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Partzilla Review: Are They Any Good and Reliable?

Are you about to make a purchase from Partzilla but want to read an unbiased review first?

We’re going to share our opinion as a brand who has no commercial partnership. While Partzilla isn’t part of RevZilla, they are quite similar and serve the same audience.

But you’ll want to know if they’re safe to order from, so let’s begin.

Partzilla Review

Partzilla has been in the business of serving the motorcycling community for many years. Whilst others focus their attention on selling apparel, Partzilla is all about the parts. After all, not all of us have the finances to keep replacing our dirt bikes each and every year.

It’s not just about the 2-wheel community either. They also serve those in the ATV, jet ski and marine world very well. If you need a part, then it’s likely that’ll stock it…even for 15-year-old engines.

While Partzilla is based in the United States, they do have global distribution. This is why you may have landed on their store while being based in say, New Zealand. They certainly ship internationally with delivery times generally being less than 2 weeks.

Essentially, Partzilla is a good distributor though some people have negative experiences. There are complaints about sending the wrong part or shipping times were delayed, though these same issues happen with just about every online merchant these days.

This is why it’s important not to simply look at reviews of Partzilla but to understand:

  1. How long they have been in business
  2. How much content is on their YouTube channel
  3. The brands that they support with parts and accessories
  4. Realistic shipping times from their distribution centres

They’re simply not as quick as Amazon in some cases and when you want parts urgently, you may wish to choose express shipping and pay the premium rates.

What They Doing Well

What we see them doing very well is their content. For a parts store, there happens to be more than 70,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel which is surprising.

They’ll teach you how to rebuild engines in both English and Spanish, or do small jobs like oil changes and fitting new spark plugs. It’s quite engaging and helpful.

Every their ads are well produced:

The stock they range is impressive and parts are clearly labelled. In addition, they have robust warehouse fulfillment system to ensure parcels aren’t getting lost or put on the wrong truck.

Clearly this company is doing things very well.

What Could Improve

Have you found some negative reviews about Partzilla? It’s quite evident that people are unhappy with their service with customer complaints easily found online.

Unfortunately, it isn’t telling the whole story. You see – many people have positive experiences with Partzilla and actually don’t leave feedback online.

On the flip side, you have a small percentage of people who have a bad experience and run to the internet to tell their story. Perhaps it was a shipping delay, the wrong part sent or they got messed around. These things happen occasionally and things like missing freight and outside the responsibility of Partzilla.

Essentially, there is a skew in the data and ratings for this company. If more people relayed their experiences, then this company would be closer to 5 stars. So they could put more improvement into increasing these ratings.

In Summary

Partszilla has been around for years and stocks tens of thousands of parts for all types of motorcycle and marine engines. With global distribution, they serve millions of customers each and every year.

Are they the cheapest in town? Not always, but they have the widest range with very helpful staff who know their stuff. There aren’t too many others who have built such a good platform as Partzilla, and certainly one place we’ll continue to order from again and again.

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