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7 Best Adelaide Dirt Bike Shops Who We Trust (2023)

Looking for a dirt bike shop in Adelaide? We’ve got you covered as we researched and found the best dealers to buy a new or used offroad motorcycle.

By the way, did you know that there are also some great places to ride your dirt bike in Adelaide? We’ve written this helpful guide:

How is that for being helpful? It’s our spirit here at Frontaer.

Best Adelaide Dirt Bike Shops

In creating this helpful guide, we looked at online reviews and customer experiences plus established social media followings.

Best Adelaide Dirt Bike Shops

Creating this wasn’t easy but with this, we hope that you can find the right dealer to buy your new dirt bike from without much of a fuss.

We believe Adelaide’s best dirt bike shops are:

1. Peter Stevens Adelaide

It goes without saying that the most popular and clear the best dirt bike shop anywhere in Adelaide goes to Peter Stevens. They have 400+ online reviews though they only average 4-stars.

Peter Stevens - The best adelaide dirt bike shop

This is a national chain with large dealerships in most cities and therefore have the buying power to cut you a great deal. You’ll find ATVs, jet skis and of course our favourite – seriously powerful dirt bikes! From KTM, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki and Yamaha. Yep – all 5 are here!

2. Moto Adelaide

The runner-up on our list is Moto Adelaide who we believe offers seriously good value for the dirt bike riders around the city. Their reputation is actually slightly higher than Peter Stevens though they have less parts on offer.

Moto Adelaide

Their staff are super friendly and there are a lot of parking on the premises. If you have a trailer and need to cart your dirt bike home then this will be no problem at all. Look out on their social media pages for regular specials and stock clearances.

3. SA Motorcycles

In 3rd place on our list is SA Motorcycles in Gepps Cross. For those who live north of the city (where the best riding is) then they typically head here instead of making the 30 minute drive past the city and into the southern stores.

SA Motorcycles

SA Motorcycles has been serving those who live in the northern suburbs for many years. Their established social media following and vast product line just makes you want to hang out all day in the dealership.

4. DA Motorcycles

DA Motorcycles is a fantastic family-run store and stocks kids motorcycles and gear, as well as plenty for us adults as well. Then run very strong ethics and have a seriously high review-rating online that we’ve verified.

DA Motorcycles

They are certainly a decent drive out of the city but many dirt bike riders stop in here on their way out of the city for a weekend adventure. Whether that’s just spare chain lube or engine oil, or even a full rebuild, it’s all available here.

5. Yamaha World

Love the blue machines? Then you’ll need to get yourself to Yamaha World in Melrose Park. This place is purely designed for the kid-in-a-candy-store experience with everything being blue. Perfect for the Yamaha fanatic!

Yamaha World - Best dirt bike store Adelaide for Yamaha motorcycles

Dirt bikes are certainly found here as are adventure bikes, road bikes and jet skis. You’ll also be checking out the ATVs, quad bikes and 4-wheel side-by-side farm buggies as well. This is the ultimate place for the Yamaha fanatic.

6. Coast Powersports

Yep – another Yamaha store on our list! Once you’re done looking at what Melrose Park has to offer, drive another 20 minutes south of Adelaide and get yourself to Coast Yamaha in Morphett Vale.

This is a great store though it is smaller than Melrose Park for the Yamaha range as they also stock Kawasaki and KTM. Often both stores talk to each other so if you live closer to one, they can get you the parts or gear that you need without having to drive to the other.

7. Kessner Motorcycles

The last on our list is actually one of our favourite stores. Get yourself into Kessner Motorcycles in Klemzig (literally 5 minutes out of the city) for a great experience. They stock KTMs which is our favourite brand here at Frontaer.

Kessner Motorcycles best dirt bike shop Adelaide for KTM

They aren’t as established as others on this list but their staff are super friendly and have 30+ years experience combined. They also have kids dirt bikes in stock and ready for family adventures up in the Riverland.

Getting started

We hope this list of Adelaide dirt bike shops has you ready to reach for the car keys! Have you visited any of these stores before? Would you like to see Frontaer’s products in any of these stores? We know we would!

Let us know in the comments below and happy riding!

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