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12 Best Dirt Bike Movies To Watch On Those Rainy Days (2023)

Looking for some dirt bike movies to watch when rain is forecasted for the next few days? Then you’re in the right place!

Frontaer has cherry-picked the best movies that can replicate the thrill you feel behind the handlebars, but far more safely and with a storyline to suit!

1. Bennett’s War

We’re kickin’ off this list with a story about love, acceptance and beauty. While this story isn’t just about motocross, it touches upon the American Dream in many ways. It features Marshall Bennett as the main actor who is a young soldier and previously, a professional motocross racer. While serving in the military, he succumbs to an injury during an explosion and is brought home in permanent medical leave.

Upon his return home to the United States, his father Cal Bennett reveals the bad news – the family farm is about to be lost for good due to mortgage arrears. Not one to sit around, Marshall stands to the challenge to win a motocross competition despite recovering from a broken back and leg. This movie is emotionally charged and powerful at the same time, with a touch of romance too!

2. Motocross Kids

Most people looking for dirt bike movies are seeking to entertain not only themselves, the kids this rainy weekend. The Motocross Kids (or often simply called ‘Moto Kids’) movie.

It features the story of a young girl who’s keen to watch the supercross to save her family’s ranch. Unfortunately – she crahes and the family’s fate relies on the most unlikely character – a monkey! This film mixes the pursuit of freedom paired with comedy and family adventures that we all adore.

3. Dust to Glory

While not quite a movie as such, Dust to Glory features the incredible Baja 1000 motorcycle race held annually in Baja, Mexico. This is one race, much like the Dakar, that separates the boys from the men. This particular documentary covers the 2003 race in all its glory and features many legends we have covered here at Frontaer, including the star of On Any Sunday.

This movie reminds us that it’s not about winning the race, but merely surviving and eventually finishing. Not everyone gets to the finish line, but those that do, ultimately do what so few of us are willing to. Filled with madress, adrenaline, will-power and sacrifice, this encapsulates the sense of adventure we adore here at Fronaer.

4. On Any Sunday (1971)

One of the most legendary motocross movies is that featuring some of the most epic riders in history. On Any Sunday features Steve McQueen, Malcolm Smith and Mert Lawwill with their incredible stunts, throttle control and lap records.

Following this, its sequel, On Any Sunday: The Next chapter will have you even more impressed with the skills these riders had on dirt bikes that are now more than 50 years old! This one is a classic in our books, but a goldie too!

5. Motocrossed

For the younger riders out there, look no further! Disney actually created Motocross for both children and those young at heart which features the story of a young girl who overcome many challenges to ride AND race competitively.

Andrea Carson is a passionate motocross racer but lacked the support from her father, who often referenced his sons. When Andrea’s brother (Andrew) becomes injured moments before a big race, Andrea goes undercover and poses as her brother while her father is away in Europe and does surprisingly well.

6. This Is MOTO

This Is MOTO highlights some of the most leaderboard-topping riders in the world, following their journey from struggles to podium finishes. This was created not just for the dirt bike enthusiast, but the self-help junkie too as it touches upon resilience, passion and determination for success. From turmoil to triumph, this movie has it all.

7. Supercross the Movie

Lucky #7 on this list has nothing to do with luck but skill, adreline and tough love. This movie features two brothers who have quite different outlooks on life. If you could imagine The Fast and The Furious turned into a movie about dirt bikes, you’d get Supercross the Movie.

The story centers upon two brothers – Steve and Mike – who are at opposite ends of their riding styles and personal outlooks with some realistic rivalry. Unfortunately, Mike succumbs to a terrible riding accident and both riders ultimately put their differents apart where Mike coaches Steve with hopes to win the supercross championship with $500,000 at stake. With action at every turn paired with youful enthusiasm and a touch of niavety, Supercross the Movie will impress every type of dirt bike rider.

8. Moto 9: The Movie

It’s hard to throw any dirt at legendary riders Ryan Dungey and Brian Deegan. Together in this film, they share their passion of competing in some of the world’s most inspiring yet challenging terrain. From crashes and injuries, to the pursuit of success at any costs, you’ll be inspired by their will to squeeze any extra inch of their engines, the race track and their mental fortitude.

9. Winners Take All

Fancy a dirt bike film that mixes epic riding paired with a romantic side to please your partner? Then look no further! Winners Take All follows the story of Rick Melon and Bill Robinson who are both friends and rivals, with drama at every turn.

This move is much like Supercross the Movie. Rick is ultimately the underdog but through hard work and perseverance, is able to…..well actually, that’s enough spoilers here. 🙂 Needless to say this is another classic motocross film worthy of recognition!

10. The World’s Fastest Indian

Every motorcycle fanatic in the world has this movie in the back of their mind. Either they’ve watched it, or they’re not true riders at all. The World’s Fastest Indian movie features one of the most awe-inspiring motorcycle manufacturers of the last 100 years (Indian Motorcycles) and the pursuit of Bert Monro and his dream to break the world land speed record on Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats.

11. It Came from the Desert

While rated quite low on IMDB, it still features dirt bikes with cult classic vibes!

It Came from the Desert features motocross riders who are rivals but need to put their differences aside to save their local town from a take over from…would you believe it…alien ants! Having leaked from a secret military base, these teenagers work together to take back control through wit, skill and a bit of luck too!

12. A-X-L

Speaking of secret military and alien creatures, A-X-L makes an exciting final edition to our list. Featuring the story of a young teenage boy (Miles) who discovers a robotic dog who become bonded through owner-pairing technology.

Through the film, the two create a beautiful friendship based on compassion, trust and strength. Miles’ dirt bike is heavily featured throughout the film, including multiple action scenes, and with his new friend by himself, ultimately saves the day. This movie was primed for a sequel, but as of June 2022, we are yet to see one.

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