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9 Best West Virginia Dirt Bike Trails To Explore Now (2023)

There are some great dirt bike riding trails around West Virginia with some being close to Charlestown, Morgantown and Huntington.

The best part is that you have the Hatfield McCoy Trails. This is the best place to head if you want to explore for days on end. This spot is popular for adventures by dual-sport riders as much as the enduro riding crew.

Best West Virginia Dirt Bike Tracks

We created this guide to avoid the typical MX clubs and motocross tracks. Sure – it’s fun to go around and around on a circuit, but we wanted to really explore the entire state.

Best West Virginia Dirt Bike Tracks

Therefore, these are Virginia’s best dirt bike trails:

1. Buffalo Mountain Dirt Bike Trails

Buffalo is pretty epic and this deep forest offers so many ways to go. The single track is heaven for dirt bike riders and the lush grenery just keeps inspiring you go to around the next bend. This region, part of the Hatfield McCoy System, draws riders from across the country and gets the tick of approval from Frontaer.

Hatfield McCoy Trails Dirt Bike Rider Crash

2. Burning Rock Offroad Park

Not to be confused with Burning Man, this offfroad region has more than 10,000 acres of fnatastic forests to explore. This is a privately operated riding park that’s ideal for beginners and families, especially as there is a PeeWee track. There is a campground and you don’t need a permit, registration or licence to ride here.

3. Hatfield McCoy Trails

Ultimately, every dirt bike rider talks about the Hatfield McCoy trails. If you’re out of state, then this trail system is more than 1,000 miles of trails which are interconnecting and it takes several days to see the entire lot.

4. Little Coal River ATV Trails

Little Coal River is a great spot that is now privately owned. It gets quite muddy here after rain so try to time your trip appropiately.

5. King Knob Motorsports Park

If you’ve explored all of Hatfield McCoy, then have a crack at King Knob. There are more than 1,000 acres of trails and rocky outcrops to let your front tyre lead. It’s a bit rugged out here and the place isn’t open every weekend so it’s best to call prior.

6. Indian Ridge ATV Trails

Indian Ridge is one of the smallest trails within the Hatfield McCoy Trial System but it’s certainly worth exploring especially if you’re already camping for a few days. Might riders camp overnight at Ashland Resort which offers direct trail access.

7. Rockhouse Trail System

You’ll need all day to see the Rockhouse Trail System. There are more than 100 miles of trails with challenging single track and open areas which are well marked. Popular with UTV’s and ATV’s as much as the dirt biking community of Virginia. Gets busy on weekends and this is apart of Hatfield McCoy.

8. Pocahontas Trail System

The Pocahontas Trail System only opened recently and the area hasn’t really been torn up just yet. The stating area has a lot of space and you’ll need to buy a permit before arriving. This can be done online or at the Bramwell City Hall. Pocahontas Trail System is ideal for beginners.

9. Pinnacle Creek Trails

Pinnacle Creek has 80 miles of trails with 5 interconnecting loops and this ties in with Indian Ridge. There are heaps of creek crossings and this is apart of the Hatfield McCoy Trail System.

Getting Started

It’s time to load up the dirt bike and head out there! Round some buddies up or find some new friends in the West Virginia Dual-Sport Riders Group. This crew is quite active and you’ll find some others to tag along with on camping adventures when everyone else is at work.

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