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8 Best Dirt Bike Tie Down Straps and Systems (2023)

Need to strap down your dirt bike on your trailer, in your van or on your rear rack? We’ve got you covered.

Typical ratchet straps for load carrying aren’t ideal. Instead – you should opt for purpose-built tie down straps that can handle the shifting load of a dirt bike. Remember – that long suspension causes some movement!

Here are the best options for 2022:

1. JCHL Soft Loop Tie Down Straps

JCHL offers the best dirt bike tie down straps because of their simplicity. These bright blue, orange or yellow loops come in an eight-pack, so you have more than enough for your bike. 

Each end of the strap has a loop so you can twist it around your handlebars and pull it back through for maximum hold. The straps can keep up to 1,800 pounds in place.

Since there are no hooks, you don’t have to worry about scratching your finish. Even if you use an additional strap that has a hook, it’ll go through the loop instead of directly on your bike.


  • Bright colors ensure you can always find them
  • No hooks to scratch your bike’s finish


  • Don’t feel sturdy enough for heavy loads

2. FineGood Soft Loop Tie Down Straps

FineGood’s straps can handle over 1,500 pounds, so your dirty bike will stay in place during transport. Since they’re soft straps, you don’t have to worry about them scratching your bike.

The loops pull through each other to create a slipknot and hold your gear in place. They’re 11.6 inches long, so you might loop several together to restrain your bike.


  • No hooks are necessary so that you won’t scratch the bike
  • Get ten straps at an affordable price


  • Straps are a thin material

3. Progrip Powersports Soft Loop Tie Down Straps

The Progrip straps are a step above the basic soft straps reviewed above. They’re 5.5 feet long so you can adjust them to the exact length necessary for your bike and vehicle.

The button on the strap should provide an easy release, but it can stick and make it tough to unload your bike. However, that can be a good thing since it ensures complete restraint.


  • Include sturdy hooks for more secure transport
  • Comes in a variety of colors


  • Difficult to release

4. Aerofast Ratchet Tie Down Straps

The Aerofast straps are a heavy-duty option that makes it easy to load and unload your dirt bike quickly. The thick webbing can restrain up to 3,000 pounds.

Your hand fits perfectly on the rubber handle, so you can quickly shorten the strap for a snug fit. Though expensive, the straps are sure to keep your bike in place, even on the rockiest terrain.


  • Rubber handle makes it easy to adjust the length
  • Swivel carabiner prevents the strap from twisting


  • Expensive option for only two straps

5. Extreme Max Utility Tie-Down Strap

Extreme Max offers straps in different widths. The one-inch straps can handle 1,00 pounds, the 1.25-inch straps hold 1,300 pounds, and the 1.5-inch option takes 2,000 pounds.

You get a pair of straps per order. The orange section wraps around the handlebars and hooks back to the black. Attach the bottom clip to your vehicle and ratchet it to the ideal length.


  • Come in three different strap widths
  • Include a two-year warranty


  • Ratchet is clunky and hard to use

6. Thenewallhere Heavy Duty Ratchet Tie Down Straps

The strap set from Thenewallhere offers everything you need to rig your dirt bike for transport. You can make the straps as short as one foot or as long as 15 feet.

You get four straps, four ratchet ends, and eight hooks. With these pieces, you can customize your setup. The one-inch wide straps are just enough to hold your bike without twisting.


  • Option to use the hooks or just soft straps
  • Straps have durable webbing


  • Can be difficult to thread the straps into the ratchet

7. RHINO USA Ratchet Tie Down Straps

RHINO USA’s set of tie down straps gives you endless options for securing your bike. You can set the four ratchet straps as one foot or 15 feet long.

The soft loops have the same length, so you can mix and match straps for the best fit. They come with a storage bag so you can keep them within easy reach.


  • Come in six different colors
  • Includes a water-resistant bag for storage


  • Colored straps leech dye over time

8. P1Tools Dirt Bike Tie Down Strap Rings

Once you choose the best dirt bike tie down straps, you still want to protect your bike. The P1Tools rings are black stainless steel so that they won’t stand out from your bike’s design.

Strap rings keep the metal hooks from scratching your handlebars and chrome finish. Each ring has a protective coating to prevent scratches on your car or truck’s finish.

Connect the rings to your bike’s bolts, and you’ll have specific holes for threading your strap hooks. The rings are so light that you don’t have to worry about reducing your bike’s speed.


  • Sturdy stainless steel won’t bend
  • Only takes a few minutes to install


  • Can cut through rubber coating on rings

Buyers Guide

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, tie down straps aren’t all the same. We generally wouldn’t recommend an ordinary tie down strap used for trucking or load carrying to be used for dirt bikes.

Likewise, your dirt bike straps shouldn’t be used for other purposes. This is because they can stretch over time or might be damaged. They could spoil your weekend plans if you’re not careful!

Above all else, aim to spend up for quality straps. After all, the difference between $25 and $45 isn’t much when you’re protecting your dirt bike which is worth many times that!

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