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5 Best Dirt Bike Trails near Winnipeg Worth Riding (2023)

While there are numerous dirt bike clubs and tracks in Manitoba, we wanted to create a list of legal forest trails near Winnipeg.

After all, Frontaer loves to explore just as much as you. The feeling of revving through the forest and getting through those gnarly sections is what gets us going in the morning.

Best Dirt Bike Trails in Manitoba

We’ve done the research and have asked fellow riders in the state, as well as consulted the Provide of Manitoba as to where others are riding. We wanted places where you can legally explore without needing to look over your shoulder.

Our best tip is to get inside the Manitoba Dirt Riders (MDR) group on Facebook. They regularly run group rides through the entire province.

These are Manitoba’s best dirt bike trails:

1. Little Big Foot Trail (Woodridge Provincial Park)

Little Bit Foot Trail within Woodridge Provincial Park is an epic spot and it’s looked after by the Sandhogs. This is a non-for-profit organization that looks after this track and keeps it open for all types of riders.


You can also hook in with the Eastman trail which is about 4km long and is best for ATV riders. Both trails are two-way and you need to be mindful on blind corners and potential logging operations. Otherwise, this is a haven for dirt bike riders of Manitoba.

2. Eastman ATV Trail (Sandilands Provincial Forrest)

The closest dirt bike track to Winnipeg is Eastman ATV Trail and it becomes quite popular on weekends. Thousands of hours of planning (and cutting through government regulations) went into the creation of this trail.

Editor’s Note: Frontaer is still waiting on confirmation as to whether dirt bikes can ride at Eastman.


With 56 kilometres to explore and completely away from 4×4’s, you’ll be able to cover this all in a few hours. It’s not far from Zonda if you want to do some runs on the closed-circuit track on the same day.

3. North Star Trail (Belair Provincial Forrest)

North Star is a great spot to let loose on almost 500km of epic forest trails. This spot is very popular with dual-sport adventure riders given the epic scenery. We recommend starting at Steed at Manitoba (Highway 304 intersection) and there is a good staging area.

The trails are more sandy here which means you can ride them immediately after rain with the occasional bog hole. Just keep in mind that you may be on private property in some of these aras though it is well signed.

4. Sandilands

The Sandilands Provincial Forest is a pretty big area and it’s past the Eastman ATV Trails. We’re only looking at 75 minutes out of the city and you’ll find yourself in some stunning wilderness that’s just beginning to be explored.

You’ll find a mixture of double and single track here with regular trail users. The spot becomes increasingly busy especially on weekends. Even if has rained on Thursday/Friday, you’ll still find riders out here given the sand doesn’t hold the water unlike the other muddy spots around the province.

5. Grunthal MX

Grunthall is an epic spot and even if you’re not into the racing scene, you’ll still love it here. This track holds regular MMA events and has won awards for its design. The starting gate itself holds 42 riders so you know you’re definitely in pro territory!

This is the type of spot where you’ll have just as much fun spectating as you will heading out there on two wheels. If you’ve been riding a while, then heading here to hone in on your skills will be quite the reward.

Getting Started

There we have it! Some great riding in the area and an established dual-sport and ADV community too if you’re looking at week-long adventures. Just keep in mind that some of these spots could be closed due to seasonal weather or major events, so it’s best to call up before you haul out!

There are also tours and beginner training workshops if you’re new to riding and aren’t yet ready for a dirt bike of your own. Likewise, consider some of the electric models coming out on the market which are lighter and less aggressive. Plus – better chances of these riding spots staying open because there aint no noise!

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