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9 Best Dirt Bike Goggles That Sit Flush With Your Helmet (2023)

Buying new or replacement dirt bike goggles online can sometimes be a hit-and-miss affair. After all, you want to make sure the goggles you choose sit flush with your helmet.

Luckily, we’ve taken a lot of the guesswork out! For those short on time, our overall recommendation is the Oakley O-Frame.

For those with much more time on their hands, we’re going to be covering the best goggles for dirt bike riders including some options for women and younger riders too!

Let’s get started with this guide…

The word best is often subjective, but in terms of best value for money, it’s hard to go past the O-Frame series by Oakley. These goggles are made from super strong plastic and you can change out the lens depending on where you ride. They’re small enough to fit within your helmet opening yet large enough to wear sunglasses or prescription glasses underneath. Better yet – the price is very reasonable for this well known dirt biking brand.

Pros 😃

Numerous lenses and colors are available

Made from super strong plastic

Available at most dirt bike stores

Cons 🤔

Somewhat of an older design

Can fog up a bit in humid conditions

Mild blindspots due to frame thickness

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The runner up on our list is the Fly Racing Focus series which has been in production for several years. The 2022 model was recently released and appeals to both MX weekend racers as well as recreational trail bike users alike. The best part? You can often buy 2 of these for the price of 1 Oakley O-Frame.

Pros 😃

Strong buckle keeps the strap tight

Thinner frame reduces blind spots

Very affordable for brand-name goggles

Cons 🤔

Not the best for very humid riding

Colors appeal to kids more than adults

Model is replaced every year

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If we had to compare the Fly Racing Focus series to any other set of goggles, it would be the Main Stray by Fox Racing. These aren’t just for men as you’ll find a women’s pink version as well as kids versions. These are hugely popular and you’ve probably seen them being worn before without noticing them. No frills but they get the job done. If you were looking for your first set of dirt bike goggles, this would be our #1 choice without a doubt.

Pros 😃

A modern yet simple look

Very popular on MX tracks

Excellent peripheral vision

Cons 🤔

A little expensive

Few colors available

Not the best for summer

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Leatt is of course famous for saving thousands of dirt bike riders from neck injuries through their very innovative neck braces, but that’s not all! They also produce other types of riding gear including these seriously impressive goggles. Now – a warning – these are seriously pricey but we like to think that you get what you pay for. For the professional rider who demands reliability or needs a tear-off system, it’s hard to go past these. The Iris model is also highly recommended for comfort.

Pros 😃

Widest version of any goggle on this list

Very good anti-fog coating

Great ventilation reduces sweating

Cons 🤔

Quite expensive for beginners

Occasionally hard to find

Replacement lenses are pricey

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Let’s admit it – dirt bike ownership can be damn expensive! Luckily there have been some Chinese manufacturers in recent years who have started producing products to cater for us near-broke off-road enthusiasts! The 4-FQ dirt bike goggles are very affordable and can be used for skiing in the winter months too! Many colors available although the lenses aren’t interchangeable given the price.

Pros 😃

Very affordable option

Frame has some good flexibility

Feels strong despite the price

Cons 🤔

You get what you pay for

Can get a bit foggy

Can scratch a bit easily

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Another very affordable option is the SPONSUNE Motorcycle Goggles with even more color varieties than those listed above. These are very light which is important given your helmet already weights quite a bit and may create some straight on your neck after a long day of riding the local trails. Quite a thick frame on these from our experience but does the job quite well.

Pros 😃

Lots of color and lenses options

Very thick sponge for winter riding

Very flexible sense with UV protection

Cons 🤔

The rear band isn’t non-slip

Lenses can be scratched easily

Not easy to wear glasses underneath

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Right – we’re back to the brand names that we all know, like and trust within the dirt bike riding community. 100% Strata goggles are awesome for both motocross and downhill mountain bike racing. The frame is quite thick so you’ll get a solid seal between your helmet opening and the frame itself. You can consider this the best of both worlds – great quality at a great price!

Pros 😃

Good industry name

Feels comfortable on the nose

Options for women also available

Cons 🤔

Can buy better for a few bucks more

The frame is quite stiff initially

Not available in all dirt bike shops

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Nenki is new to the market but has made some incredibly head turning piece of gear! Their motocross goggles are seriously tough and flexible which being very well ventilated for both summer and winter riding conditions. The sponge (the part which sits against your face) is breathable and absorbs the impacts with its triple-layer design. Better yet, the price beats the well known brands for what is a near-identical product.

Pros 😃

Very bold designs which stand out

Great value with 180-day returns

Comes with tear off pins

Cons 🤔

Can only be bought online

Lenses can be easily scratched

Doesn’t come with protective case

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The very last option on our list is perfect for those who want to be a little different. JAMIEWIN is a brand whose goggles aren’t that spectacular but their designs certainly are a head-turner as are their price. If you’re the type to only go out riding once or twice per month on easy local trails, then this would be an excellent option. Especially if you don’t want anyone to poke fun at your odd choice in cheap eyewear.

Pros 😃

Pro 1

Pro 2

Pro 3

Cons 🤔

Con 1

Con 2

Con 3

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Buying Guide

Now that you’ve seen some of the best options on the market for either competitive or casual dirt bike riding, let’s help you narrow the choices down with this buying guide.

Here are some things worth considering:

When Will You Ride?

Some goggles on this list are better suited to summer riding and others are better suited to winter. Generally speaking, it’s the thickness of the sponge that determines whether your goggle would suit easy season. The thicker the sponge, the more insulation it has to keep your face from getting cold.

Do You Need Tear-Offs?

Motocross riders require to tear off plastic strips via fitted tear-off systems due to getting a face full of dirt on their goggles due to roosting from fellow competitors. Some of the cheaper options on this list simply aren’t compatible with tear off systems so it’s best to go with the popular brand names. The Leatt series would be our #1 recommendation.

Where Will You Ride?

If you’re riding in state parks and under trees, then it’s best to go with orange lenses which will open your eyes up on the trail so you’ll be able to see beyond the shadows. On the flip side, those riding in arid conditions would be better suited with a dark polarised lens to prevent constant squinting. If you’re riding across both conditions, then choose a goggle where its lenses can be interchanged easily or replaced.

Which Helmet Do You Have?

When choosing a goggle, it’s important to find one that’s going to fit your current helmet opening. This means you’ll need to measure it out if you’re ordering online otherwise there will be a distance between your face and the goggle.

Keep in mind that there should always be a mild opening between the edge of your goggle frame and your helmet edge opening. This shouldn’t be more than 5mm to prevent rocks from knocking you in the face from fellow riders, or riding into a bug at 60 miles per hour.

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