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Dennis Kirk Review: Are They Any Good?

Have you ever ordered from Dennis Kirk before? Or are you on the fence after reading negative reviews? Let’s shine some light.

In our unbiased evaluation, we’ll share our honest thoughts with you. Note that we have no commercial relationship with this store. Frontaer just wants to share the facts.

Dennis Kirk Review

There are numerous online motorcycle stores and distributors nowadays. It’s hard to know who’s the real deal. Fortunately, Dennis Kirk have been around for many years.

They stock a full range of motorcycling gear for all budgets, but at the same time – quality gear. You won’t find the cheap eBay or Amazon stuff here.

Their main focus is on the older demographic (hence why Harley gear is featured) but there is also offroad and on-road gear for the under 35 crowd. We audited their website and found thousands of products available through their store.

The parts department is huge too and they often stock parts that we can’t find elsewhere. In fact, many people from other countries including Australia, England and even South Africa do order from Dennis Kirk, often for the first time. When you’re looking for that rare part, it’s wise to search globally.

What They Doing Well

Unlike many motorcycle stores who try to be all things to all people, Dennis Kirk focuses on the premium demographic of riders who enjoy high-quality products. You can see that from their online content and routine blogs, as well as their product lineup.

In addition, we’ve found their customer service team to be extremely helpful. If you have questions or aren’t sure which product to choose, they’re very experienced and can point you in the right direction. This is because their staff all ride motorcycles.

Reputation is a prominent target for Dennis Kirk and so they really do go out of their way to be one of the best in the business of motorcycle parts and accessories. That said – it’s hard to please everyone in this space.

Dennis Kirk Negative Reviews

Have you read those negative reviews and bad experiences by irate customers? Some of them are genuine, while others leave you curious. “Was it really that bad?”

In most cases, such experiences were either mild or beyond the control of Dennis Kirk. We noticed a trend is that products went missing through one of the 3rd party carriers that they use. It’s an unfortunate situation but does happen often.

Now keep in mind that most people who have had a great experience will never actually leave a review online. Yet those who have a bad experience are quick to tell the world about the issue. The motorcycling community is quite harsh, unfortunately.

Our point here is to take both negative and positive reviews with a grain of salt and make up your own mind. After all, if they stock your desired product, then it’s likely that it will both arrive on time and be exactly what you needed.

In Summary

The motorcycle supply world is a tough business and the hardest part is customer satisfaction. Across the board, negative reviews run rampant and Dennis Kirk is no exception.

Yet this represents such a small segment of the market. Almost everyone else has a positive experience and if you feel comfortable ordering online, then Dennis Kirk gets our recommendation. If only they stocked Frontaer’s product lineup. 😉

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