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9 Best Adventure Motorcycle Books To Live The Dream (2023)

Dreaming of exploring faraway places on your adventure motorcycle? You’re not alone.

We’ve rounded up some of the best books and stories from behind the handlebars. Be warned – you might just want to give it all up and heading out there after reading any one of these excellent titles!

1. 10 years on 2 wheels

One of the best adventure motorcycle books is 10 years on 2 wheels. It’s a small 200-page book full of beautiful glossy pictures and nine maps. It was recently revised to incorporate journeys through Siberia, China, and Mongolia.

Photographer Helge Pederson has included many of his best travel-related shots.

Helge Pederson talks about the philosophy he conjured during 250,000 miles on his motorcycle across 77 countries. His 10-year-long journey drew from his desire to explore and journey the world. 

His wanderlust first sprouted when he was an exchange student and grew curious about the other exchange students’ homes and cultures. 

2. Tracking Marco Polo

In this exciting motorcycle adventure, author Tim Severin retraces the path of Marco Polo en route to China. Severin, along with three friends, retraced Marco Polo’s famous route in two donated BSA 650s with sidecars.

Their adventure became known as the Marco Polo Route Project. A cameraman even journeyed with them to document their story.

Tim Severin is an outstanding storyteller, so it may be hard to put this book down!

3. One Man Caravan

One Man Caravan covers Robert Edison’s story that regarded him as the first round-the-world solo motorcyclist adventurer. In 1932 Robert Edison embarked on his journey and traveled the lands of the colonial Middle East, London, Syria, and many more.

Times have vastly changed since his journey began, and our world is far different than what he experienced during his adventure. Robert crossed paths with Nazi Germany and many countries that no longer exist in our modern world.

He speaks of his experience in Japan in 1937 and the neighborhood motorcycle riders. They celebrated the friendship between the US and Japan and welcomed him with open arms.

4. Jupiter’s Travels

In this entertaining autobiography, Ted Simon retells his travels worldwide on his motorcycle. 

In the early ’70s, Simon became bored of his journalism life and sought the thrill of the road. Even though he didn’t have a motorcycle license (and failed his first attempt), Simon stuck with his dream of driving around the world on a motorcycle.

Using his journalism ties, Simon got a British newspaper to sponsor his trip and persuaded Triumph to give him a 500ccT100. 

This book recounts his wild journey, making it one of the most entertaining motorcycle adventure books.  

5. Way to Go

Geoff Hill released his first travel book encompassing two fantastic motorcycle journeys on a Harley Davidson. The first was from Belfast to Delhi, and the second was from Chicago to Los Angeles. 

One of the best adventure motorcycle books, this one is rich with funny remarks and well-crafted one-liners. The book also dives a bit into the complexities of different cultures in a light-hearted way. 

His eccentric outlook on life and sense of humor combine uniquely in the book to discuss topics from adventure to insights into different cultures.

6. Uneasy Rider

While his life was going downhill, Mike Carter decided to shake things up by embarking on a six-month-long journey with a motorcycle. Mike Carter was a cautious journalist and began planning this journey during a drunken night. 

The start appeared foolish, as he had an 18-month ban from driving under the influence. After adjusting his mortgage, Mike Carter begins his journey that forever changed his life.

With no destination, Mike traveled a total of 20,000 miles and has seen numerous corners of Europe. 

He explored the Mediterranean coast, the Iraqi border, and the Portuguese Atlantic.

Mike’s haphazard journey helped him heal from his divorce and rediscover himself.

The book is full of self-deprecating humor that is bound to get a laugh. 

7. Two Fingers on the Jugular: A Motorcycle Journey Across Russia

Lawrence Bransby sets off on a journey alone only with an old DR350. The treacherous expedition spans the lawless lands with real threats and regions with a high death count.

He has traveled in these areas alone in the remote regions of the Russian far east, the infamous road of bones. Where others chose to go in large numbers and fancy motorcycles, Lawrence undertook his adventure alone with an old motorcycle.

The book covers all his encounters as he travels 20,000 miles in just three months, with enough description to make you feel as if you were alongside him.

8. Long Way Round

Another best adventure motorcycle book is Long Way Round. Two famous friends, Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman discuss their journey through Europe, spanning Russia, Ukraine, and Mongolia. 

Their book contains random encounters, such as being chased by paparazzi in Kazakhstan or offered odd dishes by Mongolian nomads.

9. Lois on the Loose

Lois Pryce was an upcoming star on the BBC, but she had another side unknown to her co-workers. She was an avid motorcyclist with an unquenchable desire to explore and travel.

Driven by her urge for adventure, Lois Pryce traveled to the edges of Alaska and South America. She accumulated more than 20,000 miles through her mesmerizing journey.

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