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9 Best Dirt Bike Air Filters That Are Easy To Clean (2023)

Your dirt bike engine needs a quality air filter to keep breathing and prolong its life. But what do you choose? That’s where Frontaer has done the research for you.

Whether you’re an MX rider or weekend trail enthusiast, here are the best air filters for dirt bikes:

1. Maxima Dual Stage Foam Air Filter

This dual-stage foam filter is optimized for professional racing.

These pre-oiled filters are meant for convenience while maximizing air filtration. These filters are compatible with most makes and models with a turbocharger.

The sintered metal cores within these filters offer exceptional durability even under extreme conditions. Two foam layers make up the filtering system. 

The outer layer blocks out all large dust particles, and 2nd layer underneath ensures that finer dust particles don’t seep through.  

High pressures and temperatures are when these filters peak in performance. 

2. K&N Replacement Air Filter 

K&N filters are designed for high-flow and custom-fitted to specific applications. They are pre-oiled, washable, and reusable.

The best dirt bike air filters enhance engine performance. This one features a panel shape with cotton gauze material with an intake filter and exhaust raptor. This exhaust reduces pollution while increasing engine power. 

Installation only requires a screwdriver and takes roughly 5 minutes.

3. ZY Poweka 39mm Air Filter

Corrosion-resistant Stainless steel lenses, a good screen, and thick filtration material make up the Poweka 39mm air filter by ZY. With a stylish look and affordable price, this filter can substantially raise your engine’s power and torque.  

With sizes and venturi design, these filters can be installed in different positions and perfectly fit your bike. They’re designed to ensure grime or dust particles cannot hinder the performance of your engine. 

After properly oiling, this durable, easy-to-install filter will make your engine come to life with excellent airflow and protection from rugged terrain. 

4. HIFROM Per-Replacement Formance Air Filter

If you own a 150cc 4-stroke engine and cost-effectiveness is your preference, HIFROM’s Per-Replacement air filter is for you. Valued for its reusability and longevity, this air filter outlasts many competitors. 

They’re manufactured with high-quality fiberglass with a basket structure to ensure durability, making it one of the best dirt bike air filters. Note that you must oil this filter before installing it.  

This air filter will save you more money than just being affordable because it also helps your vehicle be fuel-efficient. It increases your miles per gallon by removing carbon from the air your engine intakes. 

5. Twin Air Dual Foam Air Filter

Twin Air filters are for their affordability, easy installation, and excellent air filtration. The filters are composed of two pores layered on top of each other to ensure that nothing seeps into your engine. 

The outer coarse pore is designed to block out large materials, and the inner pore ensures that anything that slips past the outer pore is filtered back out. 

This filter will also increase the flow of air through your engine by as much as 40%, which will help it to run cooler. This is due to a tight fastening ring, holding the filter securely to the airbox to yield more power from your engine. 

This filter also comes pre-oiled so you can install it right out of the box.

6. Qiufadong Angled Foam Filter

Qiufadong offers a 180-day unconditional money-back guarantee and returns service for all products. 

These filters are compatible with almost every bike model from China. 

The filter is 38mm in diameter with an angled foam air filter pod. The thick red foam on the filter traps all forms of dust to ensure your engine is protected. A silver ring fastens tightly to the airbox to optimize airflow. 

Make sure to properly oil the filter before installation.

7. BMC Air Filter

BMC filters offer long-lasting filters that are washable and reusable. They have a design that fits almost any make and model of bike. 

Filters come in ‘Standard’ and ‘Race’ versions. 

Standard filters are meant for everyday use. Race filters are designed for upgraded engines and track racing. 

The filter materials are made of cotton gauze that is weaved with large links to increase airflow while still blocking out impurities. They also reduce emissions of carbon dioxide from escaping into the atmosphere. 

8. Hiflofiltro Dual Stage Racing Foam Filter

Hiflofiltro filters fit any Honda bike and are perfect for off-road use. They are manufactured in a dual-layered foam design to allow increased airflow. 

These filters are built for extended off-road use and can be reused. This outer layer of foam blocks out larger clumps of dust while the inner layer catches finer particles.

You should oil this before installation. 

9. QAZAKY Air Filter

QAZAKY air filters are affordable and designed to fit most engines from 50cc to 200cc and most Chine models. They are made of a washable foam filter, metal, and plastic. 

This is one of the best dirt bike air filters because the foam doesn’t need to be oiled, allowing excellent flow and filtration through the engine. The filter helps improve engine power and torque while prolonging its life.

The sizes range from 38mm to 40mm in diameter and 1.5 inches in length. The filter also comes with a clamp for convenient adjustments.

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