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Brian Deegan – What Happened to The General?

Brian Deegan is a professional dirt bike rider, a professional race car driver and one of the founders of Metal Mulisha, aka The General.

He’s well known for his epic stunt work, having been the first-ever competitor to do a 360 twist (not backflip) in any competition. This became known as the “Mulisha Twist.”

Frontaer did the research to put together the essentials of what Brian does today, where he lives, his house, tattoos, race number and choices in life. Let’s begin.

Brian Deegan Early Life

Brian was born in Omaha, Nebraska and feel in love with dirt bikes by age 10. Sadly, by age 12 his parents were divorced and he developed an aggressive attitude. This is likely the driving force behind his success.

By age 17, had won his fair share of titles in motocross and supercross. He was a weapon on a 125 and his skills caught the attention of corporate sponsors. This was a combination of straight of pursuits paired with his rebellious nature.

His love for dirt bikes at an early age has inspired his son Haiden Deegan and his daughter Hailee Deegan to also move into the sport of competitive racing. His son is into motocross while his daughter is a competitive racer.

Crazy, right? 10 years old and Haiden Deegan (aka Dangerboy Deegan) is out there pulling backflips on his dirt bike. Call up the fun police!

Motocross Career

Brian was the hotshot to look out for earlier in the century. If you rode a dirt bike, then you knew Brian Deegan’s name. Everyone, from MX and enduro riders, to the ADV crowd, knew his name. From the found cover of magazines to gracing the television screens of every motocross event in the country, he was ‘the guy’ whose crazy nature captivated us.

While he’s made many wins on on the race track and has built a successful business (Metal Mulisha is worth millions), this certainly hasn’t come easy. He’s going through some tough crashes and surgeries to repair some nasty damages to what we may have thought was an indestructible body.

It’s during this time that Brian Deegan’s net worth increased substantially. He’s worth around $10,000,000 US dollars today and that number continues to increase year on year. This is due to his business interests predominantly.

What Happened to Brian Deegan?

Some say that he died, which isn’t true. Nor has he been arrested. He’s just not as popular as he used to be and has prefered to race trucks and motorcycles casually.

Today, Brian Deegan continues to compete in offroad racing in 4-wheels. His competitive nature shines behind the steering wheel as he continues to race in the Global RallyCross Championships in North America.

In addition, he continues to build and promote the Metal Mulisha brand to his loyal and enthusiastic followers on Instagram, while being a coach, father and husband to his wife and kids. He hasn’t retired, and still rides dirt bikes recreationally, but can’t keep up with the younger kids out there on the motocross tracks anymore, understandably.

Brian essentially built the freestyle motocross industry. Before then, it was just simply racing. One dude’s passion and persistence has built an entire industry and has motivated troubled kids to let their aggression out through the throttle.

Brian Deegan will always be known as the guy who pushed way past the limits. He’s an inspiration to the 1% of riders who’ll be out there behind the handlebars every weekend instead of binge-watching another YouTube video.

In a society that rewards those who wrap themselves in cotton-wool, it’s good to see there are still some dudes will actually get out there.

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