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On Her Bike: How Kinga Traveled Around The World

Every wondered how Kinga from ‘On Her Bike’ is able to travel around the world? Does YouTube finance her journey? We’ve done a little digging.

The YouTube channel called On Her Bike is run by Kinga Tanajewska who is single. She started her journey from Australia after doing 19,000km around the country, and is now into Europe and the Middle East. She meets many other ADV riders along the way and has a cult-like following online.

While many men follow her channel (given her genuine skills and care-free nature), she’s also followed a lot by women. In fact, she’s inspiring many women to get out there and see the world behind the handlebars.

On Her Bike Income

Kinga earns most of her income through YouTube views, affiliate links on her channel, running ads on her website as well as the occasional brand sponsorship. For example, Lone Rider sent her a tent which Kinga uses.

On Her Bike

We estimate that she makes $1,000 to $2,500 per month through her channel. It isn’t much, but when you’re traveling the world, you don’t need much either when your main accommodation is a sleeping bag and a tent.

She also doesn’t have kids or a husband, nor a mortgage to pay off. This means that she isn’t bogged down with responsibilities that entrap many of us.

Building a Freedom Stream

We believe in building a freedom stream of income if you want to see the world. Just a few thousand per month is enough to see the world behind the handlebars.

ADV motorcycling happens to be one of the cheapest forms in which to see the world, provided you don’t spend up on expensive or fancy hotels. Keep it simple and as Kinga says, your money will stretch much further than you thought.

You don’t need to become a YouTuber to achieve such freedom. Simply utilizing the power of the internet and creating a website around the topic you love could help you get there.

Kinga Tanajewska Bike

Kinga rides a BMWF800GS Adventure and she has called it “Are We There Yet” as she isn’t quite sure where the finish line is. Her bike has been kitted up with adventure fairings, luggage racks as well as gear for global expeditions.

For many, this isn’t their 1st choice of ADV bike. Why? It’s heavy and expensive, yet it’s ideal if you’re riding 80% of the time on the blacktop.

She’s also chosen to use hard luggage and likely due to traveling through some potentially dangerous countries. Kinga thrives from this experience and while many tell her to be careful, we’re sure she has this figured out.

Most adventure riders choose soft luggage on their motorcycles to prevent damage to their frame and luggage accessories during the event of a crash. On Her Bike has crashed several times in her journey yet hasn’t suffered any major injuries or damages to her motorcycle.

Going forward

There is no better freedom than experiencing the world yourself on two wheels. Being inspired by such YouTubers and hearing their stories will bring you closer to experiencing the real thing.

It isn’t expensive to own such motorcycles or to experience such a journey. Stay safe and we’ll see you out there!

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