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5 Best Dirt Bike Trails near Winnipeg Worth Riding (2023)

While there are numerous dirt bike clubs and tracks in Manitoba, we wanted to create a list of legal forest trails near Winnipeg.

After all, Frontaer loves to explore just as much as you. The feeling of revving through the forest and getting through those gnarly sections is what gets us going in the morning.

Best Dirt Bike Trails in Manitoba

We’ve done the research and have asked fellow riders in the state, as well as consulted the Provide of Manitoba as to where others are riding. We wanted places where you can legally explore without needing to look over your shoulder.

Our best tip is to get inside the Manitoba Dirt Riders (MDR) group on Facebook. They regularly run group rides through the entire province.

These are Manitoba’s best dirt bike trails:

1. Little Big Foot Trail (Woodridge Provincial Park)

Little Bit Foot Trail within Woodridge Provincial Park is an epic spot and it’s looked after by the Sandhogs. This is a non-for-profit organization that looks after this track and keeps it open for all types of riders.


You can also hook in with the Eastman trail which is about 4km long and is best for ATV riders. Both trails are two-way and you need to be mindful on blind corners and potential logging operations. Otherwise, this is a haven for dirt bike riders of Manitoba.

2. Eastman ATV Trail (Sandilands Provincial Forrest)

The closest dirt bike track to Winnipeg is Eastman ATV Trail and it becomes quite popular on weekends. Thousands of hours of planning (and cutting through government regulations) went into the creation of this trail.

Editor’s Note: Frontaer is still waiting on confirmation as to whether dirt bikes can ride at Eastman.


With 56 kilometres to explore and completely away from 4×4’s, you’ll be able to cover this all in a few hours. It’s not far from Zonda if you want to do some runs on the closed-circuit track on the same day.

3. North Star Trail (Belair Provincial Forrest)

North Star is a great spot to let loose on almost 500km of epic forest trails. This spot is very popular with dual-sport adventure riders given the epic scenery. We recommend starting at Steed at Manitoba (Highway 304 intersection) and there is a good staging area.

The trails are more sandy here which means you can ride them immediately after rain with the occasional bog hole. Just keep in mind that you may be on private property in some of these aras though it is well signed.

4. Sandilands

The Sandilands Provincial Forest is a pretty big area and it’s past the Eastman ATV Trails. We’re only looking at 75 minutes out of the city and you’ll find yourself in some stunning wilderness that’s just beginning to be explored.

You’ll find a mixture of double and single track here with regular trail users. The spot becomes increasingly busy especially on weekends. Even if has rained on Thursday/Friday, you’ll still find riders out here given the sand doesn’t hold the water unlike the other muddy spots around the province.

5. Grunthal MX

Grunthall is an epic spot and even if you’re not into the racing scene, you’ll still love it here. This track holds regular MMA events and has won awards for its design. The starting gate itself holds 42 riders so you know you’re definitely in pro territory!

This is the type of spot where you’ll have just as much fun spectating as you will heading out there on two wheels. If you’ve been riding a while, then heading here to hone in on your skills will be quite the reward.

Getting Started

There we have it! Some great riding in the area and an established dual-sport and ADV community too if you’re looking at week-long adventures. Just keep in mind that some of these spots could be closed due to seasonal weather or major events, so it’s best to call up before you haul out!

There are also tours and beginner training workshops if you’re new to riding and aren’t yet ready for a dirt bike of your own. Likewise, consider some of the electric models coming out on the market which are lighter and less aggressive. Plus – better chances of these riding spots staying open because there aint no noise!

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7 Best Dirt Bike Trails in Calgary and Edmonton (2023)

With more than 1 million people in Alberta, there are certainly dirt bike riders and tracks around Calgary and Edmonton to ride.

Even if you live in Red Deer or Lethbridge, we’ve got some spots ready for you. From single-track to motocross and open enduro trails for beginners and experienced riders, there are certainly options around!

Best Dirt Bike Trails in Alberta

The State of Alberta encourages dirt bike riding as it keeps the economy flowing and allows people to let off some steam by twisting the throttle. In fact, the numerous enduro and MX events certainly draw the tourism numbers with thousands of people crossing the border each year to compete or spectate.

