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Zdenek Tuma – The Legendary Quad Rider

Zdenek Tuma is a legend on a quad bike, but many in the dirt bike community don’t know his name, or what he’s achieved.

Frontaer recently did the research to find out more about the life of this epic ATV competitor. Let’s begin.

Zdenek Tuma Overview

Zdenek is from the Czech Republic and has raced 3 times in the Dakar Rally on his quad bike. He raced in 2017, 2018 and 2020, skipping the 2019 race.

He is the only Czech rider to be associated with the Barth Racing Team. They missed the Rally in 2019 unfortunately and are trying to make a good comeback.

Zdenek only started racing quad bikes a little over 10 years ago. He didn’t grow up riding on 4 wheels but soon enough, in his adult life, became quite popular in his home country due to a series of finishes and podium wins.

Racing the Dakar

We’re looking at one of the oldest motorcycle racers in the Dakar Rally. Most competitors are in their mid 30’s yet there are some in their 20’s too, including the 2020 winner Ricky Brabec.

What has brought him to the Dakar is his serious of wins in the Czech endurance races, as well as several others in greater Europe and the Middle East. The Ruareg Rallye in Algeria is one such example.

While he’s never finished in the top 10 before, we can see the future years being very promising for this enthusiastic and experienced rider.

Inspiring a Generation

Zdenek has effective inspired a generation of riders to get out beyond the depths of YouTube and into actually riding their dirt bike competitively. The has become softer in recent years, and it’s great to see a leading role model inspiring a generation.

For us, we do look forward to seeing Zdenek at least hit a top 10 finish on the leaderboard in this decade. He’s not the oldest rider out there…that’s for sure!

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