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5 Best Dirt Bike Tracks near Christchurch Worth Riding (2023)

Living in the South Island lends itself to epic places to ride a dirt bike and certainly close to Christchurch you can explore a lot.

This is probably why several dirt bike tour companies have sprung up over the years. They’re all keen to take riders around and show them what the best island in NZ has to offer. It’s super fun behind the handlebars after all.

Best Dirt Bike Tracks Christchurch

We’ve done our research to help you with some epic places to go riding. After all, life is best lived behind the handlebars. Now, there are some places where dirt bikes are somewhat restricted and with routes only open to registered motorcycles and conventional cars.

Such places include Arthur’s Pass National Park, Cragieburn Forest Park and Lake Sumner Forest Park. These places are closed due to disrespectful riders causing havoc to these riding spots. It’s also hard for private operators to open the gates due to insurance and liability reasons. Otherwise, we’ve found some mighty great places to open up your 4-stroke including government land.

These are best places to ride a dirt bike near Christchurch:

1. Waimakariri River Regional Park

The New Zealand Government has set aside almost 30km of marked dirt bike tracks on both sides of the Waimakariri River. With 3 spots to park and ride, you’ll certainly have some great spots to keep you busy. For more information, check out this guide where there is also a small ATV/quad bike area too which is quite rare to find.

2. Kaiapoi Island Motocross Park

If you love closed-circuit racing or simply improving your cornering skills in an enclosed environment, then get along to this spot. Children will love this too as there is a learners area which is sectioned off to help newer riders improve their skills without intimidation.

3. Ashburton Motorcycle Park

This spot is great for kids and adults alike! It’s like an MX park but it’s meant for more casual riding as well as skills development. Quite refreshing actually to see a long-form trail like this with some jumps and whoop sections. This has been run as a grassroots start up with 3 tracks to choose from.

4. Christchurch Moto X

If you prefer the thrill and mateship that comes from being in a club, then head along to Moto X Christchurch. This is the pinnacle of motocross racing and it’s in West Melton right by the Canterbury Aero Club.

5. Christchurch Offroad Motorcycle Club

This one is a bit different but worth mentioning. They organize the occasional group ride though they mainly focus around MX racing at the club above. Definitely worth popping your head into their Facebook group and watch the banter.

Get Yourself Going

One of the hardest parts about getting out there now is the motivation, especially in the winter months. Some of these riding spots are either closed or restricted which makes your excuses justified. That said – you could catch the boat north to Auckland and check out some spots, but don’t forget your thermals!

Also – there is a popular Facebook group for Christchurch riders. A couple of guys in there organize regular group rides in the region for registered enduro bikes. Well worth going along if you have no one to ride with just yet. As for adventure riding, well the entire island lends itself to the perfect escape plan!

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