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Are Dirt Bikes Hard To Ride? (Genuine Question)

Have you been researching the nature of dirt bikes and whether they’re friendly to beginners? Well, we’ve got some good news for you.

It’s not hard to ride a dirt bike and it’s similar in many ways to riding a bicycle, except that you have power available at your handlebars. Someone who has never ridden a dirt bike before can pick up the skills in 2 to 3 rides including clutch control, acceleration, braking and effective cornering.

There are plenty of guides online that help people go from complete beginner to expert in no time, including children. There are even motorcycling schools that specifically teach people how to ride a dirt bike for the first time.

Dirt Bikes Are Easy

What you’ve essentially got is a bicycle with an engine below you. The steering and balancing work the same way but your top speed and the overall weight are a lot more, which adds some safety considerations and risks to the equation.

The additions are a clutch level which replaces one of the brakes (it’s now above the right foot) and the addition of a gear stick which is activated with the left foot. The right throttle is twisted which accelerates you forward pretty easily.

Some older dirt bikes might have a choke but these are becoming quite uncommon. These days, dirt bikes have become uber-modern and just about anyone can ride one, and if you’re riding on private property, you won’t even need a licence!

Essentially, it’s a myth that dirt bikes are hard to ride. Anyone who says so clearly hasn’t ridden a dirt bike in their life, or if they have, probably gave up in the first 3 minutes. The hardest part is clutch control and that’s pretty for most people to master after a few rides with some helpful friends.

Starting as a Beginner

If you’re worried about being out there and not knowing what to do, then our recommendation is to go along on a private tour. Simply get a few of your friends together and book a private tour on a relatively easy trail. Let the tour operator know that this is your first time riding a dirt bike and it’s really an orientation session for you.

Likewise, you might want to start looking at YouTube videoes. There are plenty of these around that help complete beginners like you understand the very nature of dirt bike control. You’ll soon realize that it isn’t as hard as you make it out to be in your mind.

You could also buy a cheap dirt bike and get an understanding about how they work. You can generally buy a good yet used one for about $2,500 which you can take on private property and simply ride around for a while when no one is looking. This is not just easy but fun and where you’ll get a hang of things.

Just remember to wear your protective gear when starting out because you will definitely have a crash at some stage. And you know what? Most crashes actually happen at low speeds. Once you’re up to speed, it becomes far easier to balance just like a bicycle, but your body position will be a little different.

In Summary

While many people today who ride dirt bikes confidently started out as kids riding every weekend with their parents, don’t let that stop you from entering this sport. We welcome people all the time and there’s so much fun to be had!

Just get yourself some good protective gear and take it super easy. Find a quiet spot to get started and realize that it’s much like riding a bicycle, except you don’t have to pedal anymore.

There is more weight and width due to the engine and fuel tank, but the smile on the face is greater! Catch you out there.

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