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Rocky Mountain ATV MC Review: Are They Any Good?

Have you ever shopped at Rocky Mountain ATV and MC? If you haven’t, here’s our unbiased review of their online store.

Some people are concerned about their negative reviews and rightfully so – you’re spending your hard-earned money here, so you need to be careful online. We’re going to share our opinion and perspective.

Please note that we have no commercial relationship with the store and don’t get paid for online reviews.

Let’s begin.

Rocky Mountain ATV MC Review

If you’re a dirt bike rider like us, no doubt you’ve heard of Rocky Mountain before. They are one of the most popular brands in the business and stock just about everything there is in the offroad motorcycling world.

While they started out catering towards ATV riders, today they serve a lot more people in the offroad cycling world. Unlike RevZilla which is quite broad (and appeals towards street riders predominantly), Rocky Mountain really understands the needs and motivations of those off the beaten track.

It’s great that they have niched-down so they can better know riders. Some motorcycle stores try to be all things to all people.

What They’re Doing Well

The very best element of Rocky Mountain is their YouTube content. It’s real and thriving, and the comments can be quite comical to read.

In fact, some people head straight to the comments section to see any discussions about products. Sometimes the comments are more honest than the actual content that is being convered.

Clearly these guys put a lot of effort into their content production to help consumers make a better choice. They clearly know their product range and are expanding all the time.

What we truly love is their event sponsoring. It’s rare not to see them at any state or national events across the country and ensuring that competitor and spectator fees are kept low.

Rocky Mountain ATV MC Negative Reviews

Have you seen the extensive negative reviews online? It’s quite surprising, but when we better understand the nature of the end customer…then it makes perfect sense.

You see – in the online world people don’t have an emotional filter and can let loose when one single problem happens. On the flip side, they are very unlikely to leave a 5-star review even when the experience was very good.

Thus, people are more inclined to simply throw a 1-star review about a company online. You’ll actually find low average ratings for a range of competitors in this space too, so no one is really exempt.

Essentially, it’s very unlikely to keep everyone happy. Often these issues arise from delayed shipping and Rocky Mountain ATV and MC uses a range of 3rd party carriers who aren’t always reliable.

What Could Improve

In addition to improving their online ratings, we’d love to see more brutal honesty with their product reviews. They’re sometimes a little too generous on products that they sell which leads consumers to lose a little trust in the process.

Further – we’d love to see faster delivery times as Amazon generally ships out a little faster. That said – Amazon has a massive amount of fulfillment centres across the country and can get products out to customers very quickly.

In short – Rocky Mountain ATV and MC is still doing an excellent job and thousands of customers order from their online store daily. So take the negative reviews and customer complaints with a grain of salt.

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