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9 Best Dirt Bike Tracks near Brisbane For You Legends (2023)

Brisbane dirt bike riders are always on the search for new places to ride their motorbike, whether registered or motocross. Here are the 9 best options.

As the city gets bigger and bigger, more riding areas become progressively closed. It’s disappointing but that’s the way things are. We do look forward to more mainstream electric dirt bikes being released in Australia, but until they’re mainstream, there are only a few solid options out there.

Brisbane’s Best Places to Ride a Dirt Bike

Frontaer has done the heavy lifting for you. The research into the best riding spots around Brisbane shows us that we do actually have some pretty damn good options to ride trail bikes.

Ideally, your bike has to be registered to have all the options available to you. However, we’ll include some MX parks on this list too.

Here are the best dirt bike riding places near Brisbane:

1. Lockyer National Park

Head west and after an hour’s drive, you’ll come across the Lockyer National Park. Dirt bike riding is approved here by the Queensland Government but you will need to be licensed and registered.

There are numerous roads leading in and out of the national park, most of which is unsealed. You’ll be sharing these tracks with 4wd enthusiasts and these trails do get busy on weekends so be careful!

Camping isn’t permitted here but you can get some great accommodation nearby in Toowoomba. Adventure motorcycle riders will especially love the Lockyer National Park for a quick getaway.

2. D’Aguilar National Park

There is some fantastic riding trails within D’Aguilar National Park for dirt bikes coming from Brisbane. The track is more technical and tight especially around the Mount Mee area but you’ll find most of it relatively easy.

Horse riders, hikers, mountain bikers and 4×4 drivers also share these tracks. If you do come across others, some basic manners and respect will go a long way to keep this majestic place open to the rest of us.

3. Queensland Moto Park

This is the ultimate Moto Park for Brisbanites. On the weekends it’s certainly packed so try to plan for a week day ride. Gold Coasters also love this place.

The Queensland Moto Park is popular with Brisbane Residents

You can ride unregistered dirt bikes and quad bikes here and this place is only an hour from Brisbane. They are very family friendly with tracks set aside just for kids.

4. Willowbank MX Park

Willowbank MX Park is an awesome spot and only about 25 minutes from Brisbane CBD. They welcome all types of dirt and trail bikes of any engine size.

The brand new Willowbank MX Park near Brisbane

The reviews on Willowbank MX Park are very high and there’s a clear reason for it:

  • Multiple tracks to choose from.
  • A flat training area for complete beginners
  • A Pee-wee and junior riding track for the kids
  • Long MX tracks that aren’t your typical boring design

Clearly the designers have really put some thought into this.

If you’re looking for thrills and don’t have a motorcycle licence, then this place will let you in. 2-stroke or 4-stroke…Willowbank is the place to be!

5. Phoenix Creek Motocross and Camping

If you’re looking for a family-only place, then Phoenix Creek is the place to be. The reviews are low because they only let certain people ride, and that’s good people. If you’re looking for hardcore extreme tracks with the attitudes to match, then this place isn’t for you.

The Phoenix Creek Motocross and Camping is 2 hours from Brisbane

Phoenix Creek requires a decent drive though. It’s 2 hours out of town and past Woodford. The kids will love it and don’t get intimidated by disrespectful riders because…well…there isn’t any!

And just so you understand: You can only ride here if you’re riding with children. It’s a family dirt bike park and designed like that from Day 1.

More information on their website:

Toilets, showers and camping provided at reasonable costs. The trip up is definitely worth the drive and the kids just won’t want to leave.

6. Fort Lytton Motocross Club

This is the only motocross facility within the Brisbane city area. They run races as well as practice sessions for adults, teenagers and children. If you want coaching then this is the place to go and they can even lend you a bike which you can hire for the lesson.

Fort Lytton Motocross Club in Brisbane

They also run regular races. If you want to spectate and get your kids into motocross, then this place is only a short drive from the Brisbane CBD. From there, they’ll be begging you to get them dirt bikes and start riding the local tracks and trails!

7. Moreton Districts Motocross Park

This place is about 10 minutes north of Ipswich and is a great place for the family. The MX track itself has good whoop sections to help you improve your skills.

Update: The track has since relocated to Willowbank.

8. Mick Doohan Raceway

If you join the North Brisbane Junior Motorcycle Club then your children can ride the Mick Doohan Raceway. However, so can adults as well!

Mick Doohan Raceway Brisbane

This is really just a raceway and not so much a motocross or enduro track, unfortunately. But then again, if you like to drift sideways, then this is the place for you.

9. Beerburrum/Beerwah State Forests

We’ve left the best until last! Go for a spin inside Beerburrum or Beerwah State Forest and your heart will be pounding intensely from the chest!

Beerburrum/Beerwah State Forests Dirt Bike Riding near Brisbane

Getting there will require a ute, van or trailer unless you have an adventure motorcycle. And once you get there, you won’t want to leave! Camping is possible at the Coochin Creek camping area.

Be mindful of the many 4×4 vehicles that inhibit this area, especially on weekends. There might be other dirt bikes coming the other way on tight corners too.

The Glasshouse Mountains itself is Brisbane’s favourite enduro and trail bike riding area. You’ll have a mixture of tight technical terrain, open flowing fire trails along pine forests and rainforests.

Tips to look after yourself

Now that you’ve found some awesome riding spots not far from Brisbane, we want to keep you safe on your dirt bike. Here’s what we can recommend:

  • Wear all your protective gear. Helmet, goggles, gloves, trousers, jersey, elbow and knee pads plus a good set of motocross/trail boots or adventure motorcycle boots. Also, don’t forget your hydration pack as it gets bloody hot in summer.
  • Take a GPS. In some spots the mobile phone signal is non-existent and you can’t rely on your Google Maps. Any good motorcycle GPS for offroad use will be enough to get yourself back to the start of the track, especially if you’re deep in the forest.
  • Make a weekend of it. Dirt bike day trips from Brisbane are certainly possible but if you’re going for an enduro ride, then take your camping gear as well.
  • Be respectful on the trails. There are inherently going to be others also using those same tracks. Dirt bike riding spots near Brisbane have been shutdown in recent years due to noise complaints and riders simply acting irresponsibly. Do the right thing and we’ll keep these beautiful spots open for generations.

Dual Sports Motorcycle Riders Association Brisbane

Our best recommendation for enduro riders is to join the DSMRA (Dual Sports Motorcycle Riders Assocation) which has affordable memberships. When you join the club, your money is used to fund trips and get insurance so that private property is opened up for organized group rides.

They plan these in advance and the group goes above and beyond. Many SE QLD ADV riders are inside this group to make friends and discuss new tracks and routes. They are always on the look out for private land owners who will be fully insured should something happen.

In summary

Be safe out there! Clearly Brisbane has some good riding areas. Head up to the Sunshine Coast and you’ll find even more dirt bike riding areas to really hone your skills.

Catch you out on the offroad tracks and twist that throttle hard!

Don’t forget to check out the guide below.

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