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Blue City Motorcycles Review: Are They Any Good?

Blue City Motorcycles are a well-known local motorcycle store in Mount Gambier, but are they worth buying from? In this review, we’ll give you the low down.

Note: We have no business relationship with this mob and simply are providing an unbiased opinion as fellow dirt bike enthusiasts.

If you’re curious if you should be opening the wallet, then we’re here to help you.

Blue City Motorcycles Review

Right – let’s get into the nitty-gritty of it all. Are they worth visiting in-store or buying from online? Remember we’re merely sharing our research and opinion here from an unbiased approach which we think you’ll appreciate.

Blue City Motorcycles only has the one store in Mount Gambier and it’s quite a big dealership. There are sales staff as well as the mechanics out the back designed to really help the customer. You’ll find plenty of parking and enough to bring in a trailer if needed.

Store evaluation

When looking at their store, we can see that they’re quite diversified. They offer both new and used motorcycles from several brands including Honda, KTM, Suzuki and Yamaha. This is great news as there are stores that only serve one brand exclusively and somehow think they’re superior.

Blue City Motorcycles Mount Gambier
Lady in Red! We love their Honda range

You’ll also find lawnmowers though this is something they just do on the side. In addition to all those road and offroad motorcycles, you’ll find replacement parts and accessories which are most commonly genuine manufacturer stuff and not the cheap Chinese copies.

When they started 

Their business opened more than 40 years ago and have a long an established history in Mount Gambier as true locals. They aren’t an Adelaide shop who decided to move when the competition got a little tough.

Yep the legendary unbreakable DRZ-400

Given their local knowledge and rich heritage, they have built themselves a strong reputation over these decades with customers going back year after year. Tom Jeffries is the owner after having bought it in 2009.

Social media channels

What we’ve noticed with a lot of these motorcycle dealerships is that they generally aren’t savvy with social media. Luckily, Blue City Motorcycles has caught on to the wave at least on Facebook.

See their Facebook page here. They are doing updates here every 2 to 3 days which is great, with the page starting in 2012 so they’ve been at this for a while.

At this stage they don’t have a YouTube or Pinterest account which would be really helpful for customers who can’t quite get into the store.

Customer experiences

Customer reviews and experiences with Blue City Motorcycles are mostly positive with old fashioned Mount Gambier service being one of their tell-tale signs.

Blue City Motorcycles Front Entrance in Mount Gambier SA

Complaints are seldom found which is great to see. As with any town-based dealership, you’d expect them to make things right if things do go wrong.

Online vs offline

Can you order online with Blue City Motorcycles? Yes – you can and they have discount/coupon codes as well. Very few people actually go in this direction given how close they live to the actual store.

Oh hello there KTM!

If they don’t have what you need then they can certainly order this in either from Adelaide or from the eastern states. Expect to be waiting a few days though as you’d expect.

Final verdict on Blue City Motorcycles

We would certainly recommend this crew if you’re looking for genuine service without waiting days for stuff to come through from Adelaide.

What are your alternatives if they don’t have the parts or gear you’re chasing? We’ve showcased the best Australian online dirt bike stores but expect to be waiting up to a week or more for delivery.

Either way – most Australian dirt bike stores do the right thing.

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