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12 Best Dirt Bike Pants That Survive All Year (2023)

Need some new trousers to blast through the trails? We’ve gathered the twelve best dirt bike pants below.  

Best Overall: Klim XC 

From the technical riding gear giant, the Klim XC lives up to the company’s claim to durability.

Klim XC pants are lightweight yet durable. They feature stretch panels and dual-waist adjustment for comfort and mobility.

A moisture-wicking mesh liner and vent panels on both the upper thigh and lower leg make this pair versatile. 

Best For Mobility: FoxRacing 180

Stylish, durable, and versatile, these pants are high quality for an affordable price.

The Fox Racing 180 was made for mobility, featuring a Rider Attack Position construction that facilitates movement. 

Complete with high-quality Woven TruMotion stretch panels and durable heat and leather knee panels, these pants are great for daredevils and speed demons. 

These come in a variety of different colors, designs, and styles. You can check them all out on FoxRacing’s page.

Most Ventilated: Klim Adventure Rally Air Pant Gray

Though these are designed for off-road biking, they are adaptable to any condition thanks to the reflective mesh fabric and ventilation zippers.

Klim uses Kevlar mesh on these pants, which makes them expensive—but worth it. They are tear and abrasion-resistant and feature panels of fabric at the knees for abrasion resistance.

These pants have fully integrated armor made of D30 XERGO: the highest quality limb protectors that efficiently protect against heat, moisture, and cold. 

You can buy them here

Most Versatile: O’Neal Apocalypse 

These pants can do it all. 

Their light-weight yet durable Denier fabric keeps you protected, comfortable, and warm in cool weather. Too hot? The bottom of each pant leg zips off, converting them into shorts. 

This pair is adjustable in more ways than one; a Velcro waist panel makes them perfect for any size.

These pants also have two zippered pockets and built-in ventilation.

As the name suggests, they would be an asset for the apocalypse.

Get them here

Best for Big Adventures: Sedici Garda 

These pants are made of waterproof stretch 600D laminated construction, which makes them highly protective and flexible. 

Elbows, shoulders, and knees are equipped with CE level 2 armor to keep your limbs safe from abrasions. 

The Garda pant is highly adjustable and has built-in pockets (including a hydration bladder pocket), waterproof zippers, and reflective elements to keep you safe on the road. 

These are a little more expensive than most, but worth the investment. If you can afford the entire suit, that is even better. Get the Sedici Garda here

Most Affordable: Shift Faction

Made of 600D, the fabric is comfortable and durable. 

Like the Apocalypse, this pair is convertible into shorts. 

Leather knee panels and flex zones provide the perfect combination of flexibility and protection. This product is the best bang for your buck. 

Most Light-weight (and stylish): Fly Racing Lite Hydrogen

Using state-of-the-art technology, Fly Racing has made durable, protective pants that weigh less than three pounds and look great on all bodies.

This pair is flexible and adjustable and uses 90% stretch panel construction for easy movement. The floating seat design makes these pants perfect for long, intense rides.

Most Adaptable: Klim Traverse 

Klim does it again! 

The company designed these stylish pants for the comfort of trail and track riders. 

The Traverse line is completely waterproof, so you can stay comfortable in all conditions. 

These are still lightweight and breathable, with intelligent ventilation systems and increased flexibility and comfort range. 

Get them on the Klim website.

Most Durable: Fox Legion EX

These pants will survive anything. 

The body is 850D polyester—a flexible and durable fabric— and zonal stretch panels to provide mobility. 

There are zipper vents, knee vents, and mesh-backed logos to allow airflow. There are more pockets than you will ever need. 

Fox Legion EX pants are perfect for both the track and the woods. You can purchase them here.

Most Comfortable: Klim XC Lite

You will want to wear these pants everywhere. 

The Klim XC Lite pants feature lightweight mesh, a breathable and highly ventilated material that keeps you cool and comfortable.

They feature a moisture-wicking mesh liner that repels sweat and water, and they have vented TPUs at the knees.

Buy them on Amazon.

For Curvy Women: Fox Racing Women 180

These pants boast all the same features as the original 180. They are protective, yet breathable and stylish.

TruMotion zonal stretch panels accommodate any size, and the Rider Attack Position design renders them comfortable and flexible.

These also come in cool colors and designs. 

For Slim Women: 

Thor makes a pair of made-to-last pants that are snug yet comfortable. 

Full-grain leather knee panels and abrasion-tolerant fabric keeps you protected.

An adjustable waistline ensures your comfort, mobility, and style.

These are also relatively affordable!

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