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JP Cycles Review: Are They Any Good?

JP Cycles is a popular motorcycling store with mixed reviews online and some customer complaints, but are they really that bad?

In our unbiased review, we thought we’d share our opinion and why it’s not as bad as you may initially imagine.

Please note that we have no commercial relationship with this brand and simply sharing our thoughts. We don’t get paid for our reviews.

Let’s begin.

JP Cycles Review

In the rising wave of online sales, there are plenty of motorcycling stores which now do their business online. Some are hybrid models where they have an offline store mixed with an online platform. Either way – it’s great to research your store before you spend a single dollar with ’em.

By knowing the store, you’ll feel more confident to spend your dollars and you know where it goes. And it’s always clear when it’s true enthusiasts who ride motorcycles, instead of a Chinese sellers on Amazon selling gear that is merely duct-taped together on the spot.

With JP Cycles, they have been in the business of serving the needs of motorcyclists for many years now. All of their staff actually ride and they routinely audit their product line up to ensure they have the best gear in stock.

What They’re Doing Well

What we love is their YouTube content. Even if you don’t ride Harley Davidson motorcycles (or anything else that’s metric), you’ll find yourself learning a thing or two about these incredible machines.

In addition, they have a massive range of stock and generally keep things in stock when others won’t. Searching for that rare part? You’re probably more likely to find it on JP Cycles than most other places.

In addition, their customer service team seems to really know what they’re talking about and can point you in the right direction. They have both a phone team and chat team, or you can simply email in your questions and what you’re specifically searching for.

Negative Reviews

So you’ve searched online for negative reviews and critism regarding JP Cycles. Yep – we’ve done it too and see a common trend. Most companies have the same ratings which are surprisingly low.

Here’s the thing: Most people leave bad reviews when they have a bad experience. When they have a good experience, you won’t see them leave a review. Thus, you get a proportionaly bad ratio and not a true representation of the facts.

If more people who had good experiences shared it online, then you’d probably see their ratings closer to 4.8 stars…but nope. Thus, we couldn’t recommend you make a judgement based on customer experiences alone but their social media standings and longevity in the industry.

Essentially – if they have what you need, then you’ll probably receive it.

In Summary

JP Cycles is a good store but has been harmed by some negativity. This isn’t a true representation of their store though, with so many more people actually having a good experience.

While it’s good to do your research, realize that you’re very likely to get what you ordered from any motorcycle store. Their reviews are just one metric and not so important compared to their knowledge of the industry and shipping times.

Try an order and see how your experience goes. Likely it’ll be higher than average.

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