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Riding a Dirt Bike in Residential Areas: Bad Idea?

Have you seen those crazy guys pulling wheelies with the front wheel up on residential streets with kids around? Crazy. There have been instances where crashes have happened and life-altering damage.

If you’re the type that things it’s OK to ride your dirt bike in public parks, playground areas and residential streets in an irresponsible manner, then pay close attention. Frontaer has some wise words:

The police are constantly cracking down in illegal dirt bike riding in residential streets. This hooligan behavior where young and unlicenced riders are riding dirt bikes aggressively can lead to accidents and injuries, or even death. Essentially, it’s a bad idea to ride your dirt bike on a street unless it’s registered and you’re riding legally with a licence and insurance.

We’re sure that many share the same opinion here. After all, we’re all for responsible riding ethics. If you want to have fun and let loose some steam from the day, then head out to somewhere remote.

Dirt Bikes on Residential Streets

Dirt bikes don’t really belong in the neighbourhoods where children reside. They belong out there exploring the wooded trails of the forests far away, on the many MX tracks this country has and the deserts where no one can really get hurt, apart from the rider themselves.

On the other hand, enduro and dual-sport motorcycles are more tame and more silent. The riders generally are on better behavior and will be respectful in these areas. Sure – they might not always stick to the speed limit, but they’re certainly more than capable of showing respect to other individuals within the community.

When you ride your dirt bike on a residential street, you’re merely asking for trouble especially if it’s a motocross bike. These are generally unregistered and you can only go offroad if it’s private property or you have an OHV sticker in Norht America.

The police love to chase guys down and they’re becoming even more sophisticated now. They might send police on dirt bikes themselves, or they might even track your cell phone now. There is a slim chance of running away because they know where you are and what you ride.

Responsible Riding

Clearly we’re fans of responsible dirt bike ownership here at Frontaer. We’d love to see everyone out there enjoying the sport and doing their part to improve the otherwise dimished view of dirt bike riders globally. It’s often the case where a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch.

If you are itching to go for a ride, simply call up your local MX club. They often have open days where you can ride until your right wrist simply can’t twist any more. You’ll be sore and battered but you won’t need to be looking over your shoulder….unless you tag some buddies along for a ride.

Through riding responsibly, we can work together to keep our riding tracks open for our next generation of riders. We need to lead by example so kids who start dirt bike riding see what’s expected of them. The last thing they should be doing is riding on a residential street.

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