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9 Best Dirt Bike Trails in Mississippi Worth Riding Hard (2023)

Ah Mississippi! You’re spoiled for choice with your dozens of dirt bike riding tracks around the state. From MX to enduro parks, you’ve got it all!

Unlike other riders who hide behind the cell phone screen with a lack of places to ride, you’ve actually got some top spots on your door step. There aint no excuse now!

Best Mississippi Dirt Bike Riding Areas

Frontaer loves to research riding spots as much as you love to twist the throttle hard and really open your engine’s capacity. The more places you can ride, the happier you’ll be. It’s why you bought your dirt bike after all.

There is nothing sweater than the humming of a dirt bike engine on a forest trail. No responsibilities and pure freedom. Once you find the right riding area and dirt bike, then you’ll be hooked forever!

Some spots have closed in recent years due to government regulations or lack of profitability for the private area. For the areas that remain open, they need regular riders to keep them covering the costs.

These are Mississippi’s best dirt bike riding areas:

1. Wild Country Off Road

If you’re looking for a riding spot in Mississippi where you don’t need to look over your shoulder for the state trooper, then head to this spot. Wild Country Off-Road in Leakesville offers miles and miles of trails to explore on 2 wheels. These can be challenging during the mud season so be warned!

In addition, the camping facilities will keep the family smiling. There is a full service restaurant with proper cabins and camping sites too. Fishing spots are a plenty with good catches recorded here. Let’s not forget the live music during special events!

2. BMB Offroad

With more than 700 acres to explore, you’ll be pretty well primed to have a fun time here. Whether you’re a beginner looking to cruise along easily or an experienced rider chasing some challenging hill climbs, this place really does have it all.

Some of the water crossings can be pretty deep here so it’s worth walking through some of them first. Further still, call them before heading in as they aren’t open every weekend.

3. Chickasaw ATV Trail (Tombigdee National Forest)

Yes, Tombigdee National Forest does permit dirt bikes. There is just one trail loow called Chickasaw which is 12 miles long. This is the type of spot you do for a couple of hours then head along to another spot on this list. No riding in winter months and children’t aren’t permitted to ride their dirt bikes here as it’s government land.

4. Coctaw Trails (Grenada Lake)

The Army Corps of Engineers keep this place well and truly opened. These trails go through mixed hardwood forest and the elevation does change. The Coctaw Trail is open all year around but you can’t camp here. Head nearby to Skuna-Turkey Campground though you may need to pre-book given that there are only a few sites here.

5. Meridian OHV Park

A good riding park for dirt bikes is Meridian OHV Park with 800 acres in which to play. There is a large variety of terrain types including tight forest loops and open sandy tracks. The ATV’s typically play on the double track which is rugged and tough. Camping is permitted here but it’s very bare bones.

6. Mississippi Off Road Adventures

Located on Pearl River, you can camp here as well as explore all these 4×4 and dirt bike tracks until your body has had enough. This place gets busy on weekends so it’s best to get there early if you can, though they don’t open until 10am.

7. Mudslangers Off Road Trails

The latest offroad park to open in Mississippi is the Mudslangers Off Road Trails. This place is open to dirt bikes but it’s mostly ATV’s and offroad trucks that love to visit. Hot food is available for post-riding nutrition and camping is available with prior bookings. The closest food store is 10 miles away so you’ll need to load up before you head in.

8. Rattlesnake Bay ATV Trail

If you like smooth single track that’s easy to ascend and descend, then you’ll enjoy this one. Rattlesnake Bay trail is open year-round to dirt bike riders though they do close it if the weather gets disasterous. Not much in the way of facilities but there is a basic camp ground and 3 loops available for use.

The Army does use this area for training exercises. Keep this in mind before you go and have a back-up plan in case they close the track.

9. South Mississippi Off Road and RV Park

There is plenty of space here to finally experience the top end of your gearbox. 5th gear pinned? Not a problem…provided it hasn’t rained recently. The place can turn into a slush-pit after heavy rainfall yet there’s a group of keen dirt bike riders who love the muddy conditions.

In addition to the great dirt bike trails, there is an excellent campground to keep the family happy with a beach area, tennis and basketball courts and a clubhouse with a games room. Let’s not forget the fishing spots to drop in a line!

Getting Started

There we have it! Some really good spots to head out. Whether you’re in Jackson, Gulfport, Southaven or Biloxl, these dirt bike trails are worth exploring. Even if you’re out of town and adventuring in the area with your dual-sport, you’ll appreciate these areas! Bring your camping gear and make the most of it.

The Bienville, DeSoto, Delta, Holly Springs and Homochitto don’t allow dirt bikes at this stage. However, registered motorcycles which are sticking to existing unsealed roads used by 4×4’s are allowed in most cases to access camp sites.

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