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Stay Upright Review: Are They Any Good?

Stay Upright are one of Australia’s most well-known motorcycle training schools with centres across QLD, NSW, VIC and ACT.

The question is: Are they worth it?

We’re providing an unbiased review of Stay Upright so you guys can get some insights as to whether you should enroll into one of their motorcycle centres.

Let’s begin.

Stay Upright Review

When you’re learning to ride a motorcycle, you shouldn’t skimp on the training. This is serious stuff that’s designed to keep you alive. Additionally, you can’t expect to simply get your P’s and you’re done.

In our experience, learning to ride a motorcycle safely is a lifelong pursuit. You’ll often hear of people who have been riding for 10 years and they are still picking up tips and ideas that can keep them alive.

This is why Stay Upright offers a range of motorcycling courses that aren’t just designed to get your licence. As dirt bike and adventure riding enthusiasts, Frontaer became especially interested in their off-road riding skills day which turned out to be exactly what we were hoping for.

Instead of watching some ‘tips and advice’ from a YouTube channel, you’re in the trenches literally practising what the trainers preach. You’ll learn how to actually do effective cornering procedures, hill climbs and managing big ADV bikes offroad.

In addition, they offer tours which are super helpful if you’re new yet aren’t quite confident to go on a trip by yourself just yet. Or perhaps you don’t have any friends that share the same passion and enthusiasm towards seeing your state or the entire country on 2 wheels.

Things to Consider

Stay Upright isn’t the only motorcycle school in Australia, but they are the largest with HART coming in at a very close 2nd place. When you are choosing a motorcycle school, you should be considering some important factors.

These are:

  • How long have they been in the business of training?
  • Will they postpone things if the weather turns bad?
  • What do they provide in their lessons for protection?
  • Do they provide bikes if you don’t want to use your own?
  • Is there a location near home so you don’t have to travel far?

These things you should be considering instead of the price. In fact, the cost of the course is one of the least things you should worry about. Stay Upright’s pricing is a little higher than average but the bang-for-buck you get is a key reason why we went with them over their competitors.

They have an open area where you spend most of the time develping your skills. If it’s a dirt-orientated course, then you’ll be out in the scrub and learning skills first-hand.

In Summary

There are thousands of people who use Stay Upright every year yet so few actually leave a review, either good or bad. In our experience, they are one of the best places to learn or upskill your motorcycling skills in a controlled environment.

They welcome beginners as well as seasoned riders all the time. With almost 40 years now in the business of motorcycle training using a mindset-first approach to reducing accidents, and thus, saving lives.

Would we use them again? In a heartbeat.

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