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7 Best Dirt Bike Chain Lubes To Save Your Chain (2023)

Lubricating your dirt bike chain is something we recommend you do after each and every ride. Doing so keeps your chain running smoothly and extends its life, so you can spend more time riding and less time stuck on the side of the trail.

In this guide, Frontaer is going to be looking at the best dirt bike chain lubes that stick to your chain like a fat kid on a cupcake! Let’s begin.

The Motul brand has been associated with the dirt bike industry for many years and has a solid reputation for both weekend warriors and MX racers. This particular chain lube sticks extremely well yet doesn’t attract sand, grit, dirt and mud as easily. It’s a unique lime green color so it may not be as appealing to those who are precious about their dirt bikes looking slick for photoshoots.

Pros 😃

Strong reputation for off-road riders

Available from most motorcycle shops

Doesn’t drip or splatter everywhere

Cons 🤔

Not the best option for street bikes

Very sticky and hard to remove

May fling lube on swing arms

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If you’re seeking a chain wax that you can use on not just your dirt bike but motorcycle, mountain bike and even your child’s go-kart, then this is the one! It’s an all-purpose chain lube that is popular with recreational dirt bike riders and competitive racers alike. It can also be used on cables and sprockets too as the formulation penetrates quite deeply.

Pros 😃

Can be used for all types of chains

Discounts when bought as multi-packs

Can be found at most hardware stores

Cons 🤔

Can wear off faster than Motul 13

Can be a little messy

Doesn’t 100% repel sand

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Right – we’re back to another chain lubricant specifically for dirt bikes and other offroad users. Not only is Motorex’s 622 waterproof but can handle the gnarly conditions on rough mountain tracks or the sand if you’re riding on the dirt or beach. Sure, it’s a little pricier than other options but it’s specifically formulated for riders like us who like to get out there and ride rough.

Pros 😃

Made exclusively for dirt bike riders

Can be bought in bulk

Thin and clear so it looks better

Cons 🤔

A little more pricey than most

Can only find in motorcycle stores

The cap can break quite easily

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Lucas has had a remarkable reputation across the United States over the last few decades. Many of their products are made in the United States, just like their 10393 chain lube aerosol spray. If you have a few different motorcycles in your garage then this is the best to use across the whole stable! We find this is the best value option on this list and it’s small enough to fit in a saddlebag too for adventure riders.

Pros 😃

Made in the United States

Strong industry reputation

Can be used on all motorcycles

Cons 🤔

Designed for racing so it’s more pricey

Isn’t always in stock as it’s popular

You may need to wipe off the excess

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While it’s not as popular, we enjoy supporting smaller businesses in the offroad world and Liquid Wrench L711 has a solid product. This is a handy chain lube as you can use on dirt bikes as well as chainsaws, forklifts and other types of machinery. Chances are you’ll find this in your local hardware store and makes for the perfect supplementary chain lube in emergency situations.

Pros 😃

Many uses for this chain lube

Business operating since 1941

Easy to find in local hardware stores

Cons 🤔

Harder to find in motorcycle stores

Not as sticky as others above

Sand and dirt tends to accumulate

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Bel Ray is a very popular brand in on-road and off-road motorcycling, yet their chain lube isn’t their most popular product. That said, we find their ‘Blue Tac’ to be very useful for dual-sport and adventure motorcycling, as well as weekend casual rides on the dirt bike. This is perfect for all types of motorcycles and chains actually and doesn’t spin or wash off so easily.

Pros 😃

Safe for O, X and Z rings

Less likely to splutter out

Well regarded motorcycle brand

Cons 🤔

Not available in all stores

No discounts for bulk buys

Very sticky and hard to get off

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On most of these ‘best of’ lists, you’ll find their worst-recommended products at the bottom…but not here! The PJ1 Blue Label chain lube is one we’ve had in our toolbox a few times over the years and for good reasons. It’s designed for high-spec motorcycles such as those who are racing or clocking long miles in the saddle. Its formulation is petroleum-based and isn’t likely to fling off at high speeds on bumpy dirt tracks.

Pros 😃

Designed for high-performance

Available in small size for tool rolls

It’s near-invisible when sprayed

Cons 🤔

The plastic cap isn’t strong

Almost the most expensive here

Not found in all motorcycle shops

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Buying Guide

Now that you’ve seen what’s available on the market, let’s look at some of the things to consider before you make that purchase online.

Cleaning Your Chain First

You’ll always want to make sure your chain is clean before coating with a fresh coat of lubricant. You can use a degreaser and some old rags and some elbow grease too. This process shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.


We prefer to buy lubricant which is widely available. Nothing is worse than finishing a can of lubricant and not being able to find the same brand anywhere. It’s not the best idea to mix-and-match different types of dirt bike chain lubes as their chemical make-ups are very different.


When looking at reviews, try to find lubricants that can last more than 500-miles. There is nothing worse than having to really lubricant every single day if you’re into adventure riding. We also look at longevity in another sense; the longevity of the brand. Every brand mentioned in this list has been around for decades and are well ingrained with the dirt bike community.


Some lubricants are transparent, some are black and others have a green tinge. If the color isn’t important to you then no problems, but it’s often best to go for a lubricant than is transparent. This way – if the lubricant does flick off – it isn’t making a mess of your calipers, spokes or worse – finding its way onto your gear lever.

Made For Dirt Bikes

Dirt bikes are used in adverse conditions where you’ll come across sand, dirt, mud and more. This is why it’s best to find lube that’s made primarily for the dirt bike or ATV market to give you the best confidence. Your owners manual might also specify this requirement as does your warranty requirement too.

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