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5 Best Adventure Motorcycle Events and Expos (2023)

Adventure motorcycle events actually happen around the western world which are put on by individuals and companies alike.

These events and expos bring the entire 2-wheel community together to bask in the experience and freedom that the open road brings. While we prefer to keep to ourselves (hence why we ride motorcycles, right?) there are times when we really desire to connect with others to share the same enthusiasm and passion.

In this guide, we’re showing you some epic adventure motorcycling expos and events you should get to, even if you haven’t yet found the right motorcycle.

Let’s begin.

1. Touratech Rally

If you haven’t yet been to a Touratech Rally, then you should! They actually hold these at a few places around the world over several days of camping, cruising and conferences. While it may seem a little corporate, it isn’t as the team at Touratech simply want to share the love of riding without naming their products. As they sponsor these events, they keep the ticket prices low for all attendees and there is a lot of work that goes into planning and executing events like this.

2. Horizons Unlimited Travellers Meeting

Horizons Unlimited, the very forum that has been connecting adventure motorcycle riders for 3 decades now runs their own motorcycling meetups around North America and Canada. These are put on by actual members so don’t expect to see branding and sponsors which is refreshing to the soul. It’s very much a friendly and relaxed atmosphere with a grassroots feel to the whole event. Going to this event is like coming home.

3. AMA National Adventure Riding Series

AMA runs their own adventure motorcycling serious which is very popular with those who like to wear orange or red. This is because some years it’s sponsored by KTM and on other years it’s sponsored by Honda. You’ll find several events across North America which are fun and a little bit competitive at the same time! You’ll find them running these events once or twice a month, so don’t worry if you miss one! There is likely to be an event near you quite soon.

4. ADVRider Rally

While ADVRider doesn’t run their own rally (they are merely an epic forum of keen adventure riders), you’ll find plenty of regular rally information held in their international forums. Now the forum may look a little empty but just remember that events are removed after they have been completed yet at any given time, there are around 12 to 15 rallies coming up.

5. BMW GS Safari

Those in the BMW camp don’t get excluded! In fact, BMW runs their own event called the GS Safari down in Australia each year. This is generally in either New South Wales or Victoria where there is stunning scenery and excellent weather. This is both a social ride and off-road training event rolled into one package and is designed to help riders formulate new skills and new friendships too.

Trade Shows

If riding isn’t your thing and you simply want to check out some of the newest merch that’s on the planet, then there are some excellent trade shows and events worth checking out.

You’ll often for adventure motorcycling gear and vendors at:

  • AIMExpo – America’s Powersports Tradeshow
  • Touratech Travel Expo
  • Troy Bayliss Moto Expo
  • Australian Motorcycle Expo
  • EICMA – The Biggest Motorcycle Show in the world
  • Eurobike

Getting Started

Going on an organized event is a great way to meet other riders who share your same love for getting off the beaten track. Sometimes your luggage can be carted by the event organizers to the next destination so you can simply focus on riding.

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