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9 Best Dirt Bike Chains That Last The Distance (2023)

Broken your dirt bike chain? Not to worry. We’ve listed the best brands to get you out of trouble:

1. Pro Taper Dirt Bike Chain

Bikers with different types of bikes need to consider Pro taper dirt bike chains. They are the most reliable and fit in most dirt bikes. The system provides 50 to 125 cc applicators.

The front-rear has fittings with lighting holes that reduce the weight, along with a special gold coating to boost strength and wear resistance.

The chain is heat-treated anodized aluminum with 44% more tooth area than most dirt bike chains. It’s durable, long-lasting, and ideal for harsh weather conditions.

Pro Taper chains have a tensile strength of 5,000 pounds and use clip and rivet master links.

Check it out here.

2. DID 520 ERV3- 120 X-Ring Chain

DID 520ERV3- 120 X Ring Chain are ideal for street bikes. They are super rigid, have minimal friction, and are superhumanly strong. 

The sealing of the inner and outer plates is professionally installed, thus retaining the grease for an extended period. Maintaining lubricant reduces friction to provide a smooth ride.

The X-Ring Chain is highly adaptable and noise-free, with a tensile strength of 8,800 pounds. It is also available in whatever size you need for your bike. 

This chain is ideal for experienced racers who want something light and more robust. You can pick it up here

3. RK Racing GB520XS0

RK Racing GB520OXSO is the won’t-break-your-bank dirt bike chain, with reasonable prices suitable to anyone who owns a racing bike.

The RK Racing chain is ideal for racing bikes, with sudden accelerators and braking powers. It has two lubricators to give your motorcycle greater mileage.

They designed the RK Racing chain to provide durability and longevity. It is also easy to install.

It has an 8,000-pound tensile strength and heat-treated carbon steel parts that boost the craftsmanship and quality.

The RK Racing chain is definitely one of the best dirt bike chains around. You can get it on Amazon here.

4. Renthal R3 O-Ring Chain

Bikers who drive in harsh weather conditions should definitely consider the Renthal R3 O-Ring chain.

Having an o-ring chain means the grease stays packed, so it won’t get damaged by constant motion.

The chain is pre-stretched to avoid extra expansion while riding the bike. It picks out the dirt from the chain even on harsh terrains and bumpy, uneven, rocky roads.

The chain is durable, shock absorbent, and lasts twice as long as regular bike chains. Check it out here.

5. JT Sprockets 134 – Link 420 HDR Heavy Duty Motorcycle Chain

For riders who only enjoy riding off the road, the JT Sprockets 134 – Link 420 HDR Heavy Duty MotorCycle Chain is one of the best dirt bike chains around. 

The chain is high-grade steel alloy, assuring quality and durability. It is among the lightest dirt bike chains weighing 1.63 pounds for every 100 links.

The edge factor technology installed on the chain ensures you feel minimal vibration since the chain’s design absorbs most of the pulse.

If you are looking for a bike chain for heavier bikes, then pick up this chain today.

6. 520 Chain 120 Links

520 Chain 120 Links fits any bike. You can easily connect it by cutting it to the ideal length for your bike.

Made from high-grade steel alloy, 520 Chain 120 Links is durable and long-lasting. Its 14.7mm/0.58″ thickness makes it hard to break, cringe, or stretch easily.

The O-ring chain allows the inner and outer links to be greased all throughout, preventing them from rusting. 

It uses the clip style when connecting, thus easy to install, and you do not have to pay extra bucks for a mechanic to do the installation. The chain is available on Amazon.

7. DID 520 PRO VO-RING Chain

Beginner riders looking to replace their chains on a budget should consider DID 520 PRO VO-RING Chain. It is convenient for small bikes and primarily used off-road. 

They made this chain from Chromoly steel, which boosts quality, longevity, and resistance for use on rough roads. It is very light, thus making it convenient for small bikes.

DID 520 PRO VO-RING Chain has a tensile strength of 8,000 pounds. Check it out here

8. Unibear 530 Gold Motorcycle O-Ring Chain

Unibear 530 Gold Motorcycle O-Ring Chain is best for riders who want something simple, unaggressive, and affordable.

The chain is heat-treated alloy steel, making it more rigid and robust and increasing its wear resistance. The chain’s golden finish also helps prevent corrosion. 

It has a 130-link chain system that is connected using a master link. It also has a tensile strength of 9,400 pounds. You can get it here.

9. Afam 1013603 Chains

Aggressive riders who experience hostile weather conditions should opt for the Afam 1013603 chains. They are designed with a high-quality steel alloy for fantastic durability.

Afam chains have a gold coat finish, which reduces rust, in addition to corrosion-resistant chrome-plated bolts.

It has a front and rear sprocket that is the best in the market and contains S45C hardened chrome-molybdenum, thus boosting its strength.You can get Afam chains here.

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