Now – if you’re the type of person who prefers to simply cruise around and find some great trails in the state, then Frontaer has done the research for you. We looked around to see where local riders in Calgary and Edmonton were actually riding, and the results are in.

Here are Alberta’s best dirt bike trails:

1. Rocky Mountain Dirt Riders Association

One of the best-kept secrets is joining the RMDRA. They do organized trail bike rides on single track into areas that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to access. We’re talking private property here and by joining this club, you’re covered by insurance.

This is definitely the club you’ll want to join if you’re new to off road motorcycling and aren’t quite sure where to ride in Alberta. This is especially so if you’re struggling to find buddies who share the same passion, or you simply want to improve your skills off road.

2. McLean Creek

McLean Creek is well known and this spot is welcoming of off-highway vehicles. This includes side by sides, quads and dirt bikes on existing trails. If you’re looking for some buddies, then jump inside this Facebook group so you can meet up at McClean Creek.

3. Brule Lake Sand Dunes

Sand Dunes in Alberta? Absolutely! These are epic for riding your dirt bike and adventuring around. Now – the sand isn’t the sahara dessert and so there is quite a bit of traction, so you probably won’t need a rear paddle to get your through. That said – power on and lean back! Heaps of tracks to explore and it can get a little muddy but isn’t too bad. To get here, head about 16km west of Hinton and near Jasper National Park.

4. Barry’s Ultra Motorsports Park

While Barry’s Ultra Motorsports Park (often called BUMP) is a motocross park, there are also about 40km of well-maintained single trail to explore for the enduro fraternity. This spot allows unregistered dirt bikes to ride these trails and one of the few spots close to Edmonton that allows this. Bring the kids because there is a well developed PeeWee Track and you can camp here overnight too, though it’s only an hour from Edmonton city centre.

5. Abasand Loop

Going from Abasand to Athabasca River on the OHV Trail will give you about 12km of riding terrain. There are other trails in the area worth exploring too. This is best for the dual-sport ADV rider rather than the dirt bike enthusiast, but worth a mention on this list.

6. Waiparous Creek

McLean Creek is actually very close to Waiparous Creek and most riders do both riding areas in the same trip. Some will stay overnight will camping. Waiparous Creek offers just as much as McLean though the crowds can be a little less.

7. Lille Ghost Town Trail

This place isn’t that scary but good for some local history and open track. Unlike most riding in Canada, you’ll actually be finding your higher gears here and might even see triple digits when riding. This is out towards Crowsnest Pass.

Getting Started

There we have it! Some great tracks in Alberta to try out that aren’t necessarily motocross tracks. These trails are sometimes seasonal so it’s best to check opening and availability before heading out.

Also, we strongly recommend joining one of the numerous riding groups on Facebook. There are riders in there so often looking for others to ride with instead of tackling these tracks solo. Likewise, group rides happen often which opens up so many riding opportunities and places to explore on 2 wheels and an aggressive throttle.

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7 Best Dirt Bike Trails near Vancouver, BC (2023)

There are numerous places to ride a dirt bike in British Columbia with many of these spots being close to Vancouver city.

Essentially, they are close enough that you could easily make a day trip or even stay the weekend for a camping adventure. Either way – Frontaer has you covered with this great list of areas to explore on 2 wheels.

Best Dirt Bike Tracks in BC

Exploring on 2-wheels with the hum of your engine is just so much fun. If the sun is shining, then there isn’t any reason to stay at home watching yet another YouTube tutorial on clutch control and cornering techniques. Instead – you need to get out there!

So much to explore and so little time. These are the best dirt bike riding areas near Vancouver:

1. Kamloops

There is just so many trails to explore at Kamloops. Once you’ve had enough, head over for a few laps of the motocross track over at Whispering Pines. Certainly Kamloops has a strong reputation and becomes very popular on weekends.

Aim for Greenstone Mountain, Scuitto Lake FSR, Chuwels Mountain and Onion Lake. The region is primed for camping with some overnight sites welcoming the dirt bike community. There are regular group rides and there are more details inside the Facebook Group of local riders.

2. Maple Ridge

McNutt has an extensive area in which to ride your dirt bike freely with more than 70 miles at your disposal. Beginners can do most sections though experienced riders really do own this place with its tough hill climbs and descents. Expect 2nd or 3rd gear all day long.

