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9 Best Dirt Bike Oils For Performance and Reliability (2023)

Need some dirt bike oil to keep your engine firing perfectly under intense conditions? Then performance and reliability are fundamental, but we’ve also found numerous brands are reasonable price points that you’ll find both online and at your local dirt bike store.

The best dirt bike oils are:

1. Best Overall 2-Stroke Oil – Motul 800

If you are driving a two-stroke engine, it’s crucial that you get good two-stroke motor oil. The best dirt bike oil we’ve found is the Motul 800. This factory line oil lubricates well without buildup and is perfect for high-performance vehicles. 

For riders looking for the best oil, Motul 800 is the way to go. The lubrication and smoothness of the oil exceed the standards set by the industry. It may be a bit pricier, but Motul 800 will keep your bike on the roads for longer with little to no buildup or leakage. 

2. Best Overall 4-Stroke Oil – Maxima Premium 4 

Maxima is one of the most trusted oil brands in the United States and has been producing quality engine oil for over forty years. Their oil was made for racers and off-roaders and is exceptionally high performance. The four-stroke oil is made from a petroleum base. 

Although it’s not a synthetic oil, this four-stroke oil was created with both air and water-cooled engines in mind. It comes in a standard 10w-40, which is the most common thickness for four-stroke engine oil. 

3. Best Budget 2-Stroke Oil – Pennzoil 550

Of course, buying oil is pricey, especially if you have multiple dirt bikes or are trying to save money. However, this doesn’t mean you have to compromise on oil quality. Pennzoil is a motor oil brand with an excellent reputation. 

This oil might be half the price of the other oils on this list, but it performs almost as well. You will give up a little stability and have a little extra buildup, but as long as you keep a clean engine and care for your bike, Pennzoil 550 will keep your dirt bike and your wallet happy. 

4. Best Budget 4-Stroke Oil – STP Premium 

Four-stroke engines will naturally be a little more expensive, but there are options for budget oils for larger machines as well. STP Premium oil is an excellent mix because it was created specifically for bikes, lawn mowers, and other four-stroke engines. 

STP oil will keep your engine lubricated and running smoothly without providing too much buildup. It’s not ideal for high-performance or racing vehicles, but for everyday biking, there’s no need to buy a more expensive oil. 

5. Best Synthetic Oil – Mobil One

While several of the oils on this list are only partially synthetic, some vehicle owners prefer totally synthetic oil. Synthetic oil outperforms conventional oil in longevity, buildup, and smoothness. Mobil One is no exception to this. 

Mobil One is a trusted automotive oil brand. If you use the oil in your car, you can feel safe using the same brand, if a different thickness, in your motorbike. Mobil One oil leads the market in oil sales each year because of the oil’s performance and durability. 

6. Best High-Performance Oil – Royal Purple 

If you’re looking for the best oil to keep your engine going through the stunts and races you put it through, Royal Purple is a great choice. This two-stroke engine oil is stable and an excellent lubricant. 

Royal Purple is famous for oil that burns less ash and creates less smoke than other brands. It will continue to lubricate through wear and tear and make your bike last longer. Although it’s a bit more expensive, it’s cheaper than many high-performance oil brands. 

7. Best Racing Oil – Castrol Power 1

If you are a motorcycle or dirt bike racer, the oil you use can make or break your engine. Your bike is pushed to its limits, and your lubricant shouldn’t be one of those limits. For racers with a four-stroke engine, Castrol’s Power 1 oil is ideal. 

This oil was made for racers by a company that knows oil and racing. Castrol has been in business since 1899 and has created a race-derived oil with impressive stability. The oil uses Trizone technology to focus on three different sections of the bike at once: the engine, gearbox, and clutch. 

8. Best Off-Road Oil – Lucas Oil

Off-road oil is similar to racing and high-performance oil. It’s crucial that it lubricates everything well and keeps performing under stressful situations. For a two-stroke engine that will be off-road, Lucas High-Performance Oil is one the best dirt bike oil.

This oil is made for air-cooling engines, so it’s inadvisable to use this in a water-cooling engine. However, a two-stroke bike will run faster and smoother than before, with hardly any buildup on the inside of the machine. 

9. Best Beginner’s Oil – Manufacturer’s Blend

Suppose you’ve read through all these and still aren’t sure what your bike needs, don’t worry. Not everyone needs a high-performance or racing oil. Ensure that you’re buying the right type and thickness of the oil, and you can stick with the manufacturer’s brand. 

Whatever manufacturer made your bike has oil (the link is for Honda motor oil). Although this oil might not be the most high-performance and stable for racing or off-road adventures, it’s a fine place to start and might extend your warranty. 

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