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10 Best Darwin Dirt Bike Tracks To Ride This Week (2023)

Live in Darwin and keen for a place to ride your dirt bike? There happen to be a few great places you can ride registered and unregistered bikes.

We’re going to share with you what the best places are and this is based on where others are riding. We’ve done the research for you so you can load up the trailer and head off sooner.

Darwin’s best places to ride dirt bikes

We’ve certainly got some options for you! Some of these are also suitable for adventure bike riders looking for a quiet escape.

Here are the best (legal) dirt bike riding spots near Darwin:

1. Gunn Point, Darwin

The closest place in Darwin to take your dirt bike easily has to be Gunn Point. This is a great place to also take 4×4 and is only about an hour out of the CBD.

Gunn Point dirt bike riding near Darwin

You can ride a dirt bike here on the beach or take one of the numerous scrub tracks. Watch out for other vehicles. The NT police often patrol this area so you’ll need to have a registered trail bike + full license to avoid any troubles from the local constables.

2. Top End Motocross Club

A strong recommendation from Frontaer is to join the Top End Motocross Club down in Palmerston. As a non-for-profit association, they provide coaching for kids while also having a great track setup.

Top End Motocross Club Darwin

If you’re looking for a place to ride an unregistered dirt bike anywhere near Darwin, then this is the place to do it. TEMCC welcomes beginners of all ages.

3. Darwin Motorcycle Club

One good alternative is the Darwin Motorcycle Club. They run group rides and enduros quite regularly with racing itself not required.

Darwin Motorcycle Club has places to ride dirt bikes

Membership is quite cheap and they welcome locals and those out of state as well. If you’re looking to make some friends and find some undiscovered riding spots, then this is a solid starting point.

4. Litchfield National Park 

Located only 90 minutes from Darwin is Litchfield National Park. You simply head straight down the highway. There are 2 unsealed roads making this a great spot for adventure motorcycling as well as registered dirt bikes.

Litchfield National Park near Darwin

If a day trip is what you’re looking for, then this is a good solution. You can leave in the morning and return by the afternoon. There is fuel available nearby for those who have small fuel tanks, though we recommend following the road trains down the highway. Bring your own water.

The track you’ll want to take is the Reynolds River Track which is a tough spot and not for the beginner rider. 4x4s often struggle with this route.

5. The Daly River

While you’re at Litchfield National Park, you may as well do The Daly River too. This is a beautiful spot for a weekend camping adventure.

You can stay overnight at the Daly River Inn which offers meals and camping facilities, or a hotel room if you’re looking for a bit of luxury.

Be mindful that this river is loaded with saltwater crocodiles. This isn’t so much of a dirt bike riding place but more of an adventure stopover.

6. Cox Peninsula

There are many tracks and spots within Cox Peninsula that dirt bike riders have formed over the years. Little trails that head into the scrub lands. This spot is only about 40 minutes from Darwin and is basically the ‘long way around’ to the other side where Darwin faces.

Cox Peninsula Darwin

There isn’t much to see or do here apart from ride your dirt bike. Also, some spots are restricted to locals only based on the heightened pollution in the area.

7. Mary River National Park

This is a beautiful spot and not too far from Darwin. Mary River National Park has multiple offroad tracks that you can explore on 2-wheels, provided your motorbike is registered.

Mary River National Park Northern Territory Australia

The fishing here is also remarkable so if there is space in your panniers, pack a collapsable fishing rod. The two tracks you’ll want to take is Hardies track or the Wildman track, both popular with 4wd vehicles.

8. Kakadu National Park

Who hasn’t heard of Kakadu National Park? There are certainly some places where you can take your adventure bike or registered dirt bike.

Kakadu National Park Australia (Northern Territory)

The ideal track to tackle is Jim Jim Falls. It’s a rugged spot but also very popular in the cooler tourist months. For fast flowing open country, this is a good spot to be riding on 2 wheels.

Also while you’re in the area, check out Nitmiluk National Park and Edit Falls. It’s not really a good spot for dirt bikes but a great stopover for a swim without the crocodiles.

9. Butterfly Gorge

If you head down to the famous Douglas Hot Springs, then there is a gate that leads down the 4×4 only track to Butterfly Gorge. Being a dirt bike, you generally will be given the OK to travel down this track. It’s the NT after all with less of a police state.

Butterfly Gorge map

This track is closed for the entire wet season and often for 2 months afterwards. It becomes simply impassable until around June. However, once you take this 17km offroad track you arrive at a beautiful spot that very few grey nomads will ever experience.

10. Judbarra/Gregory National Park

Fancy a 5.5 hour trip down the highway? Load up the dirt bike and head down to Judbarra/Gregory National Park. This is a great place to let loose.

Judbarra/Gregory National Park Northern Territory

Make it a long weekend trip and stop at any of these other spots along the way. Once you get to Katherine, turn right instead of heading south to Mataranka.

In summary

We hope this has helped you in finding some good offroad motorcycle tracks where you can ride your dirt bike, or places where you can take your 4×4. Darwin is the ultimate destination place and the territory way of life is alive and well.

As with anything:

  • Take plenty of water with you, even in the cooler months
  • Be croc-wise! There are salt water crocs in many of these areas
  • There are others using these tracks so be mindful and respectful
  • Wear all your protective gear out there on the tracks
  • Bring a mate who can join along apart of your tour
  • Join a club! It’s honestly the best way to meet others

Stay safe out there and we’ll see you on the tracks! Just keep in mind that some of these spots can close due to seasonal changes.

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