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5 Best Dirt Bike Tracks near the Gold Coast To Ride (2023)

Finding a good riding spot on the Gold Coast for your dirt bike can be a challenge. Luckily, we did the research to find you 5 great spots to ride.

Despite all the sun, surf and sand, sometimes we just want to twist the throttle in the hinterland and have some fun on our trail bikes. But where?

Gold Coast city council rangers are out in full force to stop dirt bike riders having any sort of fun. Even legally registered dirt bikes can’t enter state forests and national parks, apart from publicly accessible dirt roads which are seldom found.

As it turns out, you’re going to need a dirt bike trailer to get just about anywhere. And yes, that means going down the coast or heading out west.

Riding a Dirt Bike on the Gold Coast

We’re going to show you where you can legally ride your dirt bike. However, let’s start off with the places you simply CAN’T ride:

  • Nerang State Forest. Pretty much every day the Rangers check this area for illegal activity and given there are many houses nearby, any noise complaints are responded to immediately. There are also heaps of mountain bikes that frequent here.
  • Coomera area. Years ago this was open swampland. Today there are houses galore and you will be quickly reported to the police. Not worth it!
  • Pacific Pines. Sounds tempting but there is limited space and you’re probably going to cop a ticket pretty soon.
  • Black Duck Valley Moto Park. This place got closed down and unfortunately hasn’t reopened due to council red tape and noise complaints from local residents.
  • Ripley Adventure Park. This MX track has since closed down too.
  • Stradbroke and Moreton Islands. You can’t take a motorcycle of any type here (yes, even if it’s registered) unless you actually live on the island. They did this to ban dirt bikes and hooligan behaviour.

No wonder everyone wants a place to ride their dirt bike on the Gold Coast! All the good local riding spots are now gone and have effectively made way for housing developments.

With that in mind, here are the 5 best places to ride a dirt or trail bike in or near the Gold Coast:

1. Mike Hatcher Race Track

Located in Arundel, the Mike Hatcher Race Track is an awesome place to ride your dirt bike. You can bring unregistered MX bikes here as well as registered enduro bikes.

This place is a family-friendly affair. They help kids develop their dirt bike skills in an enclosed environment while also letting adults of the Gold Coast let loose.

Quad bikes are welcome here as are all unregistered dirt bikes. Most riders here started at the BMX club in Ashmore before moving on to the petrol-driven varieties.

With a lease ending in 2025, the future of this club doesn’t look certain. Let’s hope the greenies don’t get their way and we can all continue this sport, as can our kids.

2. Gold Coast Motocross Club Yatala

Another motocross club worth checking out is Yatala’s motocross club. This is more than just an MX track as there are enduro tracks and tight technical sections.

Gold Coast Motocross Club Yatala

The tracks here are well maintained and you’re able to hire out the entire complex for your group during the week. Bookings recommended in advance and we advise that you phone ahead.

3. Queensland Moto Park

For the ultimate adventure, you’ve gotta head out west! The Queensland Moto Park is the place where the Gold Coast and Brisbane people head out to every weekend. There literally is something for everyone here.

Kids are more than welcome here, as are quad bikes, dune buggies and unregistered MX bikes. They have a cafe on-site as well as camping and shower facilities so you can go home clean as a whistle.

Located on 1800+ acres, there is literally something for everyone. Even trails, peewee and junior MX! Check out the Moto Park map here:

For the parents, the school holiday coaching camps run every 3 months will help your child develop MX skills for the future. There are very few places that offer this coaching to young dirt bike riders wanting to improve their skills and become professional dirt bike riders in the future.

To get discount pricing at Queensland Moto Park, get yourself an MA membership in advance. This will pay for itself in the long run.

4. Toowoomba

As we say, the best tracks are out west! Toowoomba is 2 hours from the Gold Coast and has great enduro and technical tracks for the experienced rider.

You’ll need to make it a weekend adventure as this is really on the limits for a day trip. Still, the stunning scenery is worth it.

Deongwar State Forest is one good recommended spot as is Lockyer National Park for registered dirt bikes. We’re working on a big guide for this region so stay tuned!

5. Sunshine Coast

If you truly one some great tracks to explore, then the Sunshine Coast is what you’re looking for! There are literally so many here.

In fact, we’ve written a complete guide to dirt bike riding on the Sunshine Coast for those ready to test their skills and twist that throttle.

Getting up to the Sunshine Coast from the Gold Coast is quite the trip. It’s 2.5 hours return approximately, however, it’s 200% worth the drive up north. Try and avoid the crowds on weekends and on school holidays.

Getting started

Now that you have 5 good areas to ride your dirt bike, it’s time to make a start. We’d recommend getting a registered dirt bike. The Yamaha WR250R is one good example of an MX-inspired bike paired with mirrors and a numberplate. Most riders take off the mirrors when riding on trails and tracks with the police not minding at all.

Place nameOrientationFreeTerrain
Mike Hatcher Race TrackDirt bike racewayNoFlat
Gold Coast Motocross Club YatalaMX trackNoMostly flat
Queensland Moto ParkMixedNoEverything
ToowoombaCrown landYesOpen grasslands
Sunshine CoastCrown landYesMountain terrain

Joining a general riding club is often the best idea. These clubs get access to private properties and are fully covered by insurance. The sort of properties that you wouldn’t be otherwise able to ride due to liabilities and red tape. Often the best alternative to MX clubs is a riding club as you don’t need to do any racing.

As with any place, be respectful. Clean up after yourself, look out for other trail users and don’t venture off formed tracks. Let’s keep these riding spots for all riders across the Gold Coast for generations to come!

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