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Martin Michek – The Legendary Dakar Rider

Martin Michek is a European Champion in the enduro EMX open class and has recently started his career in Dakar.

That experience behind the handlebars in the motocross field has certainly paid off. He managed to finish the 2020 race in 23rd position which certainly isn’t to be scoffed at.

Being from Europe, not much is known about this seriously skilled compeititor. Frontaer has done some research to bring you the facts.

Let’s begin.

Martin Michek Overview

Martin started riding dirt bikes from the moment he was out of the diapers. With clearly a love for the sport, he developed his skills over many years and won numerous competitions as a teenager. From here, he was quickly into the professional enduro competitions.

For many years he competed across Europe in the closed-circuit racing scenes. It’s only recently that he’s had a change of pace…and a serious increase in his top speed too. He has set his sights on finding himself on the podium rankings at Dakar in this decade.

Certainly the experience on the race tracks will come in handy for the dessert sands.

The Reality of Dakar

Dakar is gruelling and the very fact that compeitors sign up for this is worth commending. While everyone else hides at home, only a few brave souls are able to finish the rally each year.

Some succumb to breakdowns or injuries, and Martin Michek is no stranger to injuries. He’s certainly broken a few body parts in his years of competitive enduro racing, but it’s been worth the struggle.

What we really look forward to seeing is this man continue on this journey. We’re sure he’s perfectly positioned to take a final podium position in this decade, or at the very least, a stage win. Armed with a KTM 450 Rally Replica, we definitely see some potential here, so watch this space.

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