often sound like “I got screwed around” and while some of those cases are true, they aren’t a true representation of how they actually operate.

You see – when companies like Cycle Gear give excellent service, it’s very rare that a customer will leave a 5-star review. On the flip side, when someone doesn’t have a good experience, they will run to tell the internet about this.

Therefore, the review ratings are skewed and aren’t a true representation of the company themselves. Remember that it’s a small percentage of people who have a bad experience while the rest are receiving the experience that they expected.

In Summary

In a world of eCommerce booming and online purchasing being very popular, it’s companies like Cycle Gear who are doing well with their physical stores and presence nationally. People recognize the brand and understand exactly what they do.

Instead of waiting days or even weeks to get your gear delivered, you can simply head into a store and indeed that’s what thousands of people do each week. While Cycle Gear hasn’t fully embraced the online selling channels, we’re glad to see a store still thriving in the offline space.

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