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Why Are Dirt Bike Riders Often So Rude?

You wouldn’t be the first person who thinks that dirt bike riders are rude to the general public. Encountering these guys on the trail can be frustrating.

We should know – we’re a dirt bike brand. There are essentially two types of riders:

  1. Those that do the right thing. ✌️ They’re respectful, honest and a joy to be around. They’ll ride calmly past others including horse riders and cyclists, while not revving their motorcycle in the carpark or garage.
  2. Those that do the wrong thing. 😩 You’ll see these guys (or girls) popping wheelies down the street, being chased by police and yelling profanities. It’s these people that you (and indeed, us) have a real gripe with.

Maybe you recently came across the later in your travels. Today, let’s examine why they can be rude and what you can do about it.

Rude dirt bike riders

Most commonly, rude dirt bike riders often ride unregistered dirt bikes. These are typically 2-stroke which are very loud and annoying, leading often to phone calls to local authorities.

These riders have a real disdain for the police and give almost no respect to those who are doing the right thing. You’ll find them riding illegally on trails and certainly won’t be wearing their protective gear, apart from (if you’re lucky) a helmet and gloves.

Rude dirt bike riders

They are rude because they are outlaws. They believe they are above the system and such dirt bike riders often are between 18 and 30. It’s after this age that they begin to quieten down and relax, but will still have a real distain for those who are law-abiding citizens.

You could equate such riders to some bikie gangs, only this is the offroad variety. Think Mad Max. These riders aren’t trying to win friends yet simply show off their rage and anger.

It’s important that you don’t react with such anger to these riders given their aggression and behavior. Some of them have suffered greatly in their youth due to disorderly hourseholds and weren’t given the tools and resources to have a more fulfilling life.

Instead, allow them to move on as ignorance won’t make them spark up even further.

The honest riders

The general public shouldn’t paint all riders with the same brush. There are many dirt bike riders that do the right thing, as well as many adventure motorcycle riders too. This includes people young and old.

They’ll leave places as they find them. Signs are real and if dirt bikes are banned, they’ll respect this. You’ll also see these honest riders wearing their gear, paired with licences and registration.

When encountering dirt bike police, these types of riders won’t run because they know they aren’t doing anything wrong. They simply want to enjoy their sport and freedom, yet will work within the confines of the law.

Respect is a big thing for these types of riders and it’s certainly a two-way street. If you talk to them, they’ll respond in friendliness and be willing to hear your side of the equation.

It’s these honest riders that should be applauded as they are victims of the same brush. When riding spots are closed down by local authorities, it’s these riders who know that ‘the other side’ has spoiled it for everyone.

Such riders fight to keep tracks opened up. This includes motorcross tracks and local forests.

Final thoughts

The rude dirt bike riders are typically found on motorcross tracks, but such places is where you’ll also find riders who are genuinely friendly and helpful too. You can’t paint everyone here with the same brush either.

Generally speaking, it’s those who are attempting ‘party tricks’ in public parks, reserves and even children’s playgrounds that give everyone a bad name. Not all dirt bike riders are rude. In fact, it’s only a small minority which aren’t Frontaer’s customers.

Consider that many do the right thing and will give respect to those who are open and willing to have a chat.

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