You’re looking at about 20km at Blue Mountain and the spot is reserved by the Blue Mountain Motorcycle Club as for trail riding only. No 4×4’s here which is good. Lots of single track to keep things flowing, albiet a little slow.

3. Vedder Mountain

You can ride dirt bikes here at Chilliwack and there are twice as much space as Maple Ridge. It’s in Fraser Valley and the spot is quite popular with many other trail users.

Source: Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development, BC.

There is the Vedder Mountain Motorcycle Club which maintains these trails for all users. Both beginners and experienced riders are welcome with good maps available. There are rules governing use of these tracks to avoid damage from overuse and degredation.

4. Violin Lake

This is an epic spot in which to get into the woods and deep wilderness. Here is where you’ll find plenty of single-track and some tight and gnarly hill climbs. These trails are shared with other riders so be mindful, but isn’t so popular or well known.

5. Peace River

Peace River is a lot of fun and the terrain is more open-country as opposed to tight technical tracks. If you want to ride in the higher gears and get some more wind in the helmet, then this is the spot for you.

The terrain is more loose as well so the rear end might kick out on some corners. The two most popular tracks are Cadotte River Trail and Winagami Lake.

6. Squamish

Head for Squamish which is managed by the Squamish Dirt Bike Association which is volunteer-run. They have built 2 main trail networks making up about 50km of trails. These trails (Cat Lake, Brohm Lake and Lava Flow) are shared with others including mountain bikes and hikers, so be careful around corners.

Kids are welcome here with some flat areas to practice at. If you want a trail map, then head into OTP Motorsports, No Limits Motorsports or The Adventure Centre.

7. Vancouver Island

We’ve left one of the best until last! You can certainly ride dirt bikes on Vancouver Island, with the best tracks being Whiskey Creek, Tansky and Cook Creek. As you’d expect, this region is super busy on weekends so aim for a mid-week ride. If you’re looking for racing opportunities or simply to find some more like-minded folk to ride with, then get in with the Vancouver Island Dirt Riders Association (also known as VIDRA) who run regular events and enduros.

Getting Started

There we have it! Even if you live in Kelowna or Abborsford, British Columbia, you’ll have some epic riding areas. If you’re lacking some buddies who share the same passion, then get yourself into one of the local riding clubs. They organize regular group rides so you can go exploring without doing it solo.

Likewise, there are also some multi-day trips organized for those who share the ADV passion. Keep an eye out for these events which take you to some pretty remote areas.

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9 Best West Virginia Dirt Bike Trails To Explore Now (2023)

There are some great dirt bike riding trails around West Virginia with some being close to Charlestown, Morgantown and Huntington.

The best part is that you have the Hatfield McCoy Trails. This is the best place to head if you want to explore for days on end. This spot is popular for adventures by dual-sport riders as much as the enduro riding crew.

Best West Virginia Dirt Bike Tracks

We created this guide to avoid the typical MX clubs and motocross tracks. Sure – it’s fun to go around and around on a circuit, but we wanted to really explore the entire state.

Best West Virginia Dirt Bike Tracks

Therefore, these are Virginia’s best dirt bike trails:

1. Buffalo Mountain Dirt Bike Trails

Buffalo is pretty epic and this deep forest offers so many ways to go. The single track is heaven for dirt bike riders and the lush grenery just keeps inspiring you go to around the next bend. This region, part of the Hatfield McCoy System, draws riders from across the country and gets the tick of approval from Frontaer.

Hatfield McCoy Trails Dirt Bike Rider Crash

2. Burning Rock Offroad Park

Not to be confused with Burning Man, this offfroad region has more than 10,000 acres of fnatastic forests to explore. This is a privately operated riding park that’s ideal for beginners and families, especially as there is a PeeWee track. There is a campground and you don’t need a permit, registration or licence to ride here.

3. Hatfield McCoy Trails

Ultimately, every dirt bike rider talks about the Hatfield McCoy trails. If you’re out of state, then this trail system is more than 1,000 miles of trails which are interconnecting and it takes several days to see the entire lot.

4. Little Coal River ATV Trails

Little Coal River is a great spot that is now privately owned. It gets quite muddy here after rain so try to time your trip appropiately.

