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4 Best Dirt Bike Tracks near Canberra That Are Legal (2023)

Canberra has it tough because there are so few places to ride a dirt bike! It’s strange as Canberra is entirely surrounded by native dirt riding bushland.

We’ve created a list of the best dirt bike riding spots near Canberra. These are best if your bike is registered, but we’ll also note some good MX clubs.

Canberra dirt bike riding spots

We’re going to show you the best dirt bike and trail bike riding spots. We assume that you’re looking for a place to ride but aren’t sure where to begin.

Here goes:

1. ACT Motorcycle Club

If you like to race, then this is the place for you. You’ll need a ute, van or dirt bike trailer to get yourself here but it’s located in Majura.

Riding a dirt bike in Canberra

Either way, join this group as there are other riders who you can join for weekend rides in the area. Kids are also welcome at ACT Motorcycle Club and they provide coaching to help kids improve their track skills.

They run both MX and DT events with affordable membership options. Whether you’re new to the sport or a veteran, this is a good place to be.

2. Tallaganda State Forest

The official word is that dirt bikes are welcome in Tallaganda State Forest. This is about 50 minutes outside the CBD and towards the south.

Tallaganda State Forest

However, you’ll need a registered dirt bike to ride here. If you don’t, stick to an MX club for now. Also, you can’t bring dogs here either.

Here is the information from National Parks NSW. Essentially, this is the perfect place to head off to on a Friday afternoon and return from on Sunday night. It can get seriously cold here in winter (much like Canberra) so pack accordingly.

3. Brindabella National Park

This here is a sensational place to go dirt bike riding and only just over an hour from Canberra. There are tracks and trails for as far as the eye can see.

A great trail bike riding spot near Canberra

You can certainly go dirt bike riding in Brindabella but you’ll need two things: A registered dirt bike + motorcycle license, as well as a way to get it there.

You’re permitted to go camping here as well so make it an entire weekend adventure. Pack the tent, fire wood and extra warm sleeping gear!

4. Dual Sport Motorcycle Riders Association Canberra

We’re advocates of joining a club. This way you’ll get the insights of experienced dirt bike riders in Canberra who aren’t acting like tools.

Dual Sport Motorcycle Riders Association Canberra

For example, the DSMRA ACT runs two great beginner rides regularly:

  • A run through Pierces Creek
  • Another run through Braidwood Bakery

They are only accepting registered and licenced riders. If you’re experienced then you can join one of their more professional rides through Tallaganda or Brindabella.

The first step is to catch up with their group. They meet at least once per month in Mawson, ACT.

Before your first ride, make sure you pack all the right riding gear including body armour, hydration pack and knee/elbow pads. The last thing you’ll want on your first ride is a very sore body and a ruined pride!

In summary

There you have it! 4 places near Canberra where you can take your dirt bike for a spin. Apart from the Motocross club, you’ll need to have a registered bike though mirrors are optional. Most riders simply unscrew these and throw them in their day pack.

In addition to these spots, jump inside some of the Canberra-based Facebook groups. These people are always more than willing to help with some group rides routinely posted there.

Above all else, stay safe! Wear your gear, don’t enter private property and do the right thing. We want all these spots to remain open for the long term.

Have you found any spots recently? Let us know in the comments.

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