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Extreme Motos Australia: Are They Safe to Buy From?

Extreme Motos is an Australian store selling Chinese-made dirt bikes, quads and pit bikes. Are they worth it?

In this unbiased and unpaid review, Frontaer really wanted to see if they’re genuine. We did the research so you don’t have to.

Let’s begin.

Extreme Motos Australia

Extreme Motos sells their own gear as well as being a dealer for Atomik and DMX dirt bikes. They aren’t new to the market having been selling these out of their Sydney warehouse for years now.

With the cost of living continually rising, it’s little wonder why more parents don’t buy these. The cost of Japanese and Euro equivalents are seriously high. Then you gotta buy the gear too.

Now, Extreme Motos has all their dirt bikes made in China. This explains why their prices are so cheap. In years gone by, the reputation of these machines was low.

Not a day would go by when you wouldn’t hear of poor reliability, bad craftsmanship and difficulty in ordering parts. Nowadays, the reputation of these imported dirt bikes is far more superior.

Chinese pit bikes and dirt bikes in Australia now have a reputation of going for thousands of miles. For cheap thrills, this is now considered the better way to go for budget-conscious Australian families.

Some farmers are going for these now including their side-by-side and ATV’s.

Industry Reputation

Many people know about Extreme Motos and people are happy with what they provide, however, their website hasn’t been crafted that well. That’s definitely one aspect that they could do better. As you know, Frontaer is unbiased.

For years they have been selling their imported offroad machines to families as well as gear and trailers too. Most of what they sell also comes with a warranty and there are parts available too.

Fortunately, much of what they sold 3 to 5 years ago is still being ridden today. If you find Extreme Motos dirt bikes 2nd hand for sale on eBay or Gumtree, then that’s a tell-tale sign that the machine is still running well, however you often don’t know how many miles they’ve done.

Customer Complaints

There are a few customer complaints regarding the rudeness of staff, but nothing really regarding the machines themselves. As we say, the trustworthiness of these machines is superior compared to what it was 20 years back.

The nature of those in the dirt biking communities is that just about no one leaves a positive review even when they’ve had a great experience. As soon as something negative happens, then the punches come out. Thus, it’s difficult to get a fairly accurate review rating average.

One thing is for sure – when there’s an issue – there is a high likelihood that they’ll fix it. There are some warranty terms and conditions though and we do recommend that you read through that first.

Of course, they aren’t the only company in town. It pays sometimes to see who has the cheapest prices, but don’t simply go for the price otherwise you can be burned. Look for a company who has great service too, of which Extreme Motos is one such company.

In Short

Unless you can afford it, or your kids are into motocross, then paying a fortune for a Honda, KTM, Suzuki or Yamaha is just out of your budget. Plus you’ll be paying for gear, then complete upgrades every 1 to 2 years after that. It seriously becomes an expensive ordeal!

For this reason, a good alternative are these Chinese dirt bikes. They’re much more reliable these days yet still lack a little power and suspension capabilities. But for the price you pay, you’re still way in front.

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