5. King Knob Motorsports Park

If you’ve explored all of Hatfield McCoy, then have a crack at King Knob. There are more than 1,000 acres of trails and rocky outcrops to let your front tyre lead. It’s a bit rugged out here and the place isn’t open every weekend so it’s best to call prior.

6. Indian Ridge ATV Trails

Indian Ridge is one of the smallest trails within the Hatfield McCoy Trial System but it’s certainly worth exploring especially if you’re already camping for a few days. Might riders camp overnight at Ashland Resort which offers direct trail access.

7. Rockhouse Trail System

You’ll need all day to see the Rockhouse Trail System. There are more than 100 miles of trails with challenging single track and open areas which are well marked. Popular with UTV’s and ATV’s as much as the dirt biking community of Virginia. Gets busy on weekends and this is apart of Hatfield McCoy.

8. Pocahontas Trail System

The Pocahontas Trail System only opened recently and the area hasn’t really been torn up just yet. The stating area has a lot of space and you’ll need to buy a permit before arriving. This can be done online or at the Bramwell City Hall. Pocahontas Trail System is ideal for beginners.

9. Pinnacle Creek Trails

Pinnacle Creek has 80 miles of trails with 5 interconnecting loops and this ties in with Indian Ridge. There are heaps of creek crossings and this is apart of the Hatfield McCoy Trail System.

Getting Started

It’s time to load up the dirt bike and head out there! Round some buddies up or find some new friends in the West Virginia Dual-Sport Riders Group. This crew is quite active and you’ll find some others to tag along with on camping adventures when everyone else is at work.

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4 Best Dirt Bike Trails near Houston, Texas (2023)

Houston has a few bike riding tracks not too far from the city centre. The type of places which are great for day-tripping or camping.

Most dirt bike riders in Houston city head for Sam Houston National Forest most weekends. This place gets seriously busy so we recommend going mid-week where there will be 80% fewer people. Avoid this area during national and state holidays too as the region gets full of mountain bikers as well as hikers and 4×4 enthusiasts.

Best Houston Dirt Bike Trails

Frontaer had to look around to really find where people were riding. We wanted to find some tracks that weren’t MX-focused because, while closed-circuit racing is awesome, many riders are into recreational riding and enduro racing. Even dual-sport riders are looking for adventure rides in the state.

Editor’s Note: You will need a Texas OHV Sticker to enter most riding areas in the entire state. This means you’ll be legal and won’t be hassled by the ranger or state trooper.

These are Houston’s dirt bike riding trails:

1. Sam Houston National Forest

There are 3 areas within Sam Houston National Forest for dirt bike riders to explore. You can take the East, West or Northwest Side. You’ll find dozens of miles of single trail and some double track under a good forest canopy. There are some camping areas too though you’re only an hour from home in most cases, so most people do a day-trip here. This spot gets real busy on weekends.

2. Mud Buddys Recreation Area

Mud Buddy’s is an awesome recretion area and very popular with ATV’s. Most people don’t realize that there is some good dirt bike trails here, though the actual area is quite minimal. They are closed on Mondays so keep this in mind. You’ll probably get bored here within a few hours of riding, so you can swing a rope from the Lavaca River and do some swimming, or watch the 4×4’s in the deep mud pits.

3. Three Palms Extreme Sports Park

Three Palms have 3 great motocross tracks and a supercross track too. Got kids? Then they’ll appreciate the 2 popular PeeWee tracks. There are lights on the main track so you can ride in the evening if you want to avoid the daytime crowds.

4. Splendora Motocross Park

Splendora is simply one track but seriously long! It’s almost 2 miles long and you’ll be trying to beat your personal best on each lap. While you might be an enduro rider who isn’t into MX, you can certainly use Splendora MX Park to improve your skills. Aim for a mid-week ride here if you want to avoid every other dude from the city on weekends.

Getting Started

There you have it! The city has some really good spots that you can get to in just 1 hour.

There is a popular Facebook group in Houston that has a lot of chatter with other riders organizing group rides especially in the national forest. Likewise they also do some trips out of state or into other areas within Texas. It’s the best place to find some new friends who share your same passion behind the handlebars.

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