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Orion Powersports Review: Why So Few Customer Complaints?

Orion Powersports is a well known motorcycle dealer based out of Fort Worth, TX that sells a range of Chinese dirt bikes.

They aren’t the only company in this space, but uniquely, their reputation is pretty high. Most other companies earn themselves their fairshare of customer complaints due to slow shipping and faulty products.

Frontaer did the research to see what they’re doing to impress customers, and why their products are so cheap. We’re unbiased in this review and aren’t paid for our opinion.

Let’s begin.

Orion Powersports Review

If you’re just getting your kids into dirt bike riding, then you’re often shocked at the prices of some of the conventional dirt bikes from Yamaha and KTM. You’re out the door and down $5,000 with protective gear…and that’s just one child! Those with 3 or 4 kids are going to struggle financially to get their kids really into riding.

Fortunately, there are companies like Orion who have filled the gaps. They bring motorcycles over from China for 15 cents on the dollar than compared to the Japanese and European equilavents. What does this mean? A better deal for you.

Unless your kids are riding competitively and are aspiring to become motocross superstars, then it’s unnecessary to spend the big bucks. Plus they’re going to outgrow conventional dirt bikes pretty quickly anyway.

Minimal Customer Complaints

Have you noticed that there are so few complaints about Orion Powersports? Therefore, you’ll pretty much be safe ordering from their company.

How did they achieve such good status among riders:

  1. Their dirt bikes are quite reliable and are field-tested before being listed for sale.
  2. They have USA-based customer support staff who have actually used the products too.
  3. Customers can text the business instead of calling. Who really wants to make phone calls these days and be stuck on the phone.
  4. It’s free shipping for products over $100 in most cases. This has made Orion the Amazon FBA of the pit bike world.

Frontaer has noticed that they respond quickly to any negative comments and the like. No – they don’t delete them, but they let customers know that they’re available for support, questions and feedback.

What’s on Offer

Orion Powersports stocks the biggest range of Chinese-made pit bikes that we can see. Further more, they also have road-legal dirt bikes and dual-sport adventure motorcycles.

Sure – they’re not the best in terms of power or suspension, but they’re 90% of the way there. Plus, you won’t be paying a fortune to experience some thrills out there.

For those living in California, there are carb approved dirt bikes for use in California riding areas. We’ve written an extensive guide of where you can go riding there as well as many places across North America.

Now – their reliability is quite substantial but some of them do break down from time to time. If you’re outside the warranty period, then they have plenty of parts on offer to keep you going strong.

On the negative side of things, we’ve noticed that some of their road-legal dirt bikes are direct copies of popular equilavents. Have a look on their site and see if you can spot the Kawasaki KLR copy and the KTM 300. Quite obvious.

In Short

Why get a pit bike? Because you don’t need to buy a trailer or try to lug a full-sized dirt bike into the back of your pickup. Most of the pit bikes offered by Orion and their competitors fit in the rear of most large passenger vehicles.

You can get a decent ride for under $1,000 and the maintenance costs are quite minimal. Add in a discount or coupon code and it’s even cheaper.

For the budget conscious folk out there, then this is one very good starting point